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About Me

Part-time journalist & photographer, full-time stress head! Middle aged (with the 'spread' that goes with it) and living in the suburbs of beautiful Sydney, Australia.

I live with 'the other half' and we are both into 4WDing, he runs a Suzuki 4WD business online. Also share home with a little ginger and white ratty called Molly (who likes to eat the leftover peas from the goldfish's share), and I have now caught the goldie-bug because of this website (bad, bad Koko!). I have three goldfish (I will only ever own three as it is apparently very lucky)- FyshLyps the Furuncle-Magnet Fantail, Marty the Wry-Mouthed Moor and now Podgy the Broken-Bum Ranchu... gotta love the underdogs ;)

I love goldfish keeping as they are the perfect rememdy for my high blood pressure... seriously! When I feel over-the-edge, I just lay in front of the tank and I feel better in no time (have a very high-stress job that I can't discuss <wink>.)

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