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  1. I think that problem is after you've bred a few times you flood the local market with your stock. That's my theory anyway. Either that or they don't want hobbyists making a profit.
  2. I do miss those fish. I was just disappointed that I couldn't even give the fry away.
  3. Hi peeps, Hope everyone is well. Just wanted to start a discussion to see what everyone's opinion is about the ultimate planted goldfish aquarium is. For me, the first plant I've always added is elodea densa.
  4. Oh yeah, I decided to go with lake Tanganyika Cichlids and try for the 'freshwater reef' with shell dwellers, rock dwellers and open water swimmers. Erm, they all bred within 3 weeks of setting up the tank. I had 3 little clouds of fry, about 50 in each cloud. Then a month later they all bred again, then again and again. At first I thought it was epic, 12 fish had turned into 150. But then all hell broke loose and the parents were causing murder swimming into other territories and they were all fighting. So they all went to live at the LFS.
  5. It drove me mad. I gave mine to the lfs a year ago and I'm still find fish in the overflow
  6. I was thinking of getting a large piece of driftwood and adding loads of anubia nano to it. For an idea of what I have in mind do an internet search for raft style bonsai.
  7. I'd love to see some anubia inspiration. I'd like to make a raft of anubia and maybe a few terracotta pots with plants capped with pea gravel
  8. I really loved her tank. I would love to do something similar in future with all that anubia
  9. I only ask as this tank reminds me of hers.
  10. Does anyone remember Alicia who had the big 8 foot tank full of anubis?
  11. I feel like it would make an epic, although expensive refugium light.
  12. Cyanobacteria? I hated that stuff. After trying different types of aquariums. I've decided I'm not a fan of coral or plants. I'm a fish keeper and get more enjoyment out of a bare bottom tank with a couple of big fish in. I will definitely build a fish house and new pond. I love the idea of keeping a quarantine tank and then building a central filtration system for the rest. I would like to buy an RO system and strip it down to just the pre filters and just run it as carbon so I could drip freshwater into the system and then have an overflow to the drain. I also like the idea of having a large refugium of either elodea densa or hornwart and crushed coral sand to buffer the Kh. When I start I will create a thread.
  13. I wanted to try my hand at cichlids as everyone was telling me they are cool. Within a couple of months I had a tank full of fry I gave to the LFS because nobody wanted them. The one cichlid I was drawn to was the Frontosa, I love the idea of them growing slowly over many years and ending up as massive fish. I have 9 but I intend on reducing down to 2 males and 4 females.
  14. Mark III will be up soon!
  15. There is a lot of advice given out that says bloodworm causes problems in a Frontosa's gut. I can't find any evidence to support or refute this theory so I just avoid. I feed raw frozen prawn/shrimp as a protein source. The Frontosa love them.
  16. Hey peeps, So, seen as I have not long come back and am currently locked in because of this virus, I thought I would have a bit of a ramble about Goldfish. It's probably going to be quite long winded and I thought it might give people something to read. Anyway, I found this forum in 2010. I had been keeping common Goldfish since about 1994, but never had any long term luck. This forum was an absolute epiphany moment for me as I'd suffered years of bad advice and never really looked into information other than what my LFS had to say. It was after all this time I first found out about the nitrogen cycle and this blew my mind. Before this I had literally put my fish in a bucket and cleaned everything with dish soap every few months. Just picture it, completely emptying my tank using buckets and carrying my tank outside to scrub stones and glass with a pad and soap. I must say, I would have never admitted to this back then. I was far too ashamed. This forum made me realise fast that most of the fish stores in my area didn't have a clue or didn't seem to care. For example, if I remember rightly, the day I joined I had about 10 goldfish, such as Commons, Shubunkins and Sarsa in a 100 litre tank. Within a week I went out about bought a 4 foot tank and separated the fish. That summer I also started to build a pond and I can't remember if I started a thread on here about it. I definitely did a thread for my second, it's here - This was about 5 years after me finding this forum. But the knowledge I gained from here has set me up for success. I learned as much as I could about everything and have since branched out into other types of fish keeping. There's a thread on here about my saltwater tank. I didn't have much luck with it at first but soon got it going well. I've kept marine tanks, planted tanks and all sorts of different types of fish. I always find that I find something in the hobby that is supposed to be extremely difficult to do and then do it. However after about 2 years I get fed up and start another project. But recently I've realised that of all the tanks I've kept and all the fish, I always want to get back into goldfish. They are my absolute favourite. I moved out of the house I built the pond in as my ex wife wanted to separate and she knocked my pond down out of spite. But I'll soon be moving into a house with a garden so I will be building new pond mark III and I'll start a thread for that. I also own an 80 litre, a 100 litre, 2 400 litre and 2 500 litre and a 7 foot, 300 litre tank. I plan to make a fish house with all these aquariums and I'll start a thread. I'm thinking of Oranda and Ranchu. I would also love to build a massive centralised filtration system in the fish house that I could filter the pond and tanks with. I would isolate the pond in winter and keep the fish house at room temperature. I already own a big linear piston air pump big enough to run air to all the tanks and the pond. So, peeps, whats your input?
  17. I also run a fluval 3.0 plant. I just stick with the basic planted settings.
  18. Wow, forgot I posted this thread!
  19. That tank looks really clean looking.
  20. I always using salinity at 1.019 for brine.
  21. Frontosa are similar to goldfish except they need a heater and aren't suppose to eat bloodworm.
  22. I use a refractometer for use with marine tanks. They are highly accurate for measuring specific gravity. But I think mine starts at about 1.015 or 20 ppm. If you want it for using as a treatment for goldfish then it doesn't measure low enough as a salt bath should be 10 ppm and a quarantine method of adding to the tank is 2-3 ppm. I don't know if a hydrometer would be able to measure that low but the 2 I had were extremely useless and broke within weeks. For treating goldfish in QT I bought a 100 litre/25 gallon tank. The maths is easy to work out salt QT. Off the top of my head I think its 5 level tablespoons of salt per day for 3 days. But double check before as I'm not 100% as it's been about 5 years since my last salt QT. The tank cost me £50. A refractometer cost £50 and the two hydrometers cost £10 each. So, as you can see, they cost a similar amount anyway.
  23. My Frontosa are about 18 months old. They range in size massively as the dominant male is probably about 6-7 inches and they all range in size down to about 4 inches. I've read they are incredibly slow growing but the ones I assume are male seem to grow much faster than the others. With my pea puffers I started by feeding live bloodworm. Then every other feeding I would feed a quarter of a cube of frozen. Eventually they got the idea. The top picture is of my Frontosa, though the picture doesn't do them justice and the bottom is my walstad method tank with pea puffers. I've had nothing but trouble with the pea puffer tank. But I think perseverance is key. Eventually it will balance itself.
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