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  1. i have 2! Freckles - Calico Fantail Blimp - orange/whitefaced Ranchu TOTAL 280
  2. pretty awesome tank! especially those bubbles.
  3. im gonna go ahead and move my airpump from the floor to above the tank now... lol
  4. You should get them some progold from goldfishconnection.com! Its actually the best goldfish food you can buy ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET! (in my opinion lol)
  5. i kinda like it... it does look weird though.
  6. he probably went on koko's and saw that he needed 15gals per goldfish and couldnt afford a 1350gal space for them.
  7. that sounds like a great idea! there is only 1 specialized goldfish/koi place i know and its always worth a 40 minute drive but they are always sick! it would be great to see a fancy goldfish store that is owned by a guy that knows his stuff. best of luck locke.
  8. should i consider wen trimming? hes just so small! i dont even know if trimming would even be possible.
  9. So i just got a 2 1/2 inch ranchu and it has a LOT of wen growing around his face. There are only 2 little holes where his eyes are. He bumps into everything and cant see the food right in front of him... what should i do??? =/
  10. putting the smaller filter on the main to build up bacteria sounds like great and easy idea! i should do that.
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