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  1. No I don't have a tank thermometer but that what it is in the house
  2. About 23 - 36 degress celcius But it goes from one to the other in a matter on minutes with blazing sun one second and pouring rain the next.
  3. Hi, The thing is I cleaned out the whole main tank so there shouldn't be any buildup still. The only thing otherwise that's going on is drastic temperature changes due to the weather patterns we are experiencing now. Could that be contributing? The main tank is inside in the living room while the treatment tank is in a more open air area.
  4. Hi Guys, I posted a comment last night but it appears to have dissappeared somehow. I didn't see the last post to continue the treatment for 14 days and moved Mr. Tangerine back to the main tank. After only one day there however the fluid circles around his eyes returned. I have move him back to the treatment tank but I am not sure what I should do now. Continue the remainding 4 days ? If he does not get better do I start over or give him a timeout from medication first... This is really frustrating because I thought he was finally better.
  5. Hi Guys, Just an update Mr. Tangerine has now been on the treatment for 9 days and his eyes have completely cleared up about 3 days ago. Is it ok to stop tomorrow when he reaches 10 days of treatment?
  6. Thanks guys for all the information. I can get flagyl OTC here. Will update you on the progress.
  7. Hi, Mr. Tangerine has never had any illnesses before. The yellow powder I have confirmed is Binox. About 2 years ago I had a fish with dropsy and I was advised that by Lupin to use the flagyl in combination with epson salts which did work on him as well as two other fish who got dropsy subsequently. I can soak the food in the flagyl if that is the better option or use the binox?
  8. Hi, The only things I have access to are Jungle fungus clear and parasite clear as well as some sort of yellow powder (I can't remember the name binox maybe?). As an alternative to metronidazole I have used Flagyl to treat dropsy fish in the past with success. Which of these do you recommend? If it is the flagyl what dosage do I use on the 10 gallon?
  9. Hi, This morning the circles have almost doubled in size... he's definitly getting worse. Please advise what meds might be helpful =[ Or how about I try the epson salts instead?
  10. Are you guys sure there is nothing else I can do? I feel so helpless and he looks so miserable sitting in the corner not really swimming about...
  11. Hi, There is a cycled filter on the tank Ammonia Level?0 Nitrite Level?0 Nitrate level?5 The spot on the pelvic pin is actually a dirty spot on the aquarium glass. I think the rings around his eyes are getting bigger.
  12. Hi, Here are some new pictures. No improvements I almost think he's getting worse and he's bottom sitting quite a bit too... =[ http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz13/c_ramkalawan/2011049.jpg http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz13/c_ramkalawan/2011042.jpg http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz13/c_ramkalawan/2011038.jpg http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz13/c_ramkalawan/2011063.jpg
  13. Hi, I tried without success to get some photos this morning but Mr. Tangerine wouldn't stay still long enough and I was late for work. The rings around his eyes are the same from yesterday. A bit smaller than they were initially but no change since. I am continuing to maintain the salt at 3% and doing regular water changes. I hope i'm not being impatient but I hate to see him sick and i'm just wondering how soon I should be expecting to see more results or when/if it is necessary to move to meds? A lot of pet stores aren't open on the weekend so I just want to make sure I have everything I need on hand..
  14. Yup I highly doubt that we have that type of salt in Trinidad but I will still check the supermarket just in case. Good news I think the rings around his eyes are already looking a bit smaller Fingers crosses he's on the way to recovery
  15. Ok how long do I treat with the salt at .3% for though? Also other than aquarium salt which I am going to run out of soon can I use 100% sea salt?
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