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  1. Thats just beautiful sakura.. This is the most romantic thing for a person to have done for another.. hahaha you could say im envious! Oh yea... the trip to Japan... Thats one thing you have to experience atleast once in a life time... Thats what my brother said.. He loved Japan right through and wishes to go again! ConGrats... pictures are full of passion!
  2. Great Orandas! Theres so many beautiful ones !
  3. HAhahaha so smallll and cuute! Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. Hey there.. Nice to meet you... Having a grandmother who knows alot about fish is awesome! I have a relative also... that has been with fish for atleast 20 years.. To me he is very professional and a nice guy also... He was actually the one who influenced me into fishes and gave me so many of the little buggers(!.. Haha having that said.. he lives about 70 kilometers from where i am.. So i dont get to be in contact with him alot. But hey.. Welcome to Koko's
  5. I have 2 pandas moors(telescopes with black and white scales) of my own.. and they are really really really slow! i thought my sakuras/orandas/ryukins would be compatible with them but.. my pandas take forever to notice the food and they randomly gulp at the surface when its feeding time... and they never get anything. So from my experience.. bulgy eyes cant be kept with fancies.. and fancies cannot be kept with single tails(comets, common, kois). Mike
  6. sup! haha fish bowls... those are really nostalgic to me ! No matter how many fish i got into a bowl.. they just inevitably die.... i then finally researched it.. found out goldfish arnt suppose to be in bowls... haha! Just like caitie said! they're poop machines and they require lots of cleaning... If you can get a larger tank.. im sure your goldfish would grow alot faster and bigger! Welcome to Koko's!
  7. anyong kwon! (is apparently hello in korean? Haha correct me if im wrong!) Im just overwhelmed by your story! Glad for someone to save those fishies! Welcome to koko's!
  8. Water lilies are GREAT to have around! they look very pretty My friend has a pond and he has countless of lilies sprouting out! When the flowers bloom it just looks spectacular! Maybe you can add gravel or stones on top of the soil to trap it from spreading all over your tank.... Im not really a plant expert but i think you can go with a regular gravel. Sorry.. but hopefully someone can help you out soon!
  9. THEY ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!! So adoring! Thanks for the share!!
  10. hahahaha!! The second photo(Tora, which is Tiger in Japanese i believe?) is inevitably adorable! Can NOT get over how you could get a picture of Tora like that!! Indeed your pictures are unique! seems like you've tamed your goldfishies well! Maybe teach me a few camera tricks!.. haha.. Thanks for sharing rai
  11. Best and most adorable ranchu i've ever seen! I've never had Ranchus and weren't really that fond of them... But.. you've changed my perspective and im eager for a ranchu! haha.. I guess its those chubby cheeks that just makes my day rock! Hahaa!! Great work on finding such a beaut! Thanks for sharing
  12. Michael here.. An update. Well.. considering that i was really motivated to launch myself to the LFS at the moment.. when i came back from dressing myself she froze.. i tapped the glass and thought 'another feign death hahaa! not funny!' turned out she really has passed away... Funny how she was really active just this morning as i went to school and now shes just an upside down fish at the bottom of the tank. Sad really to see the brine shrimps falling to the ground without being eaten. Thanks for your help lupin.. i've learnt many things from this experience. Hopefully it will benefit me in the future.
  13. Hi Lupin.. Your reply was very speedy!! Thanks for your effort! I've already ordered Master test kit for the nitrate, nitrite and ammonia level and will come in a few days.. I've learnt to quarantine the fish with for atleast 4weeks with 0.3% salt and clean water.. and i think thats a much better idea than the LFS's advice, which was to quarantine the new fish for 1 week with melafix and clean water(I dont think i should go back to that store!). What are your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? Please invest in API liquid drops and test these. comming soon Test kit used for pH? Drops(rudducks aqua-serene?) Thickness of substrate (unless barebottom)? 1 inch including undergravel filter What brand is this fish food and ingredients and guaranteed analysis? Uhh... its in asian language lol cant understand but.. Protein 40%min, Fat 6%min, Ash 12%max, Moisture 10%max. Ingredients are..Fish meal, Shrimp meal, Vegetable protein, wheat flour, wheat germ, yeast, fish oil, egg meal, lecithin, natural colours enhancer, stable vitamins and minerals. Metronidazole is something out of my reach to obtain.. But kanamycin is found in Maracyn 2.. and thats something easy to obtain from the LFS. Is that a good idea? What do you reckon i can do for my dropsy fish atm? If i were to change the water i would have to add 1/4 teaspoon of epsom salt every 10 gallons right? Am i suppose to add other salt in at the same time? I've changed 30% of the water just now. My Sakura Ryukin swam to the surface from the bottom really fast and then she froze there.. her gills werent moving and nothing part of her body was... I got my net and scooped her halfway out of the water and noticed she was moving alot!(almost telling me 'im not dead!!') haha.. i slapped myself across the face and just tried to stay calm lol.... Thanks Michael
  14. Hi! Michael here.. I have a Sakura Ryukin who i've been taking care of for the past 8 months! Right now he is suffering from dropsys (pine-cone stage)... When i noticed the pine-cone structure of her scales i immediately removed her from the main tank and into a new clean 40L(about 11 gallons)hospital tank. I've added Melafix recommended by my LFS(which is an anti-bacterial medication and also used for damaged fins!) into the main tank and also the hospital tank! they've been at the dosage for about 1 week now. The main looks fine and unaffected.. However before my fish got dropsys, I got myself 3 wakins but i quarantined them for a week with Melafix and Fungus Eliminator. But once i put one of the wakins into my main tank a few days later one of them started to grow yellow fungi? on its fin.. and the fin just started to decay and ripped off. Then i think i saw a little bit of pine-coned around the infected part. I read up informations but couldnt match the sickness. I was about to take him to LFS next day but it was already too late. (I knew it! my sakura caught dropsys from the new introduced fish!) After that I quarantined the whole main tank with Melafix... few days later the sakura ryukin started to have dropsys when i had melafix in the tank!(I think melafix was a lie from the LFS, i think he was trying to make me buy the most expensive medication for my fish) I've been feeding the dropsys goldfish boiled peas once everyday, changing the water 30% every 2 days and adding the required dosage of Melafix... The temperature is currently at 28 - 29 degrees Celsius(78 - 79 Fahrenheit). Ever since my Goldfish has the dropsys i've been keeping an eye on her everyday, if i were to tap the glass she would know its feeding time and swim towards me. She would always be active and swim around alot, just asif the pine-cone stage wasnt effecting her. The pine-cone seemed to stopped(or maybe the scaled couldnt pop out anymore) but i know it wasnt enough to stop the dropsys so after the week later passed and i read countless of forums and noticed 'epsom salt'! I then added 1/4 of a teaspoon of epsom salt into the 11 gallon tank. After adding the epsom salt there was no visual effect until the 2nd day. I just came home from school and My Dropsy Sakura Ryukin is currently upside down(never been like this EVER!) floating randomly in the water! her colour is much more dense now and shes inhaling and exhaling from her gills at a very fast pace! and her gills looks very red! And not 1 day ago she was REALLY REALLY REALLY ACTIVE AND NORMAL!! Dropsys has claimed alot of my fishes in the past, i didnt really care in the past because i was too focused in school(year 12 this year, final year). I'm actually quite frustrated at this sickness and my goal is to be an expert on dropsys so it would STOP KILLING MY FISH!! So i've read numerous and countless of different articles and forums... But apparently few of the medications cannot be found in Australia. To summarize: Temp = 28 - 29 degrees Celsius( 78 - 79 Fahrenheit) WC = 30% every 2 days Filter = Undergravel filter and sponge filter(120L/hr) Medication = peas, melaxfix, epsom salt. Sickness duration = about 1 week and 4 days. PH level = dark blue so 7.0> PH tap = dark blue 7.0> Tank size = 40L(11 gallons) Just 1week and 4 days, but when i filled it with 100% clean water i've added about 4 gallons of the main tank's water(for bacteria purposes) Food = I feed him peas once everyday and colour enhancing pellet food. New fish = YES.. I got myself 3 wakins but i quarantined them for a week with Melafix and Fungus Eliminator. Unusual findings = no only pine-cone, red gills and dense colour Unusual behaviour = NOT SWIMMING PROPERLY!!! UPSIDE DOWN!!! FLOATING RANDOMLY IN THE WATER!! Med foods? = Cant find anything in Australia.. Literally NOTHING! even the LFS or the ones that are 10 miles away dont have them. Ordering online will take DAYS and my fish will not last days.. I dont have any of the test kits for the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. But its a clean 11 gallon tank with 4 gallons of main tank water and 30% water change every 2nd day. Oh and theres one small plant planted in the gravel. To be entirely honest. Judging by the looks of things and the amount of pain she is currently in at the moment i'd say she will not make it no matter what kind of medication of any kind of service i provide with. Its a pain really.. shes almost at the breeding stage and i was looking forward into breeding mini sakura ryukins! But stuff happens and sometimes in life you cant really do anything about it.... Anyways, ill try everything i can to prevent the passing and if the final conclsion is death then ill feed her a special treat and probably put her out of misery. If anyone has any awesome advice for me to avoid dropsys in the future please lecture me! Or if anyone still think she has the even slightest amount of survival please show me some advice! Thanks a bunch.. I'll keep up the update of any certain changes. Michael..
  15. Hey Sakura.. I've read your post and i found that very dramatic!! Haha!! Your Sakura Ryukin looks fabulous!! I have sakuras of my own and they remind me of the actual cherry blossoms because of their shiny and pinkish scales!! Congrats on finding that beauty and loved the story of how you gained him/her!! All the best..
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