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  1. rai-nbow

    The final update on Buddy

    RIP, I'm so sorry,
  2. rai-nbow

    May I introduce Nelly

    No you may not!!! Kidding, of course. What a cutie~
  3. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    Hey, guys! Thanks for all the messages and help. Wilbur started his heartworm preventation today and will start his antibiotics tomorrow. We did check for a chip, Ashlee, there wasn't one.
  4. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    Yeah. I've always heard good things about this site. So here we are! We'll see how this goes. http://www.gofundme.com/99hlr8
  5. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    We discussed carecredit briefly, I'll look into it! I may make a page on 'gofundme'. I donno if it'd work, but it's worth a shot!
  6. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    I'm so sorry. Is that curable? treatable? Eventually, yeah, it's treatable. It just takes a good while and is really expensive. I can't imgaine he has enough to hurt him significantly yet since he's so young. All she said was that the test came back positive and we discussed treatment plans. Apparently it's gonna cost more then a thousand dollars. I donno how I'm gonna pay for it, but I'm gonne. Poor Wilbur.
  7. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    Wilbur is heartworm positive.
  8. rai-nbow


    Aw, what a cutie,
  9. My Pippin had a ring exactly like that, got huge. So no worries.
  10. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    Thanks, Molbert! I figured you'd know something or two or three, Yup, I make him sit for everything and 'wait' before we go out the door. He's picked it up quite well. Another question though, I just came upstairs for the evening and I keep him blocked off from the other side of my room at night by a baby gate. Mainly because I put my cat's food down at night. Problem is he's figured out there's food over there and right now he's sitting there wining by the gate looking at the food. Is there anything I can do? He won't distract. Do I just wait it out and let him figure out that throwing a tantrum doesn't get what he wants? Like a toddler? Edit: He gave up and got in bed, I guess that ws the answer. lol
  11. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    Mmkay, thanks guys! Oh and yes, BronwynH, he is most definitely getting neutered. ASAP, as soon as I get paid he's going to the vet.
  12. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    Hey, guys! Some actual camera took pictures this time. Any idea how old he is? I can't figure it out. I've been reading articles about puppy teeth but there's surprisingly not a lot of picture data... so do any of you dog owners have an idea if he's getting in his incisors? I finally was able to get some pics of his front teeth. It looks like it now that I took that last picture. And if so that would make him like 5-6 months right? He seems older than that. And if he's that age, how big is he gonna get?! O.O Oh! And I weighed him. Aprox. 50 pounds and 20ish inches at the withers. Looks like he still has weight to put on and muscle to build. Yikes,
  13. rai-nbow


    Babbyyyyy, So kind of you to donate! I'm sure her mom greatly appreciated it.
  14. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    Thanks, guys! Thanks for all the advice.
  15. rai-nbow

    Meet Wilbur!

    Thanks for all the info, BrownyH! Greatly appreciated. Aww, that's too sweet, Erin.