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  1. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Tvilsen - Getting old and white

    Hi there, so glad she is still with you and doing well
  2. Captain Findus Goldfish

    New Tortoise Lady :) (photo heavy thread)

    Just read your thread. Glad you got your tortoise! She is very cute. Just a few things I learned with my 4. Have had them 5years now. One is a definite male lol. The other 4 I think are going to be girls. They are much hardier than we think. They do best if left in a natural outdoor setting. I live in Luxembourg now so we don't really have hot weather, except for summer. Today it was about 15C for example and they were chilling around their garden. At night it gets cold and they bury and chill. Tortoises are made to be in fluctuating temps. The heat will make them active and eat, and the cold will tell their bodies to sleep and not eat as much. Their metabolism will adapt don't worry. They don't get 'colds' or whatnot. This is natural for them. My 4 have also hibernated every single winter. The one year olds for 3 months and I add an extra month each year. My babies were 25grams when they did their first hibernation. It's TOTALLY natural for them. I know it is stressful, but for them it is much more stressful and harmful if you deny this to them. My breeder friend in Germany hibernates babies that just hatched a few weeks before. It's what they do in the wild too. Seeing the size and weight of your girl she is already on her 2nd year right? She defiantly should hibernate. The health issues that come when they don't really isn't something nice. Especially since it doesn't look like she was hibernated last winter. I don't put mine in the fridge tho. I keep them outside in their little greenhouse with very deep soil and they just bury themselves in there and come out in spring. The babies, I dig them up after 3months and let them live in the house until spring. If you live in a very cold area you can just put a heating lamp in the little greenhouse and it keeps the ground from freezing. That's the only risk. The rest is all normal. Be careful also that she doesn't gain too much weight too fast. She is already older so shouldn't be doubling weight in only a few months. Stick to wild greens and not so much veggies and stuff. I plant a mix called 'T-Lady tortoise mix' in some pots and that's what they get. Some is also planted in their enclosure. They have food at will 24/7, but they regulate how much they want themselves. Her colors will also change as soon as she is kept outside. My first tortoise I got from a pet store had the same colouring as her. Because he had never lived outside. The others I got from breeders in Germany who had lived outside all their lives were a much duller coloration. Because the sun lightens their colours. Eventually she will learn her name and come when you call her. I never am afraid of losing my little ones as they all come when called. I always give them a little treat when they do Good luck with her.
  3. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Hi guys :)

    I do make a pretty bad brownie ice cream lol
  4. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Hi guys :)

    Thanks This was Gordon last winter!
  5. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Hi guys :)

    Hey! Yes I have my vegan bakery and it's working very well!
  6. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Hi guys :)

    Have been gone for ages again! Not much happening in my fish tank. All very quiet and relaxed. I love it! Have had it running for a year now in november. Haven't had to use meds or even salt. Brilliant. Beep the goldfish is doing amazing. He has grown up quite a bit. And changed colour. Never had such a low maintenance goldie! I got him a little friend this week. Totally unplanned! Was at the store for fish food and I saw this little guy in the comet tank and couldn't resist! I have named him Nemo lol. I hope he will do well and put on a bit of weight. As to my new 'chill' fish keeping ways, I didn't QT him. Just gave him a salt dip and in he went. Back in the days just thinking of no QT would give me nightmares ROFL. Gordon the sailfin has become huge! He is larger than my hand now. Soon he will move to the 200Gal I think. Beep Nemo My star, Gordon Thinking he still fits in his little cave lol And some of my mollies and babies That's it!
  7. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Meet the Single Tails :D [12 Pictures]

    now I kinda want single tails.... beautiful!
  8. Captain Findus Goldfish

    They're here! (Photo heavy)

    they are lovely! love the oranda!
  9. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Update Pics Of The Retro Nanos

    Those tanks are beautiful! I love the plants coming out of the water and the floating ones. Adds a really zen touch! Do they not jump out without lids?
  10. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Panther chameleon.

    Super cool!
  11. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Harry 'played' with the fish

    Harry needs his own dog pool !
  12. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Oscar tank and newly set up 10 gallon.

    Awesome! I like the wood pieces you have in there too. I can never find any nice shaped ones! Maybe I should get some oscars. Yours get along well even if they didn't grow up together? Any idea if they are male or female?
  13. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Gordon is growing!

    I just found a pic of him when he was a baby He has grown so much!
  14. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Gordon is growing!

    thank you everyone! no, he is a leopard pleco. I am waiting for the day he will become the size of my small dog
  15. Captain Findus Goldfish

    Gordon is growing!

    Cool thanks! I will go on a hunt once I get the tank cleaned and set up. If I get 2 oscars will they get along once adult? What other types of plecos would get along well with Gordon? I would like some cool variety. The tank is 6 feet long.