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  1. I have a whole family of fishy flaws then - none of my guys are perfect! Awesome... I'd hate to think she was sick or at risk... thanks
  2. For about the last 12 months, I've noticed a white line slowly thickening on FyshLyp's right fin. It's not causing her any dramas, but seems to be 'growing with her'. It's solid and only slightly thicker than her fin, matt in texture, not fuzzy or anything. Looks like part of her fin itself. Any ideas???
  3. I've had her nearly 2 years and she's been off flakes for about 4 months. The pellets are the Hikari Gold mini pellets and she eats about 10 of these once a day... I basically have to wait until she is full and swims aways before Marty gets his breakfast... she's too quick for him!
  4. Arrgh! My fantail FyshLyps is driving me nuts! They all get fed Hikari sinking pellets - so floaties is not an issue - but straight after dinner, she cruises backwards and forwards for ages across the top of the tank sucking at the surface.... and ends up with the flaoties for about an hour or so. Seriously, the way she carries on you'd think she was starving, yet she is so full she can't eat any more... what gives??? She's otherwise healthy, happy and growing like a weed.
  5. Kokos... Salt and peas! ... and where is that tip about making a barebottom look like it has substrate!?
  6. Sakura... order some from Ammclor (see the link in my signature) they deliver in 2 days (free delivery most cases)
  7. Here's a little inspiration for you... Marty was tiny, sickly, covered in parasites and skinny as a bean stalk when I got him: And now look at him in my signature... It's amazing what good water, some salt, quality food and some TLC (and advice from Kokos!) can do in a couple of months.
  8. Ugh... I hate that. We have an Oscar at work that plays dead if you clean the tank... scares the beejeezuss out of you - until you offer food and he springs to life... little bugger!
  9. Good question Lynda... I have a similar one: I'm using AquaMaster Fluke & TapeWorm Tabs (PraziQuantel over here in Australia) dosed my 20L tank as prescribed for my new Ranchu yesterday. The container says 'each tablet contains Praziquantel 100mg'. The instructions state: After 48hrs from initial treatment, change 25% of water and clean gravel and filter media. Repeat dose after 7 days. Isn't 7 days too long? This doesn't seem enough, after reading others instructions. I was going to do the gill fluke thing THEN do the salting after I was done (Podgy is only tiny). How often should I be redosing (he was yawning when I got him and even after 24hrs it has stopped) - or should I just follow the directions on the container?
  10. Yay! A fishy drama with a positive outcome, better than any movie... I love happy endings
  11. He is such a sweetie! Funnily enough, the fault in his spine seems to help him move along faster... maybe I should put him in the Ranchu Races? He kept spitting out his dinner, so I used some Seachem Garlic Guard I bought and never used (supposed to 'tempt finicky eaters')... wow, this stuff REALLY works! Being garlic, it should also be good for his immune system, but as far as taste goes... looks like it magically turns pellets into Lobster Mornay with Caesar Salad and Tiramisu for desert!
  12. Was watching him while he was in the drip-bag and now in the QT... yawning... yawning... zip and shake head... yawning... ... onto the Prazi
  13. He's now in the QT Just had a little snack or 3 Baby Hikari pellets... loved it! "Oh... hello! You're a nice looking fellow, what's your name?"
  14. My little Ranchu arrived here about an hour ago! The courier was a little Chinese man and he was so excited about couriering his first ever fish that he hung around to take a look at him. He said when he picked the package up from the airport that he was so worried about his first 'live-delivery' that he carried it on his front seat and told my fishie that he was probably going to a nice home... how cute Anyway... my little Ranchu is gorgeous He is just about symetrical in colour - white with a red cap (and a little wen!)and he has what I call a 'prawn tail' - three blobs of red - left, middle and right - all the same size. He looks gorgeous from above! He appears to be a Crystal... VERY sparkly. However... as the guy I bought him off said, he has a few faults... He looks like his tail has been broken at some point and has a 'spike' at the end... a bit like a prawn does. He wiggles from this point as opposed to his tail... seems this is where his spine actually ends. He has a little hump a bit higher up oon his back... But I love him already He is short and stumpy, so I've called him Podgy He's in the bag having a drip-feed of tank water... I tested the water he came in... 8.0 ammonia and 6.4 ph... EEEEK! Will be a VERY slow water/drip adjustment! First pics! Are you my mummy? I'm lumpy but cute!
  15. Woo Hoo... Track & Trace update: Date Time Franchise Status Info 15/01/10 07:04:39 Sydney Onboard - the parcel is onboard the Courier vehicle <insert little dance here>
  16. It's 8am... just got in from work. I'm pacing the floor already as the courier schedule shows they are in my area around this time... and then again at 1.45pm. AAARRRGH!!!! I'm going nuts!
  17. Just reading this all (so sorry about your lost babies) and have a question as I have a new Ranchu arriving tommorrow: Should I be starting straight into the Aqua Tabs Gill & Fluke (praziquantel over here) and salting later on, or should I leave it for a week to see if my fish is healthy and disease free first? Is this something you give your fish 24hrs to settle in first, then start QT meds?
  18. All my little ones will hand feed - they all came with various sicknesses and defects (Fyshlyps was tiny and nearly died a few times from 'new goldfish owner syndrome, Marty has a wry mouth and Herbie had more parasites than a lottery winner) and had to be hand fed for a while. FyshLyps likes to check out my nail polish too... must be goldfish-thing, and Marty is basically blind as a bat so bumps into my hand then goes "Oh, what was that?" then nibbles at me looking for food. Baby Herbie used to actually sit in one hand so I could feed him with the other - but I think it may have been mainly a warmth thing.
  19. In a perfect world, EVERY day would be New Fish Day! I am soooooo hooked on goldfish now... and it's all (ALL of you!) your fault!
  20. Squik

    Ryukin Fry

    Ooooooo... they are adorable! You are such a lucky fishie-mummy
  21. Woo Hoo!!! Just got a confirmation SMS that my Ranchu is on it's way... Should be here tommorrow... yay!
  22. Just popping in... poor little mite he is so lucky you came along... maybe you should call him Lucky? Fingers crossed for you
  23. Clear wrapping cellophone is great! You crinkle it all up in a ball so it's nice and wrinkly, then apply a thin film of baby oil on the glass and stick it on... it's all shiny, crinkly and sparkly... and comes in a gazillion colours. Great at 50c a sheet too
  24. Ha ha... I was wondering when the mods would suss it out! I was going to get myself a Python, but when I weighed myself I was shocked... it was the only thing I could attribute it to... so The Bucket Method it is!
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