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  1. Gorgeous babies! Looking forward to seeing how they grow!
  2. Wow, great pictures! I just love close up pictures, some of the expressions are wonderful! You should enter one in picture of the week!
  3. Beautiful pictures! I love your dog, so cute!
  4. Oh my goodness, beautiful fishies! Momo is gorgeous!
  5. If you can't find ammonia I would go with the flake food method too, I have cycled a tank using flake before I could find ammonia, it just takes a little longer! Good luck!
  6. Oooh you are so lucky! Eagerly awaiting pictures!
  7. Just beautiful I love the look of the rocks you have in your tank, I think I'm gonna get rid of my glass pebbles and get some rocks instead, looks more natural! Thankyou for sharing!
  8. Squeee, so cute!! I just love close up pictures! Thankyou for sharing!
  9. Oh I'm so sorry Sarah, swim free Prince
  10. Wow, you did a great job, it looks brand new!! Looking forward to seeing pics of it with your fishie, good luck with the cycle!
  11. My biggest one is Robert my calico oranda, he's 5" including tail
  12. Beautiful fishies! I think Rusty is my favourite!! He's so tiny, but what a big wen he has, so cute! Your bettas are gorgeous! You can never have enough photos in my humble opinion lol
  13. I think it's lovely! I've wanted a pond for years and I think this is the size I'd like to try, not too hard to maintain How many gallons does it hold?
  14. Lovely new set up! You must be so excited, and your fishies must love their new home! I love the background you have there, really makes your fish stand out! Great job!
  15. Aaww what a pair of cuties! His wen is so big, beautiful!
  16. Oh so sorry you lost Feldman Kukana R.I.P. little guy
  17. Beautiful fish, Karyu is my favourite Thankyou for sharing!
  18. Oh my goodness! Just adorable, such sweet chubby faces! I hope they arrive safe and well
  19. Oooh soo sweet!! I love his colourings!
  20. Beautiful tank and gorgeous fish, their colours just pop out! You're telescope is just so sweet, teles are my favourites so I'm biased anyway lol! Thankyou for sharing!
  21. Wow you must be soooo excited, I know I would be!! Keep us up to date with how you get on, I'm so looking forward to seeing this progress!!
  22. That's a gorgeous tank, I was looking at those ones before I got my big tank, great find! Can't wait to see some pics once you're up and running, you must be so excited!! Good luck!
  23. Beautiful fish, definitely worth all that waiting!
  24. Just amazing! I could sit and watch that all day, the fish are beautiful! It's all sparkly clean too, how do you do it?!! lol
  25. pigz1


    I love fantails! I also feel that they are overlooked in pet stores, my first fancy goldfish was a calico fantail, he was beautiful I have one fantail in my big tank just now, she's beautiful and growing like a weed!
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