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  1. caitie

    Choupette Update. Warning tons of pics.

    Thank you! Yeah she really could play an ewok! Actually her coat is very easy to care for. It looks silky but it is coarse (like a long haired pug). And a big plus is that she really likes to be groomed, so if I had time I could brush her once a day but in reality she get brushed about twice a week for maybe 15 minutes. She doesn't often have tangles or knots. But try cutting her nails, now that is a whole other story. She screams like a baby.
  2. caitie

    Choupette Update. Warning tons of pics.

    Hey Fang! She is now about 5.
  3. caitie

    Not sure whats wrong...

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I know this is often a subject of controversy but I've had great success using NutraFin Cycle. It does help kick start the cycle. You might have to do daily water changes for a while though. Good luck.
  4. caitie

    Choupette Update. Warning tons of pics.

    She worked hard to lose her weight poor baby. She has two 1 mile walks a day. Funny thing is that she only lost the weight when I stopped giving her Acana light & fit and switch her to Now Fresh regular food.
  5. Oops! The two pics show the same side. Here's the second side .
  6. So the spots on Fern are completely gone today. I plan on leaving the salt at 0.2% for about 3 more days. Then I'll do a big wc and lower it to 0.1% for another week and see how he does. Thanks to everyone who helped and offered good wishes Here are his two sides today.
  7. caitie

    29 biocube (pics and Vid)

    Very nice tank! Love the goby and pistol shrimp.
  8. caitie

    Choupette Update. Warning tons of pics.

    Alex and Shell. She is such a sweetheart to have around.
  9. Thanks Helen. I missed everyone here! By the way Fern is doing much better, the red spots seem to be fading. He didn't like the dip at all! I have the salt up to 0.2 I think I'll leave it there for today and see how he progresses.
  10. I didn't like those red dots either. I removed the ornament that worried me, but I did start the salt too, i'll bring it up to.3% gradually. It is odd that so far he has no other symptoms, but I'm watching him closely and I have meds on hand if the need should arise. Thanks for popping in.
  11. To clean sand I hold the vac about 1/4 inch above the sand and it sucks up the fish poo and any debris. Since you haven't cleaned it in a while I would follow Helen's advice and remove the fish and then do a thorough cleaning of the sand bed. If you do pick some sand up with the vac you can always rinse it under some tap water and put it back in the tank. Once things are under control you should try and churn up the sand bed regularly so that the food and debris can get caught by the filter. This will also ensure that you don't get any bacterial pockets caught under the sand. This needs to be done every few days with goldies.
  12. caitie

    Choupette Update. Warning tons of pics.

    Thanks everyone! Choupette is blushing from the kind words. She does look like an ewok!
  13. Awww Thanks. Glad you finally joined us! Yeah, in September Well better late than never.
  14. So Choupette has been with us for 17 months now, wow how time flies. She is doing great! A very sociable girl is my Choupette. She has more friends in the neighborhood than I do. Canine and human. She had some issues to work through and she is doing much better. She can now stay alone without any howling. But she still has trouble letting me out of her sight. If I leave the room she cries. But we are working on that. She also lost a few pounds, which is exactly what the vet prescribed. So here are some pics of her. Forgive her bad haircut but we want to grow out her coat. Not too sure what that will look like since she is a mix of shihtzu and pug. What do you mean this bully stick is too big? Can I sleep with it? My pink teddy. My pink dinosaur. I'm the best listener ever! My fall sweater My winter coat My fancy wool sweater, Pink my favorite color!!! I'm sleepy. So sleepy Gone! Night night all! Thanks for looking!