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  1. Okay, I caught Marty (Moors really are a bit silly and easy to catch, aren't they?) and rang my finger down his side, both spots came away. When I vacuum, I even lift the piece of driftwood. I'm running Matrix De-Nitrate, ceramic noodles, carbon and a small amount of crushed coral in both filters (one is the pre-filter/pump for the UV sterilizer). Params are currently trace ammonia (cycling), 0 nitrites and trace nitrates (weird). As mentioned, my cycle was completely killed off - but in the last week I have been growing green algae and today noticed some brown starting. Thanks
  2. Okaaayyy... 23 gallon tank - 23tsp salt - 12 hours - 23tsp salt - 12 hours - 23tsp salt = 69 tsp salt @ .3% Used pure Sea Salt - level teaspoons. Every day (due to having no cycle in the tank whatsoever) remove 75% water and return 55 tsp with each change. Vacuumed every second day. Weather here is around 32 C every day... water temp steady at 29 C (over 80F) Stays clear for 2 days... gets spots... drop off in 2 days... gets more soon after... See pic...
  3. I have been battling ich for around a month now and it would safe to say that I am reeeeaaallly over it... I have only 3 days left of a 2nd 14 day salt treatment @ .3% (round one - used salt for 10 days, but the ich came back) - and have now found two little ich spots on my Moor. I have done EVERYTHING possible... scrubbed the tank, salt dips, daily vacuuming - including lifting plants and rocks, meds, temp @ 80, moving buckets every 12 hours... the lot. I even forked out for a UV sterilizer. It appears that I keep 'missing' the crucial part of the cycle each time, so is it safe if I add 3 days to the current 14 day salting to try and blitz these last two little f^%#$@!s? I am also battling with a now completely uncycled tank - 75 Litres of water changes EVERY day to keep ammonia @ <.25... has been going on for over two weeks. I'm exhausted and about ready to give up... Help
  4. Cool... will rinse everything in the filter out and give it a good clean. I've been vaccing the gravel every few days during my salting as well to keep everything 'ich-unfriendly' I'm thinking the cycle *must* be completely dead, anyway. The other day the ammo's got to 1ppm and I've noticed two small black patches on Fyshlyps... seems the 75% daily changes are still needed. Will a cycle start up with .3 salting or is it too harsh for the Happy Bacs to get a foothold?
  5. People don't realise just how precious goldfish are. They are literally a beautiful artform in Japan and China... if this fact was pushed more, there would be more respect for them. I remember seeing a quote somewhere that goldfish are 'the flowers of the water'...
  6. GGGRRRRRRRR!!!! I once questioned an aquarium staffer why they don't have pamplets on the counter telling people about cycling (have you ever noticed how many pet shop staff look at you blankly if you mention cycling?). Her reply was that fish tend to be a 'no maintenence, first pet, want it now' item. If they tell a customer that they have to cycle a tank over a few weeks, they lose the sale of fish, tank etc - drops into the 'too hard' basket. She then added that the bonus is that if the fish die, they can just sell them more when they come back. Sooooooooo wrong! On the original posting, you'd think the staff would tell the customer how big commets get... the customer may have purchased a bigger tank and got them a better sale.
  7. Soooo... even if everything looks 'salt crusty'? Should I be taking the oppotunity to remove sludge and stuff from the bottom of the driptray/rack - assuming all the Happy Bacs are now dead? Thought it may be a good opportunity to start out clean - only rinsing the bio media in tank water of course, of course. Yes.. no? Just realised something... again... My cycle has been bumped for 11 days now and it looks like it won't restart until I remove all the salt (two days time to be safe). Thing is, over the last 4-5 days, I've noticed that there is green algae/moss starting to grow over my driftwood (I like it actually, looks nice and the fish seem to find it tasty) - but shouldn't this ONLY grow in a cycled tank? Confused! I am running the in-tank filter/pump for the UV without media for another two days (to avoid salting it up) is this okay? I am still at <.25 amm, 0 nitrites and 0 nitrates (75% water changes daily) Oh, I now have both goldies up off the bottom and pottering around like their old selves - RELIEF! FyshLyps and Marty say - Thanks for being so patient with mum over the last few weeks, Aunty Trinket!!!
  8. After battling ich, parasites, flukes and bacteria over the last 6 weeks (long story)... the cycle in my big tank has died completely due to a combination of salt and various meds. I have my two surviving fish in there and am showing ammonia (keeping under control at <.25 with 75% water changes every day). Due to my media being doused in salt, Melafix, Pimafix and Tri-Sulfate at various times... will I have to totally swap out my media to get a good cycle going again? Currently no Nitrites or Nitrates and stable ph of 7.4. I use a trickle filter with ceramic noodles, Matrix De-Nitrate pebbles, filter wool pads, carbon and a small amount of crushed coral. Running a Jebo UV filter as well. Ta
  9. OMG! I have only had my UV setup for 4 days but I have NEVER seen my tank so crystal clear... it looks like my fin-kids are hovering in the air Had the dreaded ich return (I am sooooo over all of this) and didn't want to risk losing another baby, so I did a massive cleanup, added a heater, simplified my setup and fitted the UV. (Bumped my cycle too... so I am battling THAT again... as well as doing the salt thing... ARRRGH!! ) But even after a few days I am seeing results... the ich dropped off in 24 hours (so now I am vacuuming daily with a 50% water change for the next 12 days) and my brown algae has disappeared. FyshLyps and Marty seem really happy despite the .3% salt... THIRD time lucky! The whole UV setup only cost me $75AUD for a 9W Jebo, a cheap 330LPH pump and some hose. Had to bore a couple of holes in my AquaOne lid, but took me 10 minutes all up. A lot less painful than I thought, hoping this will finally keep my babies safe from yuckies
  10. As per my other thread, I lost Herbie overnight My boyfriend had a closer look at him after he passed (I couldn't bear to) and said his mouth and gills seemed to be coated with/full of tiny little red lumps and his gills had been bleeding. He is now resting in my flower bed with his favourite plastic plant
  11. Oh fudge... I'm so sorry Mrs M I haven't been on here long, but I know how much you love all your babies... FyshLyps, Marty and I are crossing our fingers and fins for the rest of your fin-family. I lost my little Herbie last night, I only had him for a couple of weeks and am heartbroken... I can't imagine how you feel for your brood <massive hugs>.
  12. My 20L is only my hospital tank... everyone normally lives in the 90L (FyshLyps and Marty are in there - they are fine). I got home from work this morning and Herbie had died during the night... I can't stop crying Reading other threads that are going on, I'm starting to think that there is some kind of bug going around, same symptoms...
  13. As requested... in a new thread He is trying to get off the bottom and is trying to eat, but his laboured breathing means he is blowing it back out again. Amm 0, Nit 0, Nat 0, pH 7.2 Temp 74 - water is very well oxygenated. In a 20L tank that has been fully cycled for a while. Spent 4 days in salt .3% for ich (but reacted and was removed) then 2 days on Tri-Sulfa and was all good and clear, back in main tank - still no signs of parasites or issues. Then another fish started picking at his fins, ended up with a bloodied join fin/body - removed him to a pristine/cycled tank. No meds in the tank, poo is pale, one eye is still clouded over. Gasping and laboured breathing, can get to the top of the tank with heaps of effort (I dropped the water and moved the filter down so he is only in a few inches of water), then flops back down to the bottom. Can see nothing in his mouth, thought he may have something caught. Gills are very pink and visible through his gill plates - he has always had very translucent skin (you can even see his gizzards in strong light). Update: Sitting on the bottom, gives his tail a little wiggle every now and then, still shows interest in food then just gives up. Very rapid breathing. Please help
  14. Sorry to jump on this thread, but this is exactly what Herbie is doing at the moment (a baby white Ranchu) but gasping faster He is trying to get off the bottom and is trying to eat, but his laboured breathing means he is blowing it back out again. Amm 0, Nit 0, Nat 0, pH 7.2 Temp 74 - water is very well oxygenated. Spent 4 days in salt .3% for ich (but reacted and was removed) then 2 days on Tri-Sulfa and was all good and clear, back in main tank - still no signs of parasites or issues. Then another fish started picking at his fins, ended up with a bloodied join fin/body - removed him to a pristine/cycled tank. No meds in the tank, poo is pale, one eye is clouded over. Gasping and laboured breathing, can get to the top of the tank with heaps of effort, then flops back down to the bottom. Can see nothing in his mouth. Gills are very pink and visible through his gill plates - he has very translucent skin (you can even see his gizzards in strong light). Please help
  15. Any suggestions? Now Herbie can't/won't eat. He picks up food but then it blows straight out of his mouth, like he can't keep it in. I can't see anything caught or blocking anything. He had his first feed of peas yesterday and I was amazed at the amount of poo that came out of him... no wonder his belly was a little bloated. I'm at my wits end with this little guy... it's just one thing after another
  16. Yep... salt fixed FyshLyps and Marty beautifully, but Herbie can't tolerate salt (see may other post on Eye Growing Over). The poor little bugger is having a hard time of it. Herbie's ich is finally clear... he's just having other issues at the moment. Thanks for answering my meds question
  17. Arrrrghhhhh!!! Herbie has now also got a bloodied fin where it attaches to his body. He had a mark where an ich dropped off and I've just busted Marty picking at it. GGRRRRRRRR!!! Will it never end!!??? Good news is that I have a fully cycled 20L, which Herbie is now in, a well as a spic-N-span 90L which is ich free and houses Marty and FyshLyps. I feel like I am playing musical tanks at the moment Herbie's eye seems to be getting clear though... some good news.
  18. I suppose I am lucky... for once there is an advantage to being a 4WDer! I have a 4WD with a dual battery system and run a 400w 240V power inverter in the back (for AC tools, laptops and camera equipment... even my little espresso machine ). All I need to do is run a long power cord out the back door and plug it into the inverter... up to 48hrs of power to run my filter and air pump . I can even just pop the second battery out and bring it all indoors if I need. On this note, you can always pop your car battery out and buy a cheap 100 - 200w AC inverter on eBay. You will also need a set of dog/bull clips (to attach to your battery posts) with a cigarette lighter attachment on the end (to plug the cigarette plug of the inverter to). All up about $40.00 AUD (about $32US) and will give you safe power as needed. Or, some sellers have straight-into-the-car's-cigarette-lighter units, around 150W, but you will just need to start your car for 15 minutes once every hour. These are often only around $20AUD. Just run a power extension lead from your car, inside. Just some options so you don't have to play around with keepy your Happ-Bacs alive.
  19. I've just finished using Tri-Sulphate (Aqua Master Tr-Sulfa brand tablets) to finally blitz my ich issues... but I have a query on finishing the treatment (says nothing on the bottle re this). It says to remove the carbon, dose the tank and then repeat if necessary after 3 days... so before retreating, do you: Put the carbon back into remove it? Leave the carbon out and do a 100% water change? Do you just add another dose on top of the previous one? Once you are completely done (either one or two treatments) do you then have to do a 100% water change (of course putting the carbon back in).
  20. After finally getting ich under control, Herbie now appears to have eye issues. My water params are perfect - Zero, Zero, Zero and ph of 7.4. Current room/water temp of 78 degrees. Barebottom tank at the moment. He has always had two button-eyes, but very gradually - I have only really just noticed it over the last day or so - his left eye appears to be growing over. He has white eye surrounds, but they have moved just about into the middle. His eye is nearly completely covered, like it has sunk into his head! It looks like the eye is completely covered in opaque white skin. No fungus, no more ich... nothing. Was on a very lose dose of tri-sulfa for only 3 days to finish iff the ich... no injuries... nothing. He seems happy enough... eating etc, just gets spooked if you come at him from that side. Very hard to get a photo.
  21. When I bought Fyshlyps she was an itty, bitty little thing. I only had a 5 gallon tank and I was advised that she wouldn't grow any bigger... then she kind of when FOOOMMP... hence the bigger tank now Marty and Herbie were tiny little bubbies, but they are just starting to get bigger now... so cute I love the way baby fish dart and wiggle... just like fat little aqua-puppies!
  22. A quick question though (be buggered if I am paying the vet again to answer them .... how long is the longest you should leave your goldie in a .3% solution?
  23. Yup... hence why the vet said to do 100% daily water changes with Herbie's QT. There's only an airstone and heater in there. Maybe he is just a salt intolerant fish? Good thing he wasn't born a mullet, then No fish into the big tank until it's cycled and the UV is in place... *very* cautious now. The gang can live in the two spare tanks until then. Hopefully we are nearly there!
  24. Okaaaaaaaaaay... I'm still battling ich but we are getting there. Marty is clear, FyshLyps and Herbie only have one or two. The three have been together in a 10 gallon tank for the last three days with .3% salt and 80 degrees. Have been doing 50% water changes twice a day to battle the excess load on the filter (averaging <.25 ammo, <.25 nitrites and trace nitrates before the change... I daresay it bumped with the two extra fish. FyshLyps and Marty have been great, pottering around and playing in the bubbles, but Herbie started bottom sitting and gasping. I cracked a ###### - doing extra shifts (14 hour days) and dealing with constant testing, dosing and water changes got to me - and took the three to a fish vet. FyshLyps and Marty are okay to stay on the current setup with vacuuming and water changes for another 6 days. But Herbie is not coping with the salt (the vet says ranchus are a more sensitive to salt than other fancies). So he is now in a 2 gallon tank on a low dose (3 day cycles x 2) of tri-sulfa and 80 degrees with 100% daily water changes. He is now happily scooting around and chasing bubbles like he normally does... so that is all good. My other half is just about sleeping on the lounge as he started this... On Saturday afternoon I decided that the big tank needed to be given a super-dooper cleanout. I pulled up the plants...pebbles... ornaments and driftwood... ... and found a near dead, ich-blanketed bristle-nosed pleco... ...that my other half had bought a week ago and just dropped in the tank to surprise me. He picked the black one with the 'pretty white spots' at an el-cheapo-and-nasty pet shop near his work... nice thought... BUT I COULD KILL HIM!!! So, 'Dyson' was taken to the vets as well but I sadly lost him this morning, he was too far gone with gill damage. My hubby's plan was for me to accidently 'find' him and be delighted. He feels as miserable as I do over the little b-n-pleco Doh... Soooooooooo... my brand new tank has now been stripped down again, is being cycled with media from a squeaky-clean-and-heathly tank of a friend and a UV filter is going on this week. Second time lucky?
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