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  1. Cool frogs, the look great! I never had anything other then dwarf frogs, not a huge fan because they look so slimy XD
  2. You have a BEAUTIFUL fish tank and fishes! I love that bulky calico ranchu. Can I steal ?_?
  3. Cute! I love their faces ^_^
  4. You literally have my dream Oranda! He has such beautiful markings and what a gorgeous wen!
  5. Awww! He is so adorbale , I love the orange cap !
  6. I personally don't like mixing up handicap with non-handicap. I think telescope can be kept with other slow/delicate fancy varieties. I would try to stay away from fantail and other goldfish who have superiority. Unless you teach your telescope to hand feed or isolate it during feeding, its hard to ensure everyone gets their bite. Also, more superior fish will constantly harass or etablish their domiance over weaker/slower fish. Telescopes might became a constant target. If you would like a mix tank something like telescope, eggfish, celestial eye, slow ping pongs and etc would make up a good group since all are slow and prefer weaker currents.
  7. I personally don't like keeping minnows with single tails considering their possible size/speed and they seem to be more aggressive/rough on their roomies. A 30 gallon is already very stocked to the max with your single tail. It is already a huge pooping machine so adding minnows who may or may not be eaten is only contributing to the ammonia levels. Fancies have a more mild nature and the "handicap" ones tend to be much better roommates. For example black moors are slow with impaired eye sight so even catching up to the minnow is diffcult, let along eat one.
  8. Cute goldies, I love your Red Cap
  9. I think 30-50 gallon a month is pretty good. Your's is not insanely stocked and as long as your not overfeeding, I don't see a problem. What you can do is buy an ammonia/nitrite test kit and test the water weekly, as soon as you get an ammonia reading do the water change. That way, you will know roughly when you need the water change.
  10. I am fostering 3 goldies but I don't think they count. XD SO, I have 2 Black Moors name Haze and Smokey. TOTAL = 92
  11. Can you post a picture? Its hard to say with just a description. Goldfish do change colors/patterns through out their lives but to be safe I would post a picture.
  12. stardust

    My 10 Gallon

    It looks so pretty, nicely decorated. What is the plant that is floating at the very top? It looks awesome.
  13. In your experience are there any plants that are particularly good with Goldfish? I have a little 2 inch comet that I am fostering until mid/late summer or maybe until next spring. I would like to introduce some plants in the tempo pond. I have tried some swords but he dug it up. =[ I am tempted to try a Tiger Lotus. Any suggestions that can be commonly found at LPS and not overly expensive?
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