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  1. Oh yes, I'll keep monitoring him in the QT tank until next week at least. I definitely want to see that they stay gone
  2. I guess it's possible I did buy a piece of driftwood today at the LFS, to keep the pH down a bit. I also did a little reading and found a possible link between a plants and high pH: as the plants consume CO2 and produce oxygen they raise the pH of the tank, so in a small, heavily planted tank, the pH difference can be more dramatic
  3. The spots are going away! Looking at him now, you wouldn't even know he'd had a problem. Aside from the fact that the front of his wen is definitely smaller, there are no white patches, no irritations, and no spots
  4. I wonder if it could be the gravel. It's the only tank with it (the tropical tank has a thin layer of gravel covered in sand, and driftwood to keep the pH down).
  5. I'm so glad you were able to get it out! I'm really no expert on fish injuries. Do you have a quarantine tank that you could move Waka into? I'd wait for a mod's advice, but I'm betting that some clean water and salt will help him heal.
  6. Good luck! Is there any way you can bring the other Oto's back, or do you have another tank for them? I'm so sorry this happened Koko's has a discussion on euthanasia: http://www.kokosgold...80-euthanizing/, as does The GAB: http://thegab.org/Il...euthanasia.html
  7. I wish I knew I don't think cutting the fish would be a good idea. For one, it's cruel unless you're certain the Oto is dead. It would also majorly stress Waka and he still may not be able to swallow the fish. You don't want him choking on something that will be even harder for you to retrieve. Do you have tweezers? Is there any way that you can pull the Oto out using them? The Oto may be injured and possibly need to be euthanized, but both fish will die if you don't do something.
  8. That video was from November 2009. This one from April 2010 says that he lost two fish but is planning to upgrade to a 40 or 50 gallon tank. One of his other vids talks about a quarantine tank, so it appears that some people really do learn
  9. emchelle


    So sorry about Sunny
  10. I did, a couple days ago. It was two spots then, now it just appears to be one.
  11. My tap KH is 6. Interesting how it's only an issue in one tank, though. Water chemistry is really fascinating
  12. Today it's just looking like one prominent spot behind his left eye - small, rounded and raised, almost like a zit. The ammonia in the QT tank was starting to rise, so I did a partial w/c and plan to slowly bring the salt back to .3%. I don't want to move him back into the Big Tank until the spot behind his eye is resolved.
  13. Just a little curious about the Betta's tank 5 gallons, filter but no bubbler or airstone, petstore gravel, several sword plants and a large clump of java moss (no fertilizers or anything, very low-light, low-maintenance). The ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are always zero - the tank is cycled, so I assume it's the plants processing the nitrates. Our tap pH is 7.8, the tropical tank is 7.8 and the goldfish tank (with bubbler) is 8.0. I noticed when I tested the water a few days ago that the Betta tank was a little higher than 8.0, which I thought was odd, so I tested it again today and it's closer to 8.4 I'm going to do a partial water change just so I can gently bring the pH down and not shock the fish. I've never heard of rising pH issues like this. Thoughts?
  14. I was just curious about the phosphate thing - phosphate is sometimes used to bring down pH in aquariums, but according to their website pH down is phosphate-free. Phosphate is a fertilizer and can create algae blooms, and many pH lowering products are specifically phosphate-free for that reason. I'm just not sure how phosphate could create the soapy film and bubbles that you're seeing. Have you added anything else to the tank aside from the ammonia and pH down?
  15. Silly girl But wow, is she gorgeous!
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