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  1. It's called... the Bucket Method! You start by being given the responsibility of keeping two massive (and two small) fish tanks clean. Step 1. Vacuum the massive two tanks - taking out 2 x 16 buckets of water - totalling 32 x 9 litre buckets - each bucket weighing 9kgs. Step 2. Carry 32 x 9kg buckets 20 metres across an office in pairs to the bathroom - giving you a weight of 18kg per trip. Dump down drain. Step 3. Fill 32 x 9 litre buckets and carry them in 18kg lots back across 20 metres of office space. Step 4. Lift each 32 x 9kg bucket up 6 feet and dump into 2 x massive tanks. Carry out this regime every 5 days until desired weight is achieved. I am loving this! Tank cleaning has become the new Biggest Loser Boot Camp Challenge
  2. My gorgeous big girl, FyshLyps, posing... as usual
  3. Mmmmm... so if you got a Demekin... put it in with Sushi (a Moor?)... ... and they got all romantic... ... would that mean you would have Demi Moors?
  4. The fish keep begging everyone that walks past and with 22 people there, you can imaging the dramas I am having! I've locked all the food away in a cupboard so I am the only one who can feed them and manage the tanks. I've managed to get nitrates in all the tanks down to 10... one was 160!!!!! Oscars must be tough!!! More water upgrades to follow this week until they are right... Massive cleanout of overstocked tanks - now only have (across 4 tanks) 1 big Oscar, 1 big Skat, 1 big Emperor Red-Topped Cobalt, 7 baby E.R.T.E's, 1 huge Angel and 2 x 6 inch black Moors... whew! ... as well as my babies at home I worked out that each week I am carrying 38 x 9L buckets of water across the building to the sink, then the same back... I've been doing it two weeks and lost 1.8kgs already...
  5. When I see pics of Ferrero Rocher, I crack up. I've never seen anything like him (?)... it's like someone took a whole bunch of leftovers and built a stern-looking but sooooooo adorable little fish. One of the cutest goldies I have ever seen
  6. The other fish were picked up by a breeder, have all gone to new homes. I really need to put a lock on the top the tanks - I've already had to hide all the food Thanks guys... I am really freaking out as, including mine, I now have 6 tanks to worry about
  7. He he... if hubby sees me in the morning without a cup of coffee or an empty mug nearby, he avoids me! Wow... we are just about overrun with Fantails here in Australia... it's Orandas and Ryukins that are rare! You can get some really nice ones just about anywhere.
  8. Okaaaaay.... The big tank (around 6 foot long) tank here at work had around 35 fish in it - massively overloaded. We now only have two large fish. The nitrate levels were scary - 50!!! - as it seems the previous manager had no idea about water changes and bio loads. I changed the water 50% and am now down to 25... will do another 50% in 12 hours (time just doesn't allow). Plus don't want to shock them. I just got back from my break and one of the guys here has removed 50% of the wet/dry filter media (half the rack across the top) and binned it He says this will help reduce the nitrates as there is bugger all load on the filters now. The filters were filthy to the point of barely working... is ths going to be disasterous????
  9. I'm more worried that the little guy will be okay... I sooo love Ranchus, it broke my heart when I couldn't save little Herbie. He used to do this spiral, wiggle dance when he was hungry... And adored FyshLyps... Ranchus are like fat wiggly puppies of the fishy world
  10. Just found out they won't be back in the shipping division until 11th January... then could be another week <insert stomping and girly tanty HERE>
  11. I was on another forum the other day (I feel like I am a Koko's adulterer!) and found a guy selling and shipping show grade Ranchus. When I asked, he said he only had a little red and white one left. I wasn't going to bother (really wanted a white one with button eyes like my little Herbie was) then he said the magic words... 'Last one... skinny... runty... nobody wants him'.... SOLD! I am such a sucker So... I've spent the last 4 days setting up my QT tank - I've been running a second small filter in my big tank for a month or so - and it's tested as processing 1ppm of ammonia per day in the QT (1ppm 7am... zero the next day and so on). There was yummy green algae growing all over the outside, so I've left that on it, ready for snackies. He or she is due to be shipped in 3 days... Sooooo excited My - soon not be empty, yay! - 6 gallon QT
  12. My little guys are rampant diggers - they dig up EVERYTHING - and I have now had to re-bury my airstone line. I've noticed it is covered with a soft, white 'algae' - especially where it had been buried. I've only ever noticed it on my airlines, nowhere else. What is this stuff and is it safe for my goldies? I have little wafts of it now floating around my tank, just did my 5-day 50% water change... should I be doing another one? Tank has been cycled - Zero, Zero, Trace, 7.6 - for around 2 months now, healthy amount of green algae.
  13. Squik


    I can't get the sinking pellets here, so I get the Hikari gold, soak the pellets until they are soft, then pick them out with my fingers and squeeze them as I place them in the water - they sink quite readily and my goldies love to try and grab them out of my fingers before they drop
  14. OMG... that second face shot... he looks almost human with that 'butter-won't-melt-in-my-mouth-baby-face' look! What a stunner... the girly-goldies would love a handsome bloke like that It's funny as my big tank is directly behind me and Fyshlyps has her face pressed up against the glass... sure I just heard a wolf-whistle
  15. A funny thing occurred to me this morning - I was indeed a Great Creator of Worlds. Profound, eh? Look at it this way, when you set up a tank, you are creating a 'planet'. You are responsible for the environment, the climate, life (right down to microscopic bacteria) and the life and death struggles of your 'inhabitants'. You really are running the gammut of evolution - bacteria, eco-system, plant life and then superior life forms. I'm trying to avoid using the 'God/Goddess Word'... but seriously, how humbling is that? No disrespect meant, but I've been battling for months to get my planet 'right'... gotta respect the bloke upstairs BIG time if it's true that he did it in 7 days
  16. He really is a sweetie Because he has been handled so much (in and out of QT, 100% daily water changes etc) he is so quiet. He will actually sit in the cup of your hand if you put it in the tank (and 'vacuum' your palm) and hand feeds to the point he will try and push your fingers apart... He and FyshLyps are inseparable - I had to put the little QT hard up against the main tank so they could see each other, otherwise they freaked out.
  17. I love the stuff... seems to help with rebuilding slime coat (had a few issues with ich and bacteria)
  18. It wasn't until I saw comparo shots today that I realised how all my stress and hard work has paid off. A HUUUUUGE thanks to everyone on here who has helped me over the last few months with my many fish issues... a massive hug to you all When I bought Marty and Herbie (sadly, I lost Herbie as he had more parasites than a lottery winner) they were the saddest, sickest, skinniest little buggers in the tank. I just found an old photo of Marty and I compared it to one only a month or so later (ignore the spots in the last one, he is over those now. Makes me a happy fishy-mummy! Day 1 Now
  19. I've got a little Moor with an 'east-west' mouth and he is just fine. Had to hand feed him for a couple of months, but he feeds okay now... it's funny how he sucks his food in sideways and then whips his head side to side... he looks like a tiny little Hammer Head shark With everything your little trooper has been through, he should be okay... he sounds like a tough little bloke
  20. He has always had that... that's why I picked him, he was scrawny and starving when I found him as a baby. Spent the first few weeks mashing up food and hand feeding him until he was big enough (or his mouth was) to take baby pellets... He kinda 'side-sucks' in food then shakes his head back and forth to swallow it... like a cute little shark I just got up (shift worker) and one side appears to be improving slightly... do I continue with the Mela/Pima combination or do I need something stronger? Thanks guys... I do panic sometimes
  21. Okay... more pics... they appear to be 'soft' (correct me if I am wrong). The bright white spots are just bubbles and camera flare: (wow.. you don't realise just how 'wry' his mouth is until you see photos... he looks like Billy Idol
  22. My household thinks I am nuts as I cook 'triple-batches' of peas... some for us, some for the goldies and some for my rat
  23. Okay, not good news Looked at Marty this morning and he now has more white spots. Some are raised (only tiny though) and some are flat - 3 on one side, 2 on the other, one near his dorsal fin and one on his tail. Some smudge off with my finger, some won't. Swimming around and eating happily, but have started on a mix of Melafix and Pima (as directed by the old guy at the LFS). FyshLyps is okay... Added one cap of Cycle 2 days ago and now the tank has picked up it's cycle: this morning trac ammonia, no nitrites and trace nitrates, ph 7.4. Last of the salt removed with a waterchange yesterday. UV sterilizer turned off yesterday when mele/pima added. Help!
  24. Thanks Trinket... you're a doll Okay... only changes in the last two weeks have been the addition of the UV system, no ornaments plants etc. I feed Hikari Gold Complete and peas once a week. I have one day left of salting now... I will start dropping salt levels tommorrow. Still at under .25 ammonia... nothing else this morning so looks like my cycle hasn't started up again... more water changes
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