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  1. stardust

    2 More!

    The copper looks awesome!
  2. Cool frogs, the look great! I never had anything other then dwarf frogs, not a huge fan because they look so slimy XD
  3. You have a BEAUTIFUL fish tank and fishes! I love that bulky calico ranchu. Can I steal ?_?
  4. You got some cute peas! I love their faces. These guys are adorable, my brother has one in a cycled 3.5 gallon planted. They don't need too much space but are very senstive to bad water. His got ich once and it was just a pain in the behind!
  5. stardust

    Coffee Updates

    He is a lovely betta I love this tank.
  6. stardust

    Betta Size

    I know there are "giants" and "king" bettas. I don't know if there are "mini" or "dwarf" bettas yet. Some runts are naturally small while the ones who are stronger as a fry tend to be larger.
  7. Cute! I love their faces ^_^
  8. You literally have my dream Oranda! He has such beautiful markings and what a gorgeous wen!
  9. stardust

    New Fish

    A 10 gallon sounds like an awesome home! Beside the obvious things like cycling and etc. I would recommend a weaker filter, such as one rated for a 5 gallon because most bettas (excluding the plakat) do poorly in currents. Some bettas are extremely aggressive, they will happily remove the legs of shrimps for their entertainment. You might want to test your betta reaction before buying a butch. Heavy planting/decorating will help create distractions. Snails that are larger than the bettas head is usually safe because they have a shell. Netrite snails, mystery snails are pretty good choices. If you want other roomies, select something extremely dull and fast. A lid is a must! Most bettas are great jumpers and their curiousity will leave them flopping on the floor. You can use fish net glued to Pipecleaner. Some hobbyist use salt and some don't. I always recommend for aq. salt because it can be protect your fish against external diseases. 1/4 tsp per gallon long term can have many benefits. Live and silk plants are welcomed by all bettas because they love to rest and sleep on them! But make sure you quaratine any new live plants. Have fun!!
  10. Thanks guys, Piccaso it is I can't wait to teach him tricks and stuff. yay.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions but I already have a betta name Napoleon LOL XD What do you guys think of Picasso or Beethoven ?
  12. I haven't picked up a new betta in a very long time. Decided to get a new edition to the crew of meanies LPS was having a sell and I ended up choosing him since I got $1 when I purchased a decoration. (ha and I end up breaking the decor) He has such stunning colors and he has awesome finnage for a VT! I absolutely love him, he reminds me so much of my late Mozart. He is in a 2 gallon heated and a diet of bloodworms, glassworms and brineshrimp because the douchebag won't eat pellets. Suggestions for names are open, I prefer names of historical figures. hehe.
  13. Awww I love he makes a full recovery, he seems like a pretty boy!
  14. Awww! He is so adorbale , I love the orange cap !
  15. stardust


    Pretty! He is an awesome find, a pineapple + spotted orange.
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