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    3, one crown pearlscale, one fantail and one black moor
  1. Congratulations to you and Chase! That's one heck of an accomplishment. And I agree with devilduck, pictures?
  2. To comment on the pearlscale suggestion, I have my black moor in a tank with a one eyed fantail and a pearlscale and the pearlscale is actually the fastest of the bunch. In my case, the fantail and the moor are actually more compatible than the pearlscale and the moor. However, the fantail does bully the moor away from food sometimes so that's not really a perfect situation either. It probably depends on the pearlscale too. My little pearlie is a major pig who wants to eat everything while my other two are more laid back about food, so that could have something to do with it. I think I'd stick with another telescope or moor.
  3. Oh no! *hugs* I'll be crossing my fingers and toes for Feldman!
  4. Thank you all for your kind words. It's going to be weird without him around for a while, I think. He was a good boy and he truly lived up to his name.
  5. Really? Toss the media? It's crushed coral and ceramic rings, maybe that changes it somehow? Haha Either way it works, I have plenty more coral but the rings were kinda spendy just to throw out... :/ But it'll be fine, really. Ok, I guess I'll start the filter in vinegar today so it's all set. Thanks Koko!
  6. So, my betta died from body rot and I'm thinking it's probably a good idea to really sterilize the whole situation before I bring home another betta, in case any body rot nasties are trying to hang around. I'm planning on using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for the tank since I've done that before and it seems to work well. But, I'm unsure how to sterilize the filter. It's a whisper submersible filter so all the water and stuff goes through a motor in the bottom of it, and since it's basically enclosed, I can't just spray the vinegar and stuff on like I've been doing for the tank... would it be adequately sterilized if I just ran it in some vinegar? I would use bleach but the other time I used bleach to clean a tank, I distinctly killed three fish, even after I rinsed it quite thoroughly. Also, filter media: how do I clean that?
  7. Gideon has finally passed after a strong fight with body rot, then drospy. The dropsy got the best of him, poor little man. RIP Gideon
  8. That looks great! I'm not really sure if the unevenness of the water is an issue... Only one of my tanks, out of the three has ever not been like that and I've never had a problem in the 3 years one (15 gallons) was set up, and the 6 months my 30g has been set up. I've heard that it can be bad, I've just never seen what can happen, yet. O.o
  9. With any luck I'll be moving "the kids" from their temp. bin tank back to the real tank (it was bowing but we reinforced it today with metal bracing and such so it should be ok) tomorrow but I'm worried about Ph. I really want to do completely new water in the tank just because that sounds like a nice deal, but the bin is right where the tank is going so I can't just fill the tank up, run the filter with crushed coral, then add fish when the Ph gets perfect. Right now my tap Ph is 6.7 and my tank Ph is 7.6 or so, so I don't think I can just throw the fish in the fresh new tank water, no big deal, and wait for the Ph to come up as the coral does its job. So, what's a good product to bring my Ph up right off the bat? I'll be using it along with the crushed coral so I don't care if it stops working after 48 hours since the crushed coral should have brought the Kh up enough to keep the Ph steady by that point... I don't want to send away for something, like Buff-It-Up, so recommendations for something I can just get at Pet*mart would be lovely. Help? =) I've read about using baking soda but that seems a little iffy, I'd love to hear home remedies too if there are any... Thanks!
  10. I need to upgrade eventually and by next August I should have enough money to upgrade to a 55 gallon tank. I've been scouring Craigslist for cheap tanks but all of the ones that aren't hugely expensive (people are charging $200 for just a tank and lights, it's crazy) don't come with lights/hood. Since I love my plants, I pretty much need lights and in looking for a lid and a light, I haven't been able to find one for under $50 bucks or so. Add to that the fact that I will need to get another filter and I'm looking at at least another $100 tacked on the end of a $30 (if I'm lucky) tank. And then there's the issue of heating. My little 50W heater did alright in my 30 gallon but 30 gallons is very different than 55, so I'm anticipating that I'll need another heater. Buh bye to another $30 if I get a quality heater. So, I decided what the heck, and I looked at brand new tanks. I found one on P*tsmart.com, a Top Fin 55 gallon starter kit, that comes with * 55 gallon glass aquarium with plastic frame * Two (24") full hoods with fluorescent lights * Top Fin 60 Power Filter with 2 cartridges * Adjustable 200w UL heater * Strip thermometer * 6" net * Fish food sample * Water care sample * Bacteria starter sample * Guide to aquarium set-up and care All for $189.99, basically $190. The filter gets 300 gph and coupled with my Aqueon 30 filter that gets 200-300 gph depending on who you talk to, filter wise I'd be set. That seems like a pretty darn incredible deal to me, what do you all think? I know a lot of that is kinda junk, like the food sample and the bacteria starter sample, but the filter and heater alone! OMG. I'll probably have to wait to actually get it until the end of the summer but I might get lucky money-wise before that... Yay or nay? The only problem I can think of is that I am still living at home, but I'll probably be moving out next year, or the year after if I'm really unlucky... Are 55 gallon tanks super duper hard to transport? I will obviously adore it like it's my child or something after spending THAT MUCH MONEY on it so I would hate for it to get cracked enroute to somewhere if that's basically inevitable. And currently, water weight would not be an issue. I live in the basement and my floor is tile, on top of cement, on top of the earth. =D
  11. Ok, that's what I was thinking. I think there should be enough oxygen in there.... I mean, the filter is waterfalling, there's a bubble wand, and an air stone. I didn't mean that they are actually piled on top of each other, they just lay next to each other. haha Sometimes I get a little toooo descriptive about things. =P I did a 40% water change last night. And I moved the bubble wand to a different place becuase in my tank cleaning I realized that the place where they've been sitting is basically a "dead zone", with a very minimal current. So I stuck the bubble wand right there and so far I haven't seen anyone sitting on the bottom. Could that maybe be it? Is there a type of tub I can get that is less likely to leech? The one I have is a clear plastic one... Thanks! =)
  12. So, I'm wondering if there are any definitive signs that plastic fumes/yuck/what have you are leaking into my tank's water. I ended up moving the fishies to a large plastic tub (35 gallons) last week because my glass tank was bowing. I haven't been able to find a replacement yet so they're kinda stuck in the tub for the moment. BUT! Ever since they were moved to the tub, there has been a significant increase in bottom sitting. There's one corner, behind the cement blocks that are on the outside of the tub, that everybody wants to be. They're all pretty much piled back there at some point or another. They get up and wander around regularly but there is always someone laying in that corner. Right after water changes there isn't as much of that going on, which made me wonder if it was nitrates since S.E.F. bottom sits if the nitrates get above 20, so I checked the nitrates right before I did the last water change and it was barely 10... Maybe they feel safer in that corner? What do you think?
  13. I do! I have a bubble wand and an airstone for oxygen and then an Aqueon 30 (rated to 200gph, 300 by the manufacturer but I guess that's a typo?) and an Aqueon 10 that gets 100 gph, on a 30 gallon tank. So by all accounts the water should be oxygenated enough... And it's only D.F. that gulps and such...
  14. D.F. does do a lot of air gulping/bubble eating so that's probably it. Maybe I'll feed some peas anyway since peas are awesome. Heeheehee Thanks!
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