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  1. Oh no I haven't been on here for a while and just found this... so sad, but at least you gave him the best possible chance and he lived a happy little life with you.
  2. I love the colour change... always wanted a white Chu! I had a look at Marty today and it seems like UV lights @ 11 hours a day is the secret to keeping them black... every lasy skerrick of bronze is gone... he is like a little lump of black charcoal... will try to get pics... he's a beautiful, matt velvety black
  3. This guys looks okay http://fancygoldfishworld.webs.com/
  4. If ever you need some Ammonchlor... let me know. You only use a teaspoon basically to do 90 litres... and they give you enough to do 5000 litres! The stuff is great and colpetely safe. Just make sure you do a 100% water change with the B&G stuff... may have some nasties in there
  5. Seems Podgey decided he needed a change... look what happened over a course of only 3 weeks! All I did was change them from Hikari Gold to Hikari Lionhead. Fyshlyps has gone a VERY dark orange, Marty - no change except he is fatter and Podgey... whoah! Is this a common thing with food changes??? Only other change I made was to install 'sunlight' lamps around the same time, could it have been that?
  6. I love the little wiggle! He swims like a Chu with a dorsal fin
  7. Squik


    My guys get Hikari Gold Mini pellets... I just soak them in a teaspoon of tank water till they are soft, then 'pinch' them between my fingers as I fed them to the gang... they sink and my fantail has never had 'bum-floaties' since I changed to feeding this way
  8. I've had a really horrible week at work dealing with some heartbreaking issues (client incidences) and this has just brightened my week so much and lifted me out of my misery... he so adorable and such and ambassador for the 'Anti-Flush Campaign for Sick Goldfish'
  9. http://www.aquariumsupermarket.com.au/223-aqua-master-aquaricycline-25-tablets-.html FINALLY! We can get good meds for our babies, with pre-prepared food etc coming soon! Aussie aqauriums are now starting to stock this kind of stuff, just bought some from Steve
  10. Must be a Moor thing Marty vacuums up and down each leaf of my anubia, then 'writes' on the algae covered back wall of the tank. I will have to get some photos of the marks he leaves in the algae... his latest one says something like ykiiiily...
  11. My Marty is the sweetest (and not too bright!) thing ever. He just potters around bumping into things or follows FyshLyps around. My problem-child was Podgey, for the first week her chased Marty and FyshLyps until they turned tail (pardon the pun) and punted him a few times... he soon got the message and has been fine. Moors aggressive? Pfffttt...
  12. Check my signature for fishless cycling.. if you were here in Australia I would have just sent you some, the little tub they sell will cycle about 100 tanks
  13. Don't know the name of the powder - was given to me by an aquarium owner in a small container - and I can't get in contact with him at the moment. I know it's a generic antibacterial powder that you mix with food - pale green in colour. A friend picked him up and 'patted him - he sloughed off his entire slime coat about 48 hours later then a lump formed just after his gill plate on his lateral line, so I popped him into the QT tank - uncycled, airstone, no filter - 12 hourly water changes and wipedown of the tank. Turned into a furuncle (columnaris?), burst, then two more came up. I left him in QT for 3 weeks with Mela/Pimafix and salt - alternated - and it cleared up completely. Put him back in the main tank - after a thorough cleaning of gravel, filters... the lot and a 100% water change - the other 2 giys loved it . Another lump came up a week later in the same spot as the original so I started him on antibac food... starting to clear up after only 2 days.
  14. Only just saw this Amber... so sorry A friend had the same problem and they got some answers from the Water Board. Due to drought conditions and the interstate 'sharing' of water resources, adding desalinated water to the system and having to use 'lower quality' water sources... everything is mixed and over-processed to make it fit for us. Since they introduced the de-salination plant in Kurnell, I have had ongoing issues with water... comes out of the tap 7.4 one day, 4 the next... the week after it's 7. I keep crushed coral in my filter and slow-run my new water in through a bucket of crushed coral. Sometimes the water is 'white'... sometimes brown... weird stuff. I'm constantly buying new test kits
  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... if only you were here in Sydney, I'm looking at a huge tank at the moment (370 litres - around 90 gallons) and would have taken her she is so beautiful!
  16. I'm always up for chocolate but: a) I'm in Sydney b) I've just polished off a BIG bowl of choccie chip icecream
  17. How exciting... but messy! They really are beautiful to watch Get ready for your water changes, though!
  18. My gorgeous boy - Marty the Moor - developed furncles (boils) after a friend decided the 'pat' him to find out if they really were 'velvety'... don't start me He was great for a while after a round of salt and Mela/Pimafix in QT for 3 weeks... but after them bursting out again when I put him back in the main tank (just about scoured it clean - boiled the gravel and all beforehand) I have now started him on antibacterial food. I dissolve the powder in a small amount of water then soak his Hikari Gold pellets in it until they fully absorb it. He's on day 3 one small feed a day - how long/often do I need to dose (I've lost the instructions I was given for it).
  19. Oooooooooooooooooooo! They are adorable!!!
  20. Oh, I am so sorry to hear the bad news <hugs>
  21. Your patience and love for this gorgeous little guy is amazing! I use Seachem Garlic Guard when my guys are down, they love it - it's like watching sharks feed! - and it boosts their immune system as well. A 100ml bottle last for ages as you only need a few drops at a time to soak your pellets (I use Hikari Gold). I daresay you could add it to gel food as well?
  22. My fantail tends to get the occasional furuncle/cyst/lump/white bacterial ball on her in one spot, which normally goes after a week of salt, then a week of Melafix once it pops... no dramas. I've recently added extra filtration - an Eheim 2012 AquaBall - to boost filtration to 10x to help with this. But Marty had a lump come up about 3 weeks ago - not long after adding the Aquaball - so I popped him in a 1.5gal QT tank (no filter, just an airhose and 12 hourly 100% water changes like I do with FyshLyps). I salted up to .3% and it popped a few days later, then started the Melafix. I even 'wash' my hands with a little Stress Coat Plus when I lift him back into the new water (so I don't add any of the old water back - I cup him out while I am changing the water and rinsing the tank)... I am being soooooper careful. It was just starting to heal, when a second one popped up on the opposite side and when it burst, a third popped up near his dorsal fin. Now the three seem to be taking turns cycling... ggggrrrrrr! He has had a couple of days here and there where he passed fat, gelly-like white poos, but most days it is his normal poo. He is happy enough - eating, scooting around and growing like a weed because of the water changes - but I've used everything I normally use (he also has his food soaked in SeaChem Garlic Guard as an added boost to his immune system) and I don't want to hit the heavier meds - did one round of Tri-Sulpha which seemed to help only a little. Can I use Melafix/Pimafix and salt together with goldies? I'm at my wits end!
  23. Soooo cute... Can hardly wait to see a profile shot of him! His colour is really coming out now I saved a 4-day old cichlid fry (he was 1.5mm long - he is a Red-Topped Cobalt Emperor) from being tossed down the loo in dirty fish-water a few weeks ago. He'd been swirled around with gravel in a vac-tube, tipped through a sieve and then dumped in a bucket... and survived! He is thriving in a breeders net in the big tank. We called him Sid - as he is so tough Fry are so adorable
  24. I've been reading this thread for ages... and it is so inspiring! Maybe Bandit should have his own Blog somewhere - this really is a beautiful example of why goldfish are *real* pets and not just a throw-away item. He is such a little fighter and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say how proud we all are of both you
  25. A year or so back FyshLyps (my fantail) developed a thickening line on one of the 'splines' of her right pectoral fin. It wasn't bothering her and it was identified as a benign tumour. Over the year it has gotten larger, turning into a ball the size of half a small pea. I got a 'fish-doctor' to look at it and was told apart from cutting it out there was nothing else to do. He recommended I leave it as it was causing her no distress and if he did cut it out she may lose her whole fin as it is very close to/part of the joint. It started to 'scrunch up' last week and yesterday it had actually left a few small pin holes in the fin where it had retreated. This morning the fin was torn completely up the middle. She seems not to be worried apart from swimming lop-sided as she has no 'push' on that side. The vet assured me that she would be in no pain... but what else can I do t help her? I still have Marty in my QT tank - he was busting out all over with baterial cysts (starting to heal now with salt and anti-bac food) so I can't put her in there. She is in the main planted tank with Podgy - should I salt or Mela/Pimafix to help her out? Water params are Amm 0, Ni 0, Na 0, pH 7.8 - have been doing 50% W/C twice a week.
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