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  1. no, you cannot use table salt.. it needs to be aquarium salt or perhaps morton's is available in your area? i hear the green box is the one to use. I disagree. She already explained no added ingredients. What difference does it make?
  2. Yes, that one is fine. 4 teaspoons. 4 liters equals a gallon. It's very small though. Do you have a large tub, larger than that tank? Anything bigger is better than a small tank which makes it difficult for its wastes to be diluted. Undiluted wastes will only worsen the infection.
  3. Bacterial infection, yes. However with mild cases, clean water and salt is enough. Keep the fish separated until the wound recovers. Stick with salt and clean water.
  4. Baby, I'm not ashamed to say that my hopes were always slender.

    1. Helen


      bad day at the gym? LOLOL *jokes*

    2. Lupin


      LMAO! Nope.:) I'm gaining weight again but I don't mind that.

  5. Sick Red Caped Oranda

    Hi Hailey, If at all possible, please buy your own test kit. API liquid test kit is best. If you need to ask your petstore to test for you, have them use the liquid kits and write down the exact results. Preferably, just buy your own kit so you can constantly monitor the quality. Exact results are very important so we can figure out what went wrong exactly. This may determine whether water quality contributed to the issue or not. How often do you vacuum your substrate? How does Angel's poop look? White and stringy? Normal brown or green (depending on the foods it ate)? What dechlorinator do you use? Are you using tap or well water? I'm biased with Melafix. I don't advocate its use preferring to use sodium chloride as a means to resolve mildly infected injuries and other bacterial infections. The advanced stages of infections may require antibiotics (and Melafix is not one of them nor will be one of them). Luckily, you will not need antibiotics judging from the details you posted. At this point, since we do not know your water parameters yet, you may have to try doing daily water changes as much as 40% until you get the water parameter readings. Since you have salt with you, do add a teaspoon per gallon. It is possible for nitrite to contribute to Angel's issue. The salt will neutralize its toxic effects. Be sure to dissolve the salt first before adding. Make sure it does NOT contain yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) which is toxic to fish. Rock salt, pickling salt or aquarium salt will work just fine. On long term basis, I would not add the salt continuously. This situation calls for one but once Angel recovers, it's time to pull it out completely. My other concern is how you describe Angel shaking his head. Has he been treated with anything before? If so, which meds were previously used? I'm amazed that after 7 years, he just started going sick. With that length of time, I do not think parasites would be responsible. They would have shown up before that. Perhaps this has really something to do with your water quality more than anything else. Hopefully, it's simply water quality issue which we can easily correct. Keep water well aerated as well since the salt can reduce oxygen levels. And once you have the heater and thermometer, keep temperature consistently at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly, it's a good idea to either vacuum the gravel thoroughly or just stick to plain barebottom setup. I keep all my goldfish tanks barebottom and it makes it easier for me to maintain cleanliness as the poop is easily vacuumed out. It's up to you though how you want your tank to look at. If BB doesn't suit you, you could ideally add some plants confined in clay pots with gravel to inject a bit more detail in the bare setup. Hope this helps.
  6. Temp highs are similar here, I also don't like too much heat. The worst is the humidity though! x_x

  7. Rainy from June to January but coldest on December to February. It warms up from March to early June. Summer is hottest though in my area, the highest is 35 degrees Celsius. Not bad but some of us are intolerant to too much heat. I'm one of them.lol

  8. Winter here often lasts through March, but by April the weather starts to warm up a little. Although sometimes we even get snow storms at the beginning of April. It's not fun! How about in the Philippines? I've heard enough about your weather to know that it's warmer than here! My uncle married a woman from the Philippines, and she lives here now. :)

  9. Imagines himself dancing with Beyonce in Crazy In Love.

  10. That's ridiculous they didn't cancel classes.:( When does winter there stop? March? April?

  11. The snow was expected to stop early in the afternoon, so only classes before noon were closed. The snow never let up though, and they still didn't cancel class! I think they should have! Me and hubby were out last night when the snow started, and we passed many many people who got stuck in the snow or went off the road! :o

  12. Good good! Was the school closed despite the heavy snow? =O

  13. Nope I didn't go! :P It has been snowing for over 24 hours now, it's crazy out there!

  14. Treating Ich

    68 degrees is a tad cold and too slow for an ich treatment. If you don't have a heater, may I suggest you get one? Eheim if you can find one. The maximum temp I would advise for goldfish would be 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the heater in turbulent areas to evenly disperse the heat. When you do water changes, you need to redose salt per the water volume changed. Since you're doing 50%, if you already reached three teaspoons per gallon, you have to redose 15 teaspoons of salt back to the tank again. Aquarium salt, pickling salt or rock salt will do the job nicely. Make sure the salt does NOT contain yellow prussiate of soda.
  15. Did you go to class at all? I wouldn't if it were me. Haha! Would rather snuggle warmly in bed.:D