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    2! Pooka - the bubble-eye, Roswell - the alien...err Telescope
  1. I used to own a white Betta. They are gorgeous especially when highlighted as the tank light is the only light in the room.
  2. I'm back in Austin, Texas now since my housing fell through. I had my doubts if it would work so I left most of my stuff down here and I was right. I wish I could go back and look, but I don't know if I would have been able to stomach digging through that pond again. It was disgusting and I'm not going to go into the detail of what was found after I stirred it up.
  3. Thanks everyone. I wish Pooka wasn't antisocial on the last picture too, but she was off doing her own thing since she's not a camera fan. Sadly the midgets have indeed grown. They have increased to the tiny size they are now.
  4. They are gorgeous! I only hope my pipsqueaks can grow to be that beautiful!
  5. So I decided to scoot my way to my tank (sweeping the floor with my tucus along the way, lol) and took a few shots that are anything but great, but I figured it was enough to update at least. She's grown! Lol. Kinda hard to tell in the pictures but she's about doubled in size since I found her. Introducing Tangerine (of whom needs some SERIOUS fattening up if she's going to be able to call herself a pearlscale) Introducing my wee little hockey Puck Both of the newbies (Tangerine has one black and one normal eye, which I kinda love about her) Fish Cocktail...Top to bottom - Puck, Tangerine and Roswell
  6. The Pets-mart around here has okay small-medium fish. The large fish they usually carry about 3 at a time and they have had some ranchu that are fairly nice quality. They also charge an arm and a leg for them though.
  7. I will as soon as I can. They are still having some slight issues with the force of the filter in this one (especially Puck) since they're still fairly small (lengths are including tails). I'm prepared for the work if I can't get it within the next month or so. The filter filters 400 gph, which isn't enough for the 55 at this moment. I'll be hounding her though, lol. Be sure of that. It's almost tax return season too so who knows how these babies will be spoiled in the next few months.
  8. They are both so cute! You must be so excited to have been able to get both of them. I thought of Sparrow, then I thought of Morgan (like captain morgan because he drinks like a fish, haha...sorry bad joke) but Patchy is adorable too.
  9. Thank you everyone. If Roswell does go all white with the black eyes, that would be so awesome! One eye does have a little copper in it though, so who knows what he's going to do. My first fish, a fantail, went from a couple inches to a foot long and 90% black to pure white to a lemon head, so I have learned not to expect anything, lol.
  10. Mom bought herself a fish to put in my tank so I now have 4 in my 29 gallon. I told her not to buy anymore and she said she won't and when they are a bit bigger she agreed to get me a 55 gallon tank, lol. So now the inventory is: Pooka - bubbleye (grown up to almost 2" now!) Roswell - telescope (grown to just barely 2 1/4") Tangerine (moms) - pearlscale (2") note: she is a bright orange with white markings that remind me of an orca Puck - calico fantail (barely over 1") note: He's TINY! (equivalent of 1/3 of Roswell) He was bought as a negotiating fish to let Tangerine into the club...I couldn't complain, he's so cute even though I really never wanted another fantail. Current Observations: Puck tends to stay by himself or hang around behind Pooka when they aren't doing much. Tangerine and Roswell seem to be instant buddies! Roswell does tend to pick on Puck a bit. But is super sweet to Pooka and Tangerine. Tangie lets Puck follow her everywhere (which is what he tends to spend most of the day doing) and it's really cute because he tries so hard to keep up, but he's so tiny it doesn't work too well. Right now Roswell and Pooka are behind the bubblewall and Tangie and her shadow (Puck) are up towards the front. Oooh, Puck has left her side, gone up to vist the plants...he's back again trying to catch up with her since she moved. Sorry about the rambling, there's not a whole lot to do when you can't walk because your foot hurts REALLY bad. Knitting a blanket can only keep one occupied for so long. Thanks for humoring me.
  11. He is soooooo cute! Podgy is an adorable name too. The more ranchu's I see the more I want one...darn goldie bug. I forgot that once you get it you get it BAD. If you ever find him missing I'll help you look for him. Of course he'd probably be in my tank so it wouldn't be a long search *whistles* I want your delivery guy, he sounds so sweet!
  12. RanchuDressing, I can't stop staring at him either. I feel so bad because he's taking a bit of the attention away from Pooka because he's such a ham. Whenever Pooka is doing something cute and has my attention Roswell will come up and block her from view and draw all attention onto him, lol. Yep, I am. I wouldn't risk the health of my babies. So far everything is going well and I'm checking it twice a day. I wish I could look into the future to see what Roswell looks like when he's bigger. I want to know what his colors do.
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