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  1. Looks like he is just taking shape of a Ryukin. Very possible, I've seen some telescope Ryukins at my local PetsM@rt.
  2. What a nice find! And in the UK! Go for it
  3. It says something about a brain being above its black eyes...??? Looks just like a wen to me..
  4. Wal Mart? Do they sell walls there? LOL jk. I have never heard of these stores you guys are mentioning besides Wal Mart.. How much are they priced around at Wal Mart?
  5. Hey--and if you can't find anything you really want, I am selling my dragoneye. I really think she's a girl! She is lavender.. telescope eyes, wen, long tail like a wedding dress. I named her Vera because her tail reminds me of a wedding dress Vera Wang made!
  6. Stunning! I'm sure Sushi won't be able to keep his "fins" off her!
  7. While doing a water change, I accidently dropped my heater into the water and the inside of it filled up with water. It didn't make sparks or anything, but I quickly unplugged it and turned it upside down to let the water leak out. Is my heater never going to work again? I have a feeling it won't work again.. But I am no expert.
  8. I have a baby panda oranda I'm willing to part with and I know some full sizes that are for sale at a good price. What part of Canada are you in?
  9. Thank you! Lol, nope.. she is just a mix. Purebred Orandas have a slightly different body shape. But she is a pretty cool fish.. the dopey telescope with the puppy dog Oranda personality. If you ever run into one, I suggest making a purchase!
  10. If you are serious about this, I can do this for you. Next weekend I would be able to pick it up. How big are you looking for? The babies are $9, then I know another place that has 3-4" ones for $40, then they also have one huge panda (I'm going to say 5-7", somewhere in there, I'm not good with measurements, lol) that I got a quote of $50 for. Just LMK.
  11. Once again, thanks everyone! You guys are not going to believe this, but I paid $4.99 for the telescope
  12. Thank you! Panda orandas actually come around often here, however, a lot of them are "knock-off" pandas. What I mean by knock-off is that they change within a week and actually have gold starting to develop. I believe the new panda I got is a true panda. His coloring is very distinct from the other pandas I have had. I am no expert though, we will just have to wait and see! As for the new telescope.. yeah, she is one freak of nature. LOL!
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