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  1. OK, the snails ARE eating the plants, even though they are stuffed with veggies. Which means that the planted tank is a definite no. Since all of the tanks are planted except for hubby's teeny weeny shrimp setup, I'm rehoming 3 of the 4 snails to somebody off my local fish enthusiast forum who's previously had apple snails and keeps a mollusc tank. They should have a nice happy life with him, and my single snail won't have as much competition for food! Right now the 3 snails are sitting on my desk in a plastic container with some lettuce to keep them busy...to the horror of my coworkers.
  2. Elle

    New Betta Q's

    Well, he does seem to have settled. We got the tank temp stable and he's eating and much more active. thanks!
  3. Elle

    New Betta Q's

    Hey all, Got a new betta set up in a Fluval Chi 5 gallon tank with live plants for cover. He's a red/purple crowntail, very active in the store and active at first in the tank when we got him home. However, we had some difficulties stabilizing the tank heat - our house is very cold, and the tank temp wasn't getting high enough, and he was got very sluggish, we think from the cold (it was down around 68F). I think we now have it stabilized at around 80F, but he still tends to rest either on the bottom or in the plants with short bursts of swimming activity and rising to breathe now and then. His colour looks good, and when he swims he flares the fins and attacks the thermometer or his reflection occasionally (very aggressive betta). However, he doesn't seem to eat much either. I think I saw him take one betta pellet so far, I feed 2-3 pellets once a day and remove any uneaten food later to keep the water clean. Tank water tests out at 0ppm ammonia, 0 nitrites, PH about 7. We jump started the cycle with live betta tank gravel, but I'm still doing about 20% water changes every other day. Do they tend to be inactive with short activity bursts like this, or should I worry?
  4. Oh, great. My goldfish tank has become a red light district! I separated them but they were back at it again today, so I think one of them is going into hubby's tank with the zebra danios. The other two don't seem interested. Fed everyone a chunk of cooked carrot today...we'll see if it really does improve goldfish colour!
  5. Yes, I vacuum ALL the gravel whenever I do a water change...seems to keep everything under control. They've been eating the leftover food as well as all the veggies that the goldies let them get to. Two of them spent the night latched together...not sure if it was snail cannibalism or whether to expect a happy event... Guess I'm going to be setting up the 100 gallon this weekend...but at least it has a big ol' canister filter.
  6. Here's a pic (not mine, but the same snails): They are cute little suckers, and forget about snails being slow...these guys can MOVE! Mine are about 2" right now. They are eating the plants in a minor way - just dead stuff and algae off the glass so far, but we shall see. I'm feeding them lots of lovely veggies in the sinking clip (lettuce, spinach, cucumber), but I guess the dead java fern tastes better. The goldfish think that this is great, though...they're pigging right out on the snails' salad bar! At least it's healthy for them. I've got a 100 gallon tank sitting downstairs that I have to set up and cycle once I clear the space for it - the planted 55 gallon is currently cycling, so I can't put anybody into it at the moment. The current tank is testing at 0ppm ammonia/nitrite, so for now I'm just doing huge water changes every couple of days to keep it clean. I'm thinking the snails might be up for sale on my local fishlovers forum soon.
  7. Gah. Maybe DH won't notice if I drop one or two into his tank by "mistake". I'm thinking that they might have to get their own tank. Just what we need...MORE fish tanks in this house. What do they need in terms of filtration if they're in their own tank?
  8. Went fish shopping yesterday, and in a fit of stupidity/enthusiasm I bought 4 monster apple snails. When I got them home, my husband banished them all from his 55 gallon planted tank because he thinks that they'd eat all his more delicate plants, so they're now in my planted 30 gallon tank with my 5 fancy goldfish. Right now the goldfish seem to see the snails as either not-very-interesting animated rocks or as an obstacle course in the way of getting to the veggie bar (I'm feeding the snails lettuce and other veggies in a sinking clip, and this is a goldfish bonanza). The goldfish are waiting to get upgraded to a much larger tank as soon as it's cycled (either 70 or 100 gallon) and as long as they aren't eating the snails and the water isn't too cold for the snails, the snails will go with them. Things seem to be OK at the moment, but I'm a bit concerned that a) the goldfish might start snacking on the snails; b) The snails may cause a cycle bump. I do 80%-90% water changes weekly on this tank, but I'm not sure how much these guys will up the bioload. What has other people's experience been with keeping golds and apple snails? If I have to I can set them up in their own 30 gallon tank, but I'd rather keep them in a community setting.
  9. I considered getting the replacements, but I just don't want to deal with them any more. Two bum heaters from 2 different stores and two different wattages? Fuggedaboutit, they're going back. And this isn't a small temperature difference: I have the heater for the betta tank set at 82F, and the tank is sitting at 68F. For the goldfish tank it's set at 75F, and it's actually at 67F. These heaters have been up and running for a few weeks in the case of the goldfish, and over 24 hours in the betta's case. If it was a small 1-2 degree temp difference, I wouldn't be as concerned, but this heater advertises its accuracy to +/- 1 degree and it's not even getting within 10? Not cool.
  10. Has anyone else had problems with the Marineland Stealth Pro Heaters? I have 2 of them, one in my 30 gallon and one in my 5 gallon betta tank. Both are correctly rated for the tank size, both were purchased from different stores and NEITHER one is heating the tank to the set temperature, or even anywhere near it. This isn't a case of the heaters being too small, either...they are just not heating effectively, even though the indicator light is red, showing that the heater is on. My poor betta is freezing, and my fancy goldfish aren't at a temp I'd like either. I'm just glad I don't have super delicate fish like discus. I called the company this morning, and the CSR told me that "oh well, this is random, you'll get the odd one that doesn't work". They offered to send me a new heater, but I'm sorry, if you just told me that you can't rely on your heaters working, why would I wait a week or more for you to send me another that might not work? Not to mention that I did some more reading this morning and found THIS thread: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/equipment/103155-beware-marineland-stealth-pro-heater.html I'm getting new, non-Marineland heaters for my tanks as of today, and their pieces of crap are going back to the stores as of this week. I will never buy their heaters again. I am so mad that I can barely see straight right now. Has anyone else had any issues like this?
  11. We just bought a 110 gallon tank and are getting a python. I can't face that many buckets! However, I do know of people who've created their own homemade versions like Stakos', and they work fine. One thing to be very cautious about when you're doing water changes is to always watch the siphon to ensure your fish don't get sucked in..they can be injured or killed very easily.
  12. Yeehaw! Fingers crossed, but it looks like I've found a complete 130 gallon Hagen tank including all components, lights, top, plus rocks, gravel and driftwood for $500! I'll just need to add real plants and get it cycled/stabilized. Any advice on fishless cycling for a used tank that's recently been running? This one is currently set up and running, but I want to make sure that it's totally cycled and stable before introducing the fish from the old tank. Max fish I'll be putting in here is a total of 7-9 fancies...I REALLY want to see if I can get them to grow to grapefruit size!
  13. Yeah, my current tank has anubias, 2 wisteria, floating hornwort and java fern tied to a log. They've basically eaten ALL the lower growth off the wisteria and the anubias has big bite marks on a lot of the leaves. I did have some anacharis in there, lasted maybe a day. The plants are still growing like gangbusters, but they look a pretty bare on the lower parts! The fish leave the floating leaves alone. They eat the hornwort, but it grows back faster than they can chew it off. The java fern is about the only thing that they don't seem to like much, and they still rip off the odd piece. Next tank I'm going to try some vallisneria and planting around rocks to shelter the lower parts a bit. If nothing else, I tell myself that all the green stuff they're ingesting helps balance their diet nicely.
  14. Wow, total color change there! I still love my fishy friends, don't get me wrong - I'm just surprised at how FAST the color changed!
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