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  1. Rebecca Hampshire

    Pix Of Yourself #2

    Mel, you always look soooooooo happy! You make me smile too. I love everyone's pics, I think this is my favourite thread.
  2. Rebecca Hampshire

    Hi From Yorkshire England

    Hi David! I'm in Sheffield! Welcome.
  3. Rebecca Hampshire

    Former Lurker Deciding to Change Ways

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Rebecca Hampshire

    All Of My Goldfish

    Wowzers! Your fish are gorgeous Dawn!
  5. Rebecca Hampshire

    Little Ryukin has joined the clan

    Aaaww! He's cute. I love the shape of his body!
  6. Rebecca Hampshire

    Starting Over

    I'm sorry you are having a tough time right now Shelly. Hope it will all sort it's self out soon. I just have to say I'm lovin' that background, it makes your beautiful fish really stand out!
  7. Rebecca Hampshire

    Holy Jelly Beans! FRY!

    I see a well fed baby. Look at that tummy! Cute.
  8. Rebecca Hampshire

    Cutiebean update (pic heavy)

    I'm in love! What an adorable fishy!
  9. Rebecca Hampshire

    fish update!

    Yay for happy healthy fish! Good job Steve.
  10. Rebecca Hampshire

    I've got to telechu how happy we all are! (pic heavy)

    How amazingly cute! I love all your fish Jenna, they look great together.
  11. Rebecca Hampshire

    It's my turn :)

    I'm excited for you Molly! Your son is adorable!
  12. Rebecca Hampshire

    Can someone tell me what this is?

    : : You like them! Wowzers! You're one brave lady!
  13. Rebecca Hampshire

    Former Mod - Returning Member saying hi! :)

    Sue! Glad to see you back here! Hope you are well. Sounds like you've been through a tough time, I'm sorry for your losses. I was only talking about you the other day in lotp. We were having a conversation about the name Miranda, and I said you had a fish called Miranda. Hope to see you around.
  14. Rebecca Hampshire

    how do YOU pingpong?

    So many new babies! They are in good hands, I know they will flourish in your care.
  15. Rebecca Hampshire

    Just picked up a bargain!

    Lucky you! Lovely big tank. I cant wait to see your fish in there.