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  1. Well, I'm pretty new to this site, but can I give you my opinion any way? Okay, so each gallon of water weighs about 8 lbs, plus the weight of the tank itself, which is what, 50? So your looking at around 650 lbs, not including whatever gravel/decor you put in there... I would say about 700 lbs total when your all said and done. That's a lot of weight. It may work, but it sounds kind of iffy. Plus the fact that the tank would be hanging off the sides of the cabenet a little. I dont think I would risk it, but it may be worth a try just to see if it may work. Maybe you can put the tank on the cabenet, fill it with water, and just observe it for a while (with no fish or decor in it). That way you can check the cabenet for any kind of bowing, sagging, or anything like that. If there is a problem, you can just drain the tank and try to find a new stand for it. Goodluck!
  2. I am really excited to see how his wen devolops. He seems like he is going to have big puffy cheeks! Right now, he's got some big lips that make him look like a walrus! Oh! And I am proud to announce that I have spotted some (very tiny) breeding stars on his face and pectoral fins! He is indeed a boy! I didn't know that they appeared when they are so young, but these are most definately breeding stars! And I am about 99% positive that Lulu is indeed a girl, because of her little "nub". I am looking foward to seeing their progress in growth as well. I am taking lots of pictures so I can look back and compare pics when they get bigger! They both look like they will have good wens (I LOVE fish with wens! The bigger the better!) Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you all!
  3. Aww, thank you all! I am really pleased with my new little fishies. They seem perfect in every way to me, and are just the biggest goofballs! It seems like all they do is play play play.. its like they're little toddlers who are ammused by the simplest things! Too cute! The water params are still perfect, and its been 24 hours since I got them in the tank. They seem so happy! Yay for fishless cycles! Thank you all for the kind words! And Chrissy_Bee, thanks for taking care of my typo!
  4. Thankyou! I'm getting quite a lot of intertainment out of them! They are so funny.. they crack me up! Btw, sorry about posting the little bit about Benji twice.. I had tried to move it to above the photo, and I must have copied and pasted instead of cut and paste.. it's too late to edit it now, so whoops!
  5. Whoops! Sorry to double post! I forgot to add another picture of Lulu. Here's another picture of my little cutie! It's not fair that Benji got two pictures and she only got one!
  6. Well, as some of you know, I have been in the middle of my first fishless cycle for a while now. It took 50 days, but as I checked my water params yesterday morning, I finally got the results I have been waiting for! I am cycled! So today, I went to the LFS to finally buy my fish. I ended up getting two little fish... one red and white lionhead, and one red oranda. So anyway, here they are! This is Lulu. She is a red oranda, and I think she is just beautiful. I'm pretty sure she is a girl, because she does have the little "nub" where her vent is. She loves playing in the bubble wall, and has such a cute personality. And this is Benji. He is an orange and white lionhead. I think he's a male... he dosent have the "nub", just a hole.. I picked him because he has really chubby little cheeks. His wen is pretty visible, and I think he has the potential to be a really hansome fish. He's really fascinated with his reflection... he swims up and down the wall of the tank all day looking at himself! HA! And just because he's so cute looking at himself in the reflection... here is another picture of him! They're both around two inches.. and I guess I cant be totally sure about genders till they're older, but I'm about 75% sure that I got it right.. Here's a picture of the little cuties together! And here's their tank! Since they are still small, I think the 20 gallon will be big enough till june when I can get my 55. I'll be keeping a check on the water params since the tank is newly cycled, but I dont think I'll have any problems, since I cycled it with lots of ammonia. I have their water treated with salt up to 0.1% so far, and have dosed with prazi. They both look really healthy, and are definately active! They gobble up their hikari lionhead like piggies! I am looking foward to watching these two cuties grow! They look like they're going to have good wens! Thanks for looking at my pics of my new babies! I'm so happy with them! <3 Benji & Lulu <3
  7. Wow! Both your tank and your fish are beautiful! I love the look of the half bare bottom, half gravel. Very nice! I love that oranda.. such a cutie! Congrats on the new additions!
  8. oh cool! okay. I have actually had nitrates for a few weeks, but kept adding ammonia... I think this is what made the nitrites so high that the cycle stalled. What I think was happening was that the BB was there, but couldn't grow to where it needed to be because I kept adding lots of ammonia and making the nitrites grow so much that they inhibited the cycle. So I think I will just hold off on the ammonia for a few days, maybe adding a few drops here and there to keep the bacteria eating something so it doesnt die? Hopefully I am near the end and all i have to do it wait for the nitrites to go down and for those nitrates to grow, then I should be all set!
  9. Hmmmm... Ok, so now I am confused. I was told by Daryl that I should keep the ammonia level at about 2ppm, so I add that much each day. As far as I understand, That's how much ammonia one or two decent size goldies would produce in about a day, so my tank should be equipped to handle approx. that much ammonia. Am I correct? My levels are now: ammonia: 2ppm (just added my daily ammonia.. before I added ammonia this morning, I was reading .25ppm) nitrite: between 2 and 5? It's getting kind of hard to tell... the color is an extremely bright neon purple, but does not exactly match any of the colors on the card. nitrate: about 7.. slightly more orange than 5 but not as orange as 10.
  10. I dont know my KH because I dont have the test for it. I do know that my PH is and has been constant at 8.0 I guess I should try to see if I can buy a test kit for KH and see if that is my problem. I do think that my nitrates, if not the whole problem, are playing a big part in why my cycle keeps stalling. Every few days i will test my nitrites and it will show up as a funky bluish grey color, which almost looks like my trites are going down, but I have come to realize that that color means that the trites are too high to measure, because I will do a large water change, then my trites will clearly show as 2-3ppm. I am thinking that maybe I should do a 100% (or very close to) and see if I cant keep my trites low enough for the trates to grow some more. A BIG water change wont hurt my bio bugs right? Because all of those are in the filter, and as long as that stays wet they should live?
  11. Ok. So I am now on day 45 of my fishless cycle, and it seems like it is never going to get there. My tank is processing 1.50ppm of ammonia a day. A few weeks ago, I thought that my tank was nearly cycled because the nitrites appeared to be lowering, but it happens that I think I was just getting false readings on my nitrites because they were sky high, which I think was actually stalling my cycle. I did a 90% water change, and it brought my nitrites down to where I was showing about 2ppm of nitrite, but within a few days, my nitrites were about 6ppm again. It just seems like my nitrites keep getting out of control, keeping my cycle from finishing. I test the water every day, and if my nitrites get any higher than 5ppm or if I suspect that I am getting a false reading, I do a 80-90% water change, which seems to help, but only for a little while till my nitrites rise and I have to do another water change. I just dont want the nitrites to inhibit the growth of the BB. So anyway, I have been adding enough ammonia every day to bring my ammonia levels up to 2ppm, and 24 hours later I will test the water and I will have about .25-.50ppm of ammonia left in the water, so I am guessing that I am processing about 1.50ppm of ammonia into nitrite every day... the thing is that my nitrites keep getting so high that I dont think my nitrates can grow. They are there, but I think that the nitrites keep getting to high. I think my problem right now is that there is just not enough BB to eat all of that nitrite. My question is should I just keep doing water changes? I dont have any fish in there, but I am worried that my cycle will stall again if the nitrites are too high. Maybe I am just being impatient, but it seems like this is taking an extra long time. My heater is set at 82 degrees ferenheit, and I have my filter and air pump on continuously. It seems like I am doing this all right, but I feel that there must be something that I am doing wrong. Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appriciated. I really just want this cycle to be over with so I can get my fish, but I understand the importance of patience. It's just so hard to be patient when you have absolutely no idea why it is taking so long!
  12. I'm really sorry for double posting, but rather than starting a whole new topic, I thought I would just update on this one Okay, so I think I may have finally figured out my problem. I thought I was really close to finishing my cycle... but I was wrong. I was reading up on another goldie site, and it said that it is possible to get a false nitrite reading if the nitrites are sky high... (my nitrites were showing .25-0, but I had very low nitrates, and ammonia was not being processed enough. So I thought I would go ahead and do another 50% water change, and guess what? My nitrites are now testing out as 2-3ppm!!! Well, I guess the nitrites got so high, I was getting a false reading, and my nitrites actually stalled my cycle.. this explains why the nitrates werent growing any more. So, I guess I have a few more weeks till I reach the end of my cycle. Btw: today marks week 5 of my cycle! This is driving me NUTS I added my daily 2ppm of ammonia, so we'll see how much gets eaten by tomorow. Hopefully my cycle will sort it's self out soon so I can get my fish!! Just thought I would give a little update!
  13. Thanks Koko! Yes, I have a heater in the tank and it's been at a constant temp of 82 ferenheit. I havn't touched the filter at all since about day 4 of my cycle (I had replaced the filter cartridge with floss and a sponge, because the filter cartridge that is made for the filter contains carbon.) but since then, no, I havn't touched the filter. I allready added my ammonia for today up to 2 ppm, but tomorow I will add in ammonia only up to 1.50 ppm and see if I can get it to cycle with that. Hopefully it will cycle here in the next few days. Nitrite was down to only trace ammounts today, so I've gotta be really close. Though, I am a bit worried about my nitrates being so low.. They are still around 5-10 ppm. I am hoping that by decreacing the ammount of ammonia a little bit, I can get it cycled soon! Thanks for the help!
  14. I only did one waterchange, and that was two weeks ago... The nitrites got really high, so that's why I changed out 50% of the water. I havn't touched the tank since, other than to test the water and add ammonia. Do you think that I should just keep adding my ammonia, bringing it back up to 2ppm every day and see if it will go down to 0? Or do you think that I should only add 1.50ppm of ammonia each day to get it cycled, then slowly raise the ammount of ammonia being added each day till I get to 2ppm being processed? I dont know if that would work, but it seems like it would be easier on the BBs if I wasn't trying to force a bunch of ammonia on them at once. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on the subject, as this is my first fishless cycle. Thanks for the help Koko!
  15. I have tested my tap water before, and there is no ammonia, trites, or trates in it. That is why I have been kind of confused, how do I get my tank to process that .50ppm of ammonia that it refuses to process? It just takes a bit more time I suppose.. but what about the nitrates? Are they supposed to be that low? Was it my water change half way through the cycle that stopped it from getting really high?
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