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    2 - Lani (Bronze Oranda) & Maddox (Orange Oranda)
  1. Stunning tank! So pristine and love the size!
  2. Congrats on your new addition! She's a beauty!
  3. WOW! Just .. Wow! They are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I especially love Salem!! Where did you find these guys?
  4. My orandas make me smile everyday ... they're playful and super affectionate and so entertaining to watch. If I could I'd give them a big hug!!
  5. Hi & Welcome lionchu! (like your member name btw) Hubby and I are originally from Australia so it's always great to see fellow aussies on here
  6. I use one also (& love it!) but I make sure to put in my water conditioner first before filling my tank up with the new water. I also treat my entire tank despite it being a partial water change.
  7. I love the close up photos! Really captures the facial expressions of your fish
  8. I just actually use clear tape normally used for gift wrapping. It's stayed securely on for four months so far...
  9. Aww your fishies are so spoiled RanchuDressing! Just how it should be right? Now I have a craving for crab hehe...
  10. Your fish look huge in the photos! Great job in capturing awesome photos of them! You obviously take wonderful care of your fish seeing as you've had them for years
  11. Your photos are incredible! They're such great quality! What's your secret?
  12. Great tips as always Trinket! We're all very lucky to have such knowledgeable people like you on here. Thanks!
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