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  1. Congrats! They are easy to maintain, and starting the filter up is a breeze. Sooo much Powah!
  2. Prime - Unpleasant to the nose....bleaches your new clothes.
  3. Hi everybody. I just wanted to let anybody that didn't know that Prime water conditioner can bleach your clothes, the 5 1/2 year mystery I went through has been solved. I was having a problem with small to medium bleach spots showing on my t shirts, nobody else in the household was having this issue. I finally wised up, and tested my API test kit and Prime on an old black t shirt, a bleach ring started to show up the next day where I applied the Prime, at one week, the t shirt had a huge bleached out stain. I am going to start wearing my grubby clothes on water change days.
  4. THE ONLY PRESCRIPTION IS MORE COWBELL alright I'm done sorry! You Got it! LOLOL!
  5. You've gotta feevah, and the only prescription is more tanks and equipment! This is very normal. I went cheap on a few things, like Jebo stuff at first, it worked, but I have a huge pile of stuff that I don't use anymore. My advice would be to go with the good stuff to begin with and you will save overall.
  6. I have been using Eheim Jager heaters for over 3 years and have not had a problem. All the good LFS around me use Jager heaters for their livestock, and have been for decades.
  7. Thank goodness for youtube and Kokos! If cell phones and facebook were taken away, people would go nuts! It's crazy how much we rely on tech now. So, what Eheim did you have, and which one would you get now?
  8. Here is a video about the leak around the priming button, this guy has his own fix. This is why I'm looking a a couple Eheim classics rather than the pros, A buddy at work has had his 2217 since the 1980's and it's still running strong, he has only replaced the impeller once.
  9. I don't know much of anything about live plants or undergravel filters. I do know that there is some controversy regarding undergravel filters, hopefully somebody more knowledgeable will chime in. I personally like the hob canister combo, the hob for the surface agitation, ease of cleaning, and they can provide oxygen to the water. I like canisters for the media capacity, and the ability to move water. It works like peanut butter and jelly does.
  10. My pleasure. That young man did a great job with that video. The Fluval FX5 will do around that, but the FX5 is a very powerful filter, I don't know if people would recommend it for a 55 with fancies, maybe too much current. Do you want to completely get rid of your hob's?
  11. I will be getting this for the goldies. Has anybody fed this to a pleco? If so, do they like it?
  12. They are number 1 in my book... Wish I could afford one again What one did you have? Did it stop working? Do you prefer classic or pro?
  13. I learned from this video on youtube, this trick works great.
  14. Thanks for the heads up! I was wondering why the prices online varied so much. I am looking at a 2215 and a 2262 for 2 different tanks, the 2262 is just a beast!.
  15. My goodness, I'm so glad you found that! I had an aquarium with a metal top with built in lights, I went to feed my fish, touched the lid and it zapped me, there was a short somewhere. I trashed that top and made my own. I'm wondering if you could wrap those metal legs with something non conductive that also won't melt.
  16. I am looking at a couple Eheim classics right now, I prefer them over the pros. I can't say anything bad about Fluval, love my Fluvals. My Rena xp was a little tricky, but once I learned how to bleed off the trapped air, it has been a great filter. So out of the big 3, I guess I like them all. I saw an xp filter in an API box the other day, very weird, I don't know what is going on with that.
  17. Bottom sponges, and the rest biomax. I personally wouldn't use the fine polishing pad that it comes with, it's the white one that goes on or near the top, it clogs the XP's very fast.
  18. I haven't measured, but his body not including tail must be almost 6 inches.
  19. I can't take pictures to save my life. Here he is. These are the gems that I removed from the tank.
  20. Thanks everybody! It was one of my comets that got the gem in there.
  21. Hello. I just wanted to share a story that happened a few days ago. I was watching a show with my buddy and noticed that our cat was on the arm rest of the couch with her front paws on the base of my aquarium staring at the fish, I looked at my fish and saw that one of them was desperately trying to spit something out of his mouth. I have a bare bottom with green glass gems holding the plants down and scattered across the bottom, and somehow my fish got one stuck in his mouth, I didn't think it was possible considering that the gems look waaaay bigger than his mouth. I tried to let him spit the gem out but he just couldn't, it was really deep in there past his mouth opening. Luckily I have small long needle nose pliers at home. I put paper towels on the carpet in front of the tank with a container of aquarium water, scooped my fishy out and let the initial squiggles pass and went to work, on the first attempt I didn't put enough grip on the pliers and the gem slipped off of the pliers, second attempt I gripped hard and had to pull really hard to get it past his mouth, it popped out, I put him back in the tank and he was fine. That gem was soooo stuck that he would have never been able to get it out on his own. I removed all the plants and gems immediately. Believe it or not, Mangold, the fish that I saved was swimming circles around my arm, they have never done that in the 3 years that I have had them. Be careful with those gems folks, if your fish is big enough they WILL fit in their mouth.
  22. That intake tube can be stubborn some times, the spray bars and intake tube don't like to seat and it can fight you. If the intake tube is super loose then you know that it isn't seated all the way.
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