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  1. Those are some lovely fish! Very characteristic looking. You must be a very proud fish-mum!
  2. Ooh, they're precious! Very cute. Congrats!
  3. I'm gonna get some new batteries for my vacuum pump.. Does that count? No other updates for me anytime soon..
  4. Wow, lucky lucky lucky! I demand pictures! XD -- Lol, you must have posted right before me! It looks lovely!
  5. Hmm, I think I'm gonna save up for a different filter then.. I've been thinking about it anyway, since I feel like the current it creates might be a little too strong for my goldfish. Right now my tank is extremely clean though, I vacuum a lot and deep until I can't see any visible waste coming up. I did a 70% water change with somewhat aged water with the conditioner in it. I also cleaned my filter and added the 'good bacteria'. Now I'm just gonna sit and stare at it..
  6. The Koko stick? Oh dear.. I'm terribly lazy about picture making though. But you WILL get them. XD
  7. It's a Stingray and it was put together about.. 4 months ago I think. Maybe 5.
  8. Bob does seem to like him. ^^ I didn't feel the need to quarantine him since the pet shop owner I got him from quarantines his fish before he sells them and they're absolutely in prime condition. (You should see the shine and colour on him, it's stunning!) Billy is a good size smaller than Bob, they had a little argument in the beginning as Bob tried to push him around. But that was over very quickly. Now they're both swimming together, Billy won't move from Bobs side. I've fed them and they are both eating well, they don't seem stressed at all. Bob is happily playing with the bubbles and Billy seems to prefer investigating his new surroundings.
  9. What you're saying DOES sound like swimming bladder and I think the video more or less confirms it. Sounds to me like Loyn just had a little too much fun with the 'bubbles' and became a little 'tipsy' in the process. Peas sound like a good thing to try, if that doesn't help however, it may be caused by an infection, but I don't think that's the case since, like you said yourself, your water is pristine. I'm relatively new to this however, so please wait for comfirmation of someone with more expertise before following my advise!!
  10. I think I finally know what went wrong in my tank.. You see, when I bought it I was given a flask containing a gel with beneficial bacteria to use on the filter. However, I thought it was only needed to add these bacteria when either the tank was first installed and when the media was changed. Now I read the description on the flask again, and it turns out it has to be done every time you clean the filter sponges too.. I can just smack myself right now.. I think that's what made Bibi sick, the water just wasn't properly conditioned to keep her healthy.. I think I might as well ask a few questions before I do anything stupid again. How often should filter media be changed and how often do you think I should clean my filter sponges?
  11. Wow Acro.. those are amazing! Such a great find! Have you got any names for the little ones yet?
  12. Nymphae

    New Fish

    Wow, that's so pretty!
  13. I'd say.. yes, you're a little crazy. But that would make the two of us, 'cause I love it!
  14. So I bought a new goldie to keep Bob company! I think it's a male Fantail. He's mostly bright orange coloured. His backfins have white-ish ends with black tips and his dorsal fin has a black edge to it as well. I've named him Billy.. However, if 'he' turns out to be a 'she' after all, it'll be changed to Billy Jean instead. I'm very ashamed now..
  15. Those are beautiful fish! Good luck with the.. water-issues. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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