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  1. I do a 50% weekly water change on my 30 gallon tank, which has a wet/dry filter built in (I did up the 330L/ph pump to a 800L/ph one though). My filter media consists of wool sheet, small bag of charcoal, small bag of crushed coral as I have pH issues, ceramic noodles and some SeaChem De-Nitrate. I basically haven't seen Nitrate in my tank since it cycled... meaning the De-Nitrate is doing its job... or is it? Where does the Nitrate actually go? I battle green algae - which my little guys love anyway... but doesn't that thrive on Nitrates? The label on the De-Nitrate says that as long as Nitrate levels stay below 20, that I never need to replace it but if it is 'exhausted' it can be left in as an excellent biomedia. Confused
  2. I just love black Ranchus... they look like itty-bitty seals
  3. Arrgghhh!! I got all excited as I am looking for a vintage tank and saw it was in 'Auburn'... which is just around the corner from me... then I saw it was in the USA. Grrrr
  4. Awww... so sorry, he was a gorgeous little guy I'm not a mod, but just a couple of thoughts, going on what me boss went through with his fish: Do you use air fresheners or burn candles? Is the head of the tap you use to fill over a kitchen sink where detergents are used? Out of date Prime? Contaminated buckets?
  5. Definately the underdog... I have a fantail that is a furuncle-magnet, a Moor with a wry mouth and a Ranchu with a lumpy back... and I adore them all
  6. My black Moor - Marty - has finally decide to let me know that he/she/he is actually a HE! After months of thinking he was a he... then seeing a nub and thinking she was a she... I just spotted very obvious pearls along his fins So, I now know FyshLyps is a girl as she has sprayed eggs (and is round again) and Marty is a boy (paying lots of attention to FyhLyps)... just need to confirm what litte Podgy is. Which brings me to a question... are Ranchus always so modest? Every time I try to have a look, seems Podgy's fins are always folded over his/her privates... mustn't like me peeking
  7. They are both so lovely and round... how about Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?
  8. I went in this morning when they first opened up and the tank is empty. I asked the little boy what happened and he just shrugged his shoulders and told me that they were all laying on the bottom so dad 'threw them out'. I am so devastated I cried all the way home. I spoke to my hubby who has lived in the neighbourhood for years and he said that the two big veiltails (true veiltails) have been there at least 10-11 years. I'm still in tears now I had even taken a big tub with me and was going to offer the get them healthy and return them... ughhhh... I just want to curl into a ball
  9. I tried again this morning and no luck again... their little boy speaks English but had no interest in what I was trying to say. I really need something basic printed out. I had a look at their filter setup (from what I could see as the tank is in a built-in) and it seems to be comprised of a plastic half-basket slung over the water that a Jebo intake/pump drops water into. The basket is filled with filter wool... can't see anything else. I am absolutely frantic, these fish are at least 6 years old
  10. The Chinese takeway around the corner has always had a big tank in their waiting area with 6 beautiful, big goldfish. 2 x white Orandas, one orange one and 3 big white veiltails - happy, healthy fish. New owners took over last month and I went in for the first time since it changed hands... the fish are dying! All of them were sitting on the bottom, mouths gaping and all had masses of veins in their fins... they need help or they will die soon. The new owners simply do not know how to care for the them. The water is probably weeks old My problem is that I do not speak Chinese and I could not convey to them what was going on... can someone help me???? Is there anyone here in Sydney that can call them? If not, can someone write something out for me in Chinese and email me so I can print it out and take it to them? The name of the restaurant is the Ho Lee Chinese Takeaway, on Emma Crescent, Old Toongabbie. Please help
  11. No way... would never do it myself! I have been asking around and have found a couple of aquarist vets. Params are perfect as always, (I'm very fussy). Thorough vac (everything picked up and turned over) and 50% change weekly Filter clean every month She occassionally gets a little furuncle on the same spot on her other side, but disappears in 3 days with PimaFix Fed Hikari Gold daily and peas once a week 90L (24 gallon) with oversized wet/dry filtration and UV setup As said, she seems happy, but I want to do what's best for her longterm.
  12. I posted a little while back about a white mark on my fantail's front right fin - it's now got larger and become '3D'. Seems it is a tumour Question is, if it was removed - it start at the base of the fin near the body join (not on her body) and runs down the centre 2/3 of the way. If it was cut out, it it would mean removing a third of her fin, lengthways down the middle... would it ever grow back? I don't want to have to remove her entire fin... but I don't want her to die She's okay at the moment - very happy, zipping around and sucking up food like a Hoover... but I'm worried about the future... it seems to be growing. I will get some better pics up tonight - but here's a quick one. It seems puffy but solid, it's grown down to the red cross on the pic in about 2 months.
  13. The little Japanese guy down the road told me that having 3 goldfish in 3 different colours was very lucky financially... so I will never have any more than 3 - FyshLyps is orange, Marty is black and Podgy is white/red. Mister Foo (my new Betta) is in a six-sided tank - again, lucky I should be winning the lottery any day now!
  14. Look into my eyes, look into my eyes... not around my eyes, into my eyes. You will go get me food, lots of food, foods I like. This food will be tasty and you will get it quickly. I will count down from ten and you will not remember a thing, but will get me my food... 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... and you are OUT!
  15. Re the algae comment (thanks for the compliment), the old guy at my LFS suggested ages ago to pull the driftwood out, scrub it with salt, rinse and put it back in. It grows a healthy coat of algae, but nothing else does... it works, for whatever reason! A better photo of everyone at dinner time - Podgy has settled down, gives FyshLyps the occassional bum-nip, but she turns around and punts him... he will learn!
  16. Hmmm... Podgy is making a bit of a pest of himself chasing the other two. He comes towards them pumping his mouth, is this aggression??? They just slip out of his way and ignore him, hopefully he will settle down, he's not as bad as he was when I first put him in. He's the smallest in the tank. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a little bully
  17. As above... definately go for the opposite stance on the colour wheel... a nice royal blue edging towards purple would be great!
  18. Podgy came out of QT today... went through like a breeze - happy, perky and 100% healthy He spent the first 30 minutes chasing the other two around nudging and nipping, then FyshLyps and Marty gave him a few well deserved puntings and he has settled down... definately a boy though, but the girls have put him in his place for now. Just a quick pic, will put more up later (tank is still a little cloudy after a big clean).
  19. Tested everything and they all match my regular params' - spot on (I'm a bit of a param-nazi!). All we get from our government is: 'safe... blah blah... better... blah blah... no different... blah blah... great... blah blah'
  20. Poor baby... I know the mods are helping you, but my fantail has had something similar a few times (still happens ocassionally)... she gets floaty, then a lump under her scales, crowns in a white pus ball, drops out, she floats a few days then is okay. I use salt and Pima/Melafix 50/50 for a few days and she gets better. She had a very bad outbreak once and the Tri-Sulpha worked really well. Hope she's okay soon
  21. Not sure if anyone elsewhere in the world is aware, but because of ongoing drought conditions here in Australia, last week a desalination plant was started up to provide a percentage of drinking water for Sydney residents. I did my weekly water change today and noticed my water surface was foamier than usual from the bubble wands. Anyone else in Sydney notice this in the last few days? I'm pretty dubious as to claims that the water is 'exactly the same as regular drinking water from our dams'... as various treatments/chemicals that are not usually used would have to be called in... I will be watching my babies like a hawk over the next few days
  22. Years ago at school, we did an experiment with baby white mice - put different food colors in their water (two babies in each cage) and ended up with a set of 10 pastel rainbow mice... pretty, but it faded once they were back on normal water.
  23. What a great idea... will give it a go
  24. It started as just on ray going white close to her body, then extended down and out a bit - she was only about 2 inches long when I noticed it. She is definately a girl... has sprayed eggs before.
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