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  1. Heya! Just a note to say that Squishy arrived home safe and sound! She was out and about within' minutes of putting her in her new home! SO THANKS to all who helped me get her home
  2. hey guys, thanks for this! Now i heard that fish/snails cannot be flown anywhere because of the pressure - so do i go to the post and ask to ship express but no flying? Will Canada post ship snails?!
  3. hey guys, i need to ship my snail back home, where i am going. Can anyone let me know how to do this, in lamens terms as i dont know much about certain kinds of materials or boxes that i would have to use. Thanks everyone!
  4. awww still cute - those are great pics selena! do you take them with a digi cam?
  5. So its 3 days before i am going home.. and my dad called me to inform me that my baby, my black moore, Honey, died last night. He said she was acting real sluggish the day before, and didn't get as excited as uaual when he came up to the tank. Then last night he came home and she was gone. its hard because i dont know what caused it, and i wasn't there to see it. its even harder because its MU FISH. I had Honey for over a year and i worked SO HARD to give her a great home, and for whatever reason, she's gone.... Idont blame my dad, but iwish i had been there so i could have saved her. I feel horrible!!
  6. hi all... i thought we had a forumn for plants but my tired eyes arent seeing it so i am posting this here - plz move mods if its wrong I know nothing about keeping plants in my tank but would like to learn and perhaps give it a try... basically, my questions are: what type of plant is easiest to care for? do you have to feed them ? ( you know what i mean lol) i have a snail - this a problem?? i hear it is.... can you put them in anything (if you have a bare bottom tank, can you keep them in a little planter or something?) AND if they're in a planter.. is it safe to have one in your tank? doesn't it affect water params?? thanks guys EDIT:just found the plant sections.. D'OH!
  7. those fish in your ponds are huge!! *in love*
  8. eek!! that is so horrible! im SO glad everything is ok.. i can't imagine!! Eek as well to the idea that cracks keep cracking... i have a crack in the top corner of my tank... from a dumb move by the boyfriend.... but its been there for months with no problems... still now i'm scared!!
  9. maybe you should put your little frankie in a sex-ed class! hehe Good for Fluffy, sticking to her guns... maybe she wants to get married first?
  10. man i SO have dibs on a baby if shaggy ever decides to.. well.. shag!
  11. man... i have yet to find a panda moor in canada.. grrr
  12. holy crap!!! 290 gal!! i think that may be bigger than my apartment!! i could live in it! - how much would you charge for rent?! I can't even imagine what i would do with a tank that big... here i am dreaming for a 50 gal so i can have my moors and snails roam free..... you could grow full sharks or whales in that baby!!
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