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  1. Thanks I will see about some more pics the next time I'm at my mom's house
  2. Thanks everyone! ThoughtsofJoy: I have a Canon Rebel XT - I was shooting with my macro lens I <3 my macro lens Alistair: I have a couple pics of her where she has the exact same exp​ression as the fish in your pic, like she just saw the aliens land or something
  3. I'm not sure if someone mentioned this, because my comp is being super slow and I can't look thru all the comments, but you could try tying java moss to the rocks with fishing line to soften them up a bit? It reminds me a lot of the planted thank with the "buddha" stone, with one larger stone, and two smaller ones leaning towards it... Looks nice!
  4. ALL RIGHT! Pictures Sorry, I have this annoying tendency to post too many pics! Olive-R (with breeding stars on ...his pectoral fins) Yes, the white is new, been steadily growing for maybe the past couple months? Still not much wen growth tho... And, just for fun, his new friends! Marty, the once-chocolate moor (her color is changing every day, visibly) Named for Marty Feldman Sherman, the tank. For SURE a male. My mom had, erm, issues with him recently, but he's calmed down a lot. That is also why we call him "the tank". Marty and Sherman Group Shot!! No, I did NOT train them to do that lol.
  5. Sure I will try to get over to my mom's at some point tomorrow to take pictures I will be out running errands anyway... Then you will get to see Marty and Sherman too (my mom's fish). Marty's a girl (telescope) named after Marty Feldman and Sherman is, well, a tank (another ranchu). Will have to tell the story of Sherman another time.... Will try to get pics up tomorrow!
  6. Lol, so I need to come up with a new name. "She" has been at mom's house while I watch Francis the Pirate. She started showing breeding stars when she got to hang out with the other fish. So... mom thinks I shoudl name him Oliver, but I dunno... any Ideas? This is an old picture from when I first got her -erm. Him. Much bigger and fatter, with some white now.
  7. Ah-hahaha. I thought I posted. It been up and running nearly flawlessly since maybe 2 weeks ago? 1.5? I don't remember. Must keep a close eye on it though because of evaporation.
  8. Question for you - my mom wants to set up some better lights for her tank, it's 36" long 46 gallons. Where did you find your shop lights? She said she went to the hardware store and didn't see anything that would fit. You wouldn't happen to have a picture?
  9. Well, I hope it works out, 'cuz that sounds like a great deal If it doesn't say on the packaging, you may be able to look up the spectrum of the bulbs you bought online, perhaps on the mfg website?
  10. What kind of shop light? I was thinking those round ones with the clamp in them That's what I'm gonna use for my refugium As far as a strip light goes, I'm not sure what is out there for shop lights. Or if you already have a fixture that fits, you can get a retrofit thingy so you can get more wattage. What I learned about brightness/color of light is this (and it's all more confusing than this ): There is Kelvin, which is the color "temperature", and there is the light spectrum. I think for freshwater plants you want around 6500K -ish. The "color" of the light depends on each bulb. Plants use reddish light for flowering and stem growth, and bluer light for good growth. They do not like yellowish/greenish lights as much. The leaves are green (usually) which reflects green light, and absorbs blue and red light better. That is why the leaves appear green to our eyes, because that is the light being reflected back at us. As far as T5, T8, I believe those are sizes. I haven't researched that as much because I didn't want to spend the money on a hood. If you are going to buy a shop light, make sure you can find an appropriate bulb (for wattage, color, etc) that will fit. Try looking at the DIY section of planted tank forums and such... Good luck!! (again!)
  11. Many of the Anubias plants are good for goldfish, they are pretty, slow-growing, undemanding, and best of all, they usually aren't eaten. Anacharis is good also, but my fish will chew it down to a bare stalk in no time flat.
  12. Hi!!! Is the 55 gallon 48" wide? Or is it an odd size? If it is the 48" size I would go with 4, so you have one light every 12". I think you will have greater flexibility that way, you can increase your lighting more if needed with 4 lights. Plus there will be more even lighting. I put some good links under the Betta section as I'm looking at starting up a planted tank for my betta fish. I think 160 watts may be too much, depending on if you want to add fertilization, you will probably want between 1.5 watts and 2.5 watts per gallon. Too much and you will get algae with out CO2 injection, I think. Go with CFLs if you are using shop lights, no incandescent. Note on the CFLs, there are two wattage numbers, actual and effective. Go by the actual wattage use. Also, you should be able to find "plant-gro" type lights at the hardware store. Best advice I have is read up on planted tanks, because even though not all of it will be applicable, such as CO2 injection, rare plants, blah blah blah, but a LOT of the information will help you out! You can go super low tech, which is 1.5 watts per gallon. This is no fertilization, no CO2, no super special lighting. I'm going for a slightly low tech approach. 2-2.5 watts per gallon, no CO2, but I will be using a special substrate and seachem products. You have to find the balance between light and plant nutrition, too much of either means algae ...which the goldfish should happily munch upon, so I don't think it would be a total disaster Good luck! (feel free to ask more questions because I'm the kind of person the exhaustively research things before she dives in to them, so if you are having trouble finding answers online, let me know!)
  13. Potter!! Ranchus do sorta putter about the tank Congratulations on your new fishie friend!
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