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  1. Today I soaked the fish flakes in a cup of tank water for about a minute before pouring it in the tank, the black moor that ate only at the top didn't eat from the bottom of the tank but did so at the middle of the tank which is great progress. So it all worked out in the end....yeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Good for them since I plan to feed them live insects from the pet store when they get bigger. Thanks for the replies!!!
  2. One of my black moor goldfish only eats flakes or other fish food that is floating on top of the water in the tank while the rest of my fishes are different. Should I just give them the fish flakes without soaking to make it easier on that black moor goldfish? I don't like that though because they are gulping air in every meal. Is it possible to train my goldfish to eat at the bottom? lol...
  3. The larger black moor and larger fantail was bought from a lfs 2 months ago while the 2 smaller fishes were bought just 3 weeks ago. They sure do look happy haha.
  4. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YPdqOrBYkc
  5. Welcome aboard!! This site is the encyclopedia of goldfishes, you will definitely learn lots about it here.
  6. I wish I had a pond like that for my goldfishes, yours look great.
  7. Boggles is a beautiful fish, I love Black Moors. I don't see a solid white Common too often, its looking great as well.
  8. I don't think any fish should be kept in bowls. That pic of the guy holding the large goldfish while on a boat is pretty interesting, I wonder what bait he used lol.
  9. Goldfishes do fine with cold temperatures, but I have read that the Oranda is a bit more sensitive to it. As long as the water doesn't turn to ice then its all good.
  10. I am just gonna feed them once a day everyday then, it looks like thats what most people are recommending. Does fasting once a week really benefit my goldfishes or is it more of a personal choice thing?
  11. My goldfishes poop like there is tomorrow if I feed them twice a day (thats what I have been doing so far), I just talked with my mom and she suggested that I should feed my fishes every other day rather than once a week. Should I do this though, feed them once daily and have a fasting day once a week?
  12. I researched on google and yahoo answers about feeding goldfishes, some say once daily, others two or three times daily, but some say that feeding once a week would be fine. Is it okay if I feed my goldfishes once a week?
  13. Don't worry about making them fat, when it comes to taking care of goldfishes, everyone tells me to never overfeed them. Just feed them once a day and include a fasting day every week and they should do fine. I feed my goldfish flakes and omega one freeze dried mysis shrimp.
  14. This is kinda like that wide cup vs tall up, both of different shapes but with the same amount of volume.
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