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  1. Guess who's back into goldfish and has 5 new pearlscales to show for it?

    1. Speckles


      What where! Show me now :)

    2. HomerJay
    3. DawnMichele


      Welcome back and picture's!!!!

  2. My reptiles! (image heavy)

    The Abronia is a fully grown male! He's around two years old. They're care is pretty easy, they need UVB and slightly higher humidity (I use an auto mister to achieve this). They're very active lizards and I recommend 18x18x24 as a good footprint for one or a male female pair. I feed mine gut loaded and dusted crickets twice weekly. Now that it's warming up I have a few new animals coming in. A super fire ball python and a hypo citrus leatherback beardie!
  3. Green water!

    Princess peach is huge! I always forget until I go out to feed.
  4. New Wigglers!

    Thank you!! Fattening up fish is my specialty Everyone needs a pond imo! My fish really thrive out there, even thought I'd rather have them inside. Yea I'm a sucker for one eyed teles too! I hope I have them all for many years, if my current telescopes are any indicator they will live a decent while! Telescope orandas do rock! Especially at a 10.99 price point and not several hundred dollars. Thank you! It feels good to be back at it. Thank you! I have a plain bowl as well so you can see finnage better but I really like this one the best.
  5. My reptiles! (image heavy)

    Most of you know I've had snakes for a decent amount of years now but within the past year I got into reptiles much more heavily and thought it would be cool to show some of the different species I have now. This isn't everyone but it is kind of a little sprinkling of it all. Leopard Geckos: Crested Gecko: Gargoyle Gecko: Blue Tongue Skinks (various spp): Abronia graminea: Hognose snakes: Sorry the photos are a bit large!
  6. Peaches Isn't Acting Right (QT)

    Have you tried soft foods or frozen foods with her? Because the gill arches also comprise the pharyngeal teeth I could see a high parasitic load in the gills having possible after effects on appetite or discomfort while eating; but after nearly 3 weeks of treatment she should be improving not worsening. How did she behave in the salt dips? What was her gill activity like when she was on her side?
  7. New Wigglers!

    My 40gal breeder was completely empty before this so they're being QT'd in there and then I'll move some out to the pond when it's warmer or move them into another tank in the house. I am! I really wasn't planning on adding anything but the original three but when Mikey showed me those pictures I couldn't say no! I mean I've never seen this type in a store ever, so I couldn't pass it up. If they happen to ever get more in I'll likely buy those as well. Thank you!! In my absence I really developed a fondness for telescoped things it seems lol. Thank you!!
  8. New Wigglers!

    A few weeks back I added the first fish in a long time into QT. A fantail (chosen by the BF), a crowned pearlie, and a celestial. All settled in well and are doing well! I have to get recent pictures of them but here is one from their first day home. Today I added four more fish into QT, all from the store Mikey works at! I purchased three gorgeous telescope orandas (demirandas? Orandikins? Telerandas? Idk) and my goodness they are cuties. A little black more with one eye made its way home with me as well. #1: #2: #3: #4: I'll get some better pictures once everyone has settled in.
  9. Green water!

    Nope. Nothing has changed since "winterized" it. That being said it is heated and never gets below 50 even if it's in the single digits outside.
  10. Green water!

    I finally managed to get some crazy green water in my pond the past few weeks! The fish have been loving it.
  11. Hello again!

    Thanks everyone it feels good to be back!
  12. Hello again!

    Hey everyone! It's been a long while since I've been on here. A lot has happened in the past few months! In may I got my bachelors and then in the summer I took some hard losses with my goldfish crew. Due to a still largely unknown issue with my water supply I lost around half of my fish, most just a few hours and then a few in the days following. Thankfully I didn't lose everyone, but I did lose many of my more delicate fish including most of my pearlscales. It was a really hard loss for me and I took the whole summer "off" with no new additions. I moved any remaining indoor fish out to the pond and just kept an eye on everyone's health. Now that many months have passed I feel confident that everything is very stable and I'm read mentally to get back into the swing of things. I've been spending a lot of my time working and caring for my (now extensive) reptile family, along with my lungfish Linnaeus. So yeah, I'm back!
  13. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    https://40.media.tumblr.com/048a54d3b6c2313730efec96ab7b8ab6/tumblr_nn7533u35p1rvj6gdo2_1280.jpg No one can resist this cutie!