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  1. This morning (day 12) I have zero ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates - further level drops... and I haven't done a water change for two days. WTF????? Only thing I forgot to mention was that on the morning of day 9, I used Stress Coat for the first time (ran out of my old bottle of dechlorinator) in my water change and added my second scheduled dose of Stress Zyme (should've been the 7th, but I forgot). Any ideas guys? I'm starting think the little goldfish in there has a vacuum cleaner stashed away, is vacuuming up its waste and dumping it out of the tank somewhere. Mind you, it's as happy as Larry, playing in the output, chasing the food pellets and wandering around as if it's a holiday camp - no problems there
  2. It's a completely new setup. Previous readings were: Day 7: Amm <1.0 Nit .25 25% water change Day 8: Amm .50 Nit .25 25% water change Day 9: Amm .25 Nit .25 25% water change Day 10: Amm .25 Nit <.25 No water change Day 11: Amm <.25 Nit <<.25 No water change Very weird...
  3. I'm into the 11th day of cycling my little 20L tank and my ammonia AND nitrite levels have suddenly disappeared over a 48 hour period. Is his normal? See below:
  4. Fantastic... thanks! I can hardly wait to get it set up as FyshLyps will finally be able to have a friend
  5. Howdy.. in Sydney (city of the really stuffed up weather patterns!)
  6. I'm getting ready to set up my new 90L tank and wanted to know a few finer details about cycling... and I just *know* you guys can answer them! I wanted to set up everything before I start - gravel, rocks, driftwood and about 7 plants with root tabs. I've chosen hardy plants (anubias etc) and have worked out that they won't need added Co2 gear. Can I fishless cycle as normal? Will the ammonia levels hurt the plants? Will the root tabs affect the cycle? Will running the lights 8 hours a day for the plants affect the cycle? Thanks in advance
  7. Poor little tyke - he is so lucky you happened along.
  8. Thanks Daryl The tank I am currently cycling is at the ammo-drop/nitrite-climb stage and I am salting to help its goldie occupant (yet to be named) - will I have to wait until until it completely cycles before salting to the level you suggested? On that note, a friend suggested popping in a Betta to deal with the worms... is this a good or bad idea?
  9. I accidentally posted this in a Tetra thread (mods: please feel free to go and delete it and kick my backside so I will repost this here... I've got worms... which is why I am currently cycling a new tank and FyshLyps is living in a small tank for a while. I noticed thread-worm like little guys when I was vacuuming my tank - they were swimming in the S-shaped and kind of flicking around. There were 100's of them! They are definately not like the little planeria guys with their eyespots etc... just little dancing-epileptic-thready wormies. I panicked and stripped down the whole tank - before looking for advice - and completely scoured the tank and everything in it. Thing is, FyshLyp's little tank now has the worms as well... and upon checking the tank I am cycling... they are back! I spoke to a guy at an aquarium and he said they are harmless but I need to up my tank cleaning... thing is, they seem to multiply overnight!!! I can't get rid of them and they seem to be living in the filter now... including the one I am only into the 11th day of cycling. I'm vacuuming (not removing anything though) the new tank every 2 days and it seems to help but they just keep showing up. Jumped on another forum and there was discussion that any of the Tetra line of fish food are often loaded with these worm eggs... which is what FyshLyps loves. I had sprinkle a little bit in the cycling tank to help it along... is that how they got in there? Has anyone else heard about this? FyshLips seems to love chasing the bigger ones around the tank and eating them, but are they just cycling through her gut and making it worse?
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