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  1. My six-year-old son had a play today - he was right in the center top row. After the first song he decided to “dab”...and then continued to do so randomly throughout the entire show. After he got a laugh the first time there was no stopping him! The teacher and principal were laughing also so I stayed in my seat. I admit I was laughing too! He then won first place in a school dance contest later in the day. He is a character!
  2. Wow, this would be amazing! I miss having orandas - they are the cutest!
  3. Soo it's been a while since I've been on here, but my two goldfish have surprised me with some babies so I thought I'd post. I actually tried to get rid off all of the eggs because it happened on the day I was moving my tank and fish an hour away. I must have missed a few eggs, because I have 15 that have somehow survived against all odds. They must have been stuck to the fake plants, and they had to survive a couple of days in the big tank. I saw a few swimming around to get to the top and scooped them up as I saw them, so they also survived the filters and avoided being eaten by their parents! I actually made the decision to give them away with tank because I have moved to a very small apartment and really have no room for them, but then they surprised me with babies so I am wondering if it is a sign that I should keep them? Either way it's been put on hold for now! Sad news, I did have to euthanize my lavender butterfly telescope because she was not doing well at all. I was treating her with meds to try and help her skinniness/listlessness, and one morning I woke up and she had this horrible redness at the base of her dorsal fin (not sure if that's correct, the fin on the top.) It looked super raw and puffy and painful, and I just couldn't watch her suffer any longer. She went very peacefully with clove oil, and yes, I cried. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and my poor white butterfly tele was very lonely. I went to Pet$mart for some supplies, and though I wasn't planning on it, I spotted an adorable little black moor who was at the glass BEGGING me to take her home. Seriously. She was so pretty compared to the others, she had a nice deep body and her fins were really cute. I brought her home, stuck her in the QT tank (just a small little 2.5 gallon, she was super tiny at the time.) Well, in a few days she was laying eggs all over the QT tank! I was hoping she was a male, but nope! She went through the normal QT procedure, then I added her to the big tank and she and the white tele were instant friends. She has gotten much bigger in the short time I've had her, and she is super friendly and responsive and just adorable. OKAY, so back to the babies! My little miracle fry...the fact that they are alive is pretty impressive on their part. The last time I had fry (same father, but mother was the lav tele) I fed Hikari First Bites from the beginning and did not have great results. Also had a LOT of fry, compared to only the 15 I have now. The Hikari First Bites were possibly too difficult to eat or just not the best, because despite excellent water condition, they just did not grow the way they should have. The ones that survived were very small, and I ended up losing all of them in the end. I tried really hard so it was pretty frustrating. This time around I am feeding boiled egg yolk and having much, much better results so far! These fry are way fatter than the last, and growing SO much faster. I really have no supplies so for now I am keeping them in the main tank but separated in a gallon milk container with tiny holes punched in it(!!) I siphon and change water once to twice daily, and feed the boiled egg yolk 3-4 times daily. One of the fry is injured/deformed, cannot swim, but still eats and manages to sort of torpedo along the bottom. I am going to have to cull him but I feel so bad. Another one is the most tenacious fry I've ever seen. It was the last one I found in the big tank, and he was found days after the rest were already swimming and eating. This one tried harder than anything to fill his swim bladder with air but for some reason he just couldn't! He would use so much energy getting to the top, and trying to get air, maybe his mouth wasn't formed well but he just couldn't do it. Finally after about 6 days I came home and he was swimming with the rest (I was SO happy to see that!), but he is much, much smaller than the others. He seems to be doing well despite this, so I am really pulling for him. Okay enough with the backstory, here are some pics of them at about 9 days old approximately! Quite curious as to how they will end up looking. The mommy is a black moor with I guess a regular tail? And daddy the white butterfly tele...wonder how they will turn out?! If anyone has fed egg yolk before, could you please let me know how long to feed this, and when I can start feeding other foods successfully? Live foods would be best I'm sure but I just don't think it's possible for me at the moment unfortunately for a few reasons. Any other advice is very welcomed! I feel that these fry really deserve to be alive, I got rid of what I thought was all of the eggs, plus I have some very powerful filters and hungry parent fish, so their survival is pretty remarkable. I would like to do my best with them! Oh and here are the parents...
  4. Oh I should have said, for pics or if interested email constancemw@gmail.com...thanks! =)
  5. We just moved to a very small apartment, the tank is just too big for our place. I care most about them being taken care of properly, so any reasonable offer will be accepted. There are two fish, one is a beautiful white male "Rain Garden" butterfly telescope, about 6". The other is his companion, just a regular adorable little black moor (female.) Would prefer they stay together, because they are quite fond of each other. Included is the 37 gallon Marineland aquarium (minus the light, because I am using the one from my 40 gallon right now; actually have the 37 gallon light at my old house, but it needs a bulb), two Penguin 200 filters, and a Marineland submersible heater. Plus a big bottle of Prime and whatever other accessories I have that you may want. Also just bought a brand new Aqueon water changer from Pet$mart, if you want it I can sell that at cost (it was on sale, it was $39 total including tax.) If not I will just return it. For pics just email constancemw@gmail.com. Really hoping they can find a loving home. Have them on Craigslist, but of course someone from Koko's would have first dibs!
  6. One more thing. At one point, Penelope's vent became grossly swollen. It was hard to look at. I believe it healed but I do not remember how I treated it. Could be completely unrelated but just wanted to mention in case it was important.
  7. I have been racking my brain to see if I could pinpoint any more unusual symptoms that I've seen, and I actually remembered one that may help. So sorry and can't believe I forgot to mention this, but she also has a tendency to have jelly-looking stools. I forgot because it actually hasn't happened in a while, but in the past she has definitely had this symptom as well. I did some online searches at the time and found only that it was most likely parasite related. The stools are clear mixed with regular "poop" color, but super jelly-like and definitely unusual. I can't remember but I think Penelope may have had this symptom as well? I have done several thorough Prazi treatments, as well as thorough treatments with Metromeds and MediGold in the past (though not for a while.) Neither had any effect on Penelope while she was sick, and I did the sick Lave tele back before she was sick as a preventative, because of the fact that she shared a tank with Penelope. Should I still give Metro another go? Oh one thing did catch my eye but I think it's ruled out because of her healthy gills....cryptobia? Is it possible that this (or another parasite) just wasnt affected by the Metromeds? Nocardiosis is a scary thought. It's possible that Penelope just succumbed to the disease before the dark spot symptom was able to appear. I have also thought that Lave tele (I need to rename her....I first thought she was male and named her Hugo, but since finding out she was female I never did!)...anyway I've also thought that lave tele girl's sickness could have weakened her and opened the door for another disease or condition to enter....meaning the cause of the dark spot. I really, really, REALLY wish I could do a scrape. Probably not, but is there a very cost effective way to do this? P.S. I do keep the tank rather warm, between 76-78 degrees F....should I lower it to help her fight the possible Nocardiosis? What is a good temperature for this? Thank you
  8. Her gills are super red and have that nice meaty look. So, if it is a skin condition, is there anything that can be done? She is definitely thinner than she used to be....she had a nice round robust belly like the white tele, but now shes sort of sunken in. I do suspect its something contagious, because her symptoms mirror Penelopes EXACTLY aside from the black spot. And she definitely acts differently, she just seems weak and unhappy and just sort of...existing. THe white tele has that sparkle in his eye...she is just sort of listless....except her appetite is always great, thankfully. Thats really the only time she shows any pep at all. You are amazing with all this knowledge! I searched all over the internet millions of times and have not found this much information concerning her symptoms. Thank you
  9. Hi Trinket By something serious, are you thinking parasite or worse? I will try to locate a magnifying lens....I had a really good long look up close though and the whole spot area seems to be ever so slightly raised, but I dont see anything fuzzy or anything warty.
  10. Here is a quick vid, you can see the strange spot that appeared - seriously- like overnight, and the color changes (just check her out in my sig...so different!) She always has piped after eating since the day I got her, and you can see her begging for food when I open the tank. Def a good appetite. She just swims sort of unsteadily I think...she just doesn't look quite right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6rz6Ms2Q9w
  11. She is definitely much less vibrant and thinner...and weaker. She eats like a HOrSE. Never had a problem with that. She prefers hand feeding...whenever she sees me she goes to the top and begs for a snack. I love Drs. Foster and Smith, I will order that right away, it is definitely worth a good try! I'm uploading a video now, I'll post when it's done. They are in their new digs...we are getting a bunch of rooms repainted so I moved them temporarily into the hallway today in the 28 gallon bowfront. (May possibly keep them in there, since the 40 gallon breeder takes up SO much space, and I am switching rooms and may not have the space for it.)
  12. I remember Steve saying cool weather was preferable, but not sure how cool. My tele arrived I believe in Spring when it was pretty cool, and the water he was in was pretty frigid upon arrival, but he did really well and to date is the healthiest fish I've ever had. I will never purchase a fish anywhere other than Raingarden again! He's got some beautiful ones too...I remember how amazed I was at my tele, he was so much prettier than I was expecting.
  13. Thank you Sakura! I'm afraid I don't have the means right now to take her to the vet, but how nice that would be, to finally have a clear answer. I truly feel defeated as to whatever this illness could be..the loss of Penelope hit me pretty hard. I want my poor tele girl to get better so badly, too....they are such a cute couple. The male especially is just so crazy about her. Honestly it seems like she could take him or leave him, but he just adores her so. Ah, my fry! I had so many! I worked SO hard with them, but they all died after a about a month to 6 weeks. Some stayed pretty small, even the biggest didn't seem to be full size. I think I was feeding Hikari fry food, and frozen baby brine shrimp, but they just didn't thrive. If I did it again, I would probably go the live food route, seems to have better results. I really did try, but I think I was just too inexperienced and in over my head!
  14. Oh, so sorry about Dr. House I was thinking worms too but thought the Metro would help....I would def try Jungle AP in a second, I never have. Is that available at pet stores? Is it a food? Scrape would be a little beyond my capabilities unfortunately Thank you, I am glad to be back too!
  15. I had a bad experience in the past with one of my goldies (Penelope, the one in my signature.) She was my favorite fish....I was very attached. I fought a battle with her with what I believe to be some sort parasite (which I eventually lost.) Her symptoms were just slowly becoming thinner and less vibrant, and one thing I found weird (and haven't been able to find an answer to anywhere), was a darkening of color. She was all white, but towards the ends, had smears all over her body, sort of an orangy-brown. It wasn't ammonia burn...they came and lasted for months and months, with pristine water. My problem is now one of my other two fish. She shared a tank with Penelope during the time she was sick. SHe now has the same exact symptoms, though she has lasted longer than Penelope after showing the symptoms. She is just slowly (over 6 months or more) becoming weaker and skinnier, and darkening in color. She even developed a pretty big big black spot on her gill (almost overnight!) that has been there for, I'd say about 6 months. The other fish with her, I've had him for about a year ( got him in I think April or May, he's been with the other sick one this whole time) and he is in perfect health (he's my first Raingarden goldfish and definitely super healthy from the start.) I tried everything under the sun with Penelope, and nothing helped whatsoever, so I've done the Metro with the current sick fish to no avail, so I kind of fear I am just going to lose her eventually with the same unanswered questions, and also fear one day the current healthy fish may pop up with the same thing. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what this may be? I've been considering euthanizing her because I don't believe her quality of life is that great anymore. I get really sad when I look at the pic in my signature of her (shes the lavender telescope), because she hardly resembles that beautiful, vibrant fish anymore....you probably wouldn't believe they were the same fish actually. I just went through so much fighting with Penelope, I don;t know if I should just let her go....? Thanks so much<3
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