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  1. Lemon goldfish help/search!

    I wouldn't worry. A telescope, even one with a comet body, will naturally be slow to find food.It's not hard to keep different varieties together and ensure that everyone is well fed.
  2. New Shukin from Rain Garden

    Absolutely lovely! A shukin is on my bucket list, for sure. For now, I'll live vicariously through yours.
  3. Formally Introducing My New Fish! :D :D

    He's absolutely gorgeous! What a nice distribution of color he has. Such vivid reds too!
  4. I saw an awesome fish yesterday!

    So glad you had those thinkin'-about-it tacos! That is a fish that should NOT have been left behind! I love the way, on his right side, his white coloration goes straight up to that awesome dorsal, like a stripe or a mohawk.
  5. pOdge, Pidge, Tweedledee and Tweedledum say HI !

    Hi RanchuDressing!!!! How are your pearlies going? Terrific, thanks! All four are going strong, no complaints here.
  6. Goldfish of the Week Winner "HomerJay"

    Is that an East Coast Ranchu fish? Cynthia's famous for her lemonheads. GORGEOUS fish, gorgeous pic, I totally voted for you.
  7. Enterducing Dixie

    Oh, what a little doll! I love her coloring. I wish you both well on the road to becoming a therapy dog team.
  8. Gfscorner Goldfish Videos

    Lovely! The white ranchu reminds me of a fish I used to have, my all- time favorite:
  9. New chu joins the main tank

  10. Our Fishy Friends

    He's been through a lot. Give him time to settle in before you worry too much about anything.
  11. Our Fishy Friends

    The ryukin will probably always outmaneuver the ranchu for food, so make sure the ranchu gets his share. Ranchus just don't swim as efficiently as fish with dorsals. Adorable, both of them!
  12. pOdge, Pidge, Tweedledee and Tweedledum say HI !

    Eeek, overload of pearlie cuteness!
  13. Leto's first Gotcha Day

    Oh, congratulations! He sure landed in clover when he was adopted by you.
  14. Becoming a "goldfish lady"

    Nice new butterfly! And I love your calico tele.
  15. I've been obsessing over Dagger's tank!

    Looks like betta heaven!