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  1. My guys are very tight-knit. Marty is in QT at the moment and I have to leave his tank up against one side of the big tank so they can all see each other. FyshLyps and Podge now sleep up against the glass with Marty sleeping on the closest side of the QT... so cute
  2. Just found this thread. Not sure what they are called in the US or UK, but we call the furuncles over here. I have a fantail who gets these on a regular basis... every 6 months or so, and it always seems to coincide when I am due to do a complete filter clean/overhaul. Apparently fantails are more prone to them than anything else. Once I notice the lump, it's into a QT tank (airstone but no filter) with 12 hourly 100% water changes for 2 weeks until it heads, pops and completely heals. It is VITAL (as mentioned before) that you get them out of the tank before a head forms. All I add is Melafix or Pimafix for the 2 weeks and it does the job well. She has gotten through a couple of years of them and seems none the worse. The 12 hourly water changes are vital as you need to deal with ammonia (my QT is only 7 litres) plus it removes the bacteria so it can't grab them again. While she is out of the tank, I do a MASSIVE cleanup to ensure the other two are okay. At the moment, my black moor has been hit with three exploding all over the place - a friend scooped him up in her hand to get a closer look and stroked him (GGGGRRRRRR!) and damaged his slime coat. He is into his 2nd week in QT and they have popped and are starting subside. As they were so bad, I did a week of Pimafix then 3 days of TriSulpha (DO CHECK WITH A MOD BEFORE YOU USE THIS as it is only my personal idea to use it). He is back on Pimafix and nearly better. They look scary but are easy to treat... don't panic!
  3. Podge sits on the bottom barely breathing as well... it's the only time he isn't zipping around the tank being a pest to the other two
  4. I've had great success with java ferns, broad leaf amazons and anubias... even my fantail leaves them alone (she's a notorius plant-stripper)
  5. Definately a boy - has recently got his breeding stars
  6. Looks awesome mate I'm keeping my eye out now for a 2nd hand free-standing spa on eBay. My brother in law got one for $900 - complete with fancy wooden surrounds... like the ones you see on TV. I saw his and thought 'hang on... one of those would make an awesome fi...'... !
  7. It's a good way to demonstrate why it's a bad thing to do - lovely shots! Your Bubbles looks like a dead-ringer for my Marty in your avatar - they are like brothers
  8. Oh... wow I do see one major issue though... he/she isn't in my tank! Makes me miss my little Herbie Black fish are actually lucky... any fungus or ich shows up on them first... so you always catch it early and treat everyone else that you may not see it on... Marty has saved the other guy's buns twice now
  9. About a week before I went on a 4-day holiday, I added some new plants to my tank - being VERY careful to bleach them to remove any nasties before putting them in. I got them from a friend who grows plants that no livestock gets anywhere near - all chemically fertilised - and not even any snails. I left the goldies on their own for 4 days - parameters were perfect when I left and I only have trace Nitrates just now. Plants have actually sprouted new growth while I was away... possibly the Nitrates being eaten up. Marty the Moor has patches of flat grey over his back, and what appears to be raised ich bumps on his fins and tail. Podgey seems okay - but is mostly white anyway so hard to see, but FyshLysp the fantail appears to have ich over her tail and fins... what in tarnation happened while I was away??? I've just done a vacuum, clean and 60% water change, started a salting regime (currently 1% and just added a heater to bring the tank temp up to 80 slowly)- will this treat BOTH issues or do I need to treat the fungus separately? Could it have been the stress of not eating for so long? My big 'sacrificial' plant is just about stripped though... which I expected, so they had *something* to eat.
  10. He he... my rats over the years have been all over the country... across deserts, up Cape York... everywhere. I have a smaller 'travel cage' and pack a rat-pack of all her supplies. She loves tent camping, she potters around and even has her own mosquito net and chair
  11. I've got timers on all my tanks already, so I'm prepared for that
  12. Whew... thanks everyone, that's a lot of stress off my mind :) Will my water changes the day before I go!
  13. My other half has convinced me that we need to go away camping for three days at Easter, but that means my two tanks will be completely unattended for that time. All my regular 'pet-sitter' friends are going away too. I have three fancies in a 90L and a Betta in a 20L... and nobody to look after them... even my rat is coming with us, but she actually enjoys camping. What's my best preparation? I know my goldies will do okay as there are plenty of plants to shred in the tank... but how would Mister Foo the Betta go??? Any suggestions would be appreciated on preparation and ideas!
  14. How often do you do water changes, and how much? I've heard frequent water changes are the way to get them to grow...
  15. FyshLyps literally throws herself out of the water at feeding time, she is OBSESSED with food... and destroying plants! Podgy is super-active, always dancing around to get attention when you walk past. He's never still and constantly pokes around in the plants. He also enjoys teasing Marty. Marty is blind as a bat and just seems to wander aimlessly around until he bumps into something, then it's 'oh, what was that?'... must be a Moor thing He's in love with FyshLyps at the moment (she is very round and he has his breeding stars) and follows her around like a love-sick groupie... when he can actually see her
  16. Thanks Sarah... that clears it up a lot Austinado16 - I can certainly attest that it does the job getting rid of Nitrates... as I said, I've basically had zero since I cycled the tank 6 months ago (?), and I was only using 750g in a 90L tank as well. If your Nitrates are that quick on the uptake... could really work for you. I've decided to remove mine though... I've replaced 1/3 of it with noodles today (removing it gradually and replacing with more Bio-Noodles) as my friend told me that all my new plants will need/deal with most of the Nitrates that the De-Nitrate is removing (using Flourish tabs as well). Monitoring closely for cycle bumps too!
  17. Woke up this morning and one of the fluffy plants is down to a single stalk... and there are green poos everywhere Oh well, they are only 50 cents each The anubias were only $20.00 for the big one and $15.00 for the small one, bought them off a friend so I know there have been no live-stock in with them at all.
  18. Had some extra cash this week so I decided to revamp my big tank with the Three Fish-kateers and Le Chateau Du Foo... Mister Foo got some new plants - including a small anubia on driftwood: And FyshLyps, Marty and Podgy got some valle, a big anubia on driftwood and some 'sacrificial' fluffy-stuff (can't remember the name, but they find it tasty) plants.
  19. I'm thinking of grabbing one of those cool 3-D rockwall backgrounds, but have always been wary of cleaning them and getting gunk behind them. I came up with an idea... maybe: I thought about making about 10 little slits along the edges, inserting either magnets or metal washers then resealing the slits with aqua-silicone. I could then install it, using metal washers or magnets on the *outside* of the tank edges to hold it in place. That way I could pull it in and out as required... Yes? No?
  20. I've never been a fan of Calico colouring, but she is absolutely stunning... I'm a convert!
  21. Thanks Daryl, that makes it easy... one hardy fantail it is Okay... I'm off to buy her a goldie and set up a BiOrb... wish me luck! ... oh, and convince her to join Koko's
  22. A friend has just purchased a 60L BiOrb and is helll-bent on having a goldfish in it. She's just emailed me to ask for help and to help her select the 'correct' fish for it. I know these aren't the ideal environment, but she is only getting one goldie... which breed is the smallest?
  23. I'm not a mod so won't/can't say anything either way... but if those ARE breeding stars... WHOA NELLY! He's the Arnold Schwartzanegger of lover-boys!
  24. She's gorgeous... almost looks painted
  25. My little Ranchu is red and white, but his head is turning a pale peach colour... is that what you mean? Thing is that I've only noticed this since feeding them Hikari Gold with a colour enhancer in it, and he is also going irridescent - glows like a pearl with pink/blue/purple flashes - wherever he used to be white. Very pretty... but weird...
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