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  1. thanks for bringing that to my attention about the blog link.. its been taken care of. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/113085-ranchu-football/#entry1568638

  2. That's a gorgeous red/white butterfly tail telescope. But it does not have a tosakin tail. Plenty of butterfly tails tend to curl a little bit at the tips when the fins grow longer, but that's definitely not the only trait that makes a tosakin tail.
  3. Our new Orandas

    They are beautiful! Best wishes for an uneventful quarantine!
  4. first photo posted

    He's very pretty! I like his fins.
  5. River Kitty

    Aw, so cute! My cat Sami licks us a lot too. It hurts because his tongue is so abrasive! Weird cats, lol.
  6. Yes more goldfish pictures

    They're beautiful Hidr! And that's a really cool tank shape too.
  7. Aww, cute. Soon he can go meet his new friends!
  8. :)

    I always enjoy your photos. Good job!
  9. My Goldies first vid!

    Nice! They all look happy and healthy.
  10. Thank Goodness It's Finally Fry-day

    They look great!
  11. Kritter(s) of the Week Entries

  12. RIP Raichu

    Aw, I am sad to see this news Niki. I'm sorry.
  13. New Scape

    It's beautiful Carole! Your fish have gotten so big too!