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  1. Sorry for my extremely late reply! Thanks for everyone's concern, but the fish passed away the day after my last response. It all happened so fast and having to be at work 8hrs a day made it hard to keep up with everything here. It hurts, especially since I had that fish for 3yrs, but at least now it's at peace. The fish didn't show any signs of illness except lethargy at first. When it first began, it would liven up at feeding time, but would go back to bottom-sitting when not eating. It's hard to tell how much it was pooping and the quality because I'm never home. The only other noticeable thing was that it was looking a tad bit slimmer. When the eating stopped, problems with equilibrium when bottom-sitting immediately set in. It was either laying crooked, or on its side. As far as the nitrates go, I bought brand new test kits when I moved into this place. I know the test kits aren't the problem because I get nitrate readings in other tanks. I was using the stress coat water conditioner for a while with the aloe vera in it, but the last couple w/c I used Start Right. Thanks everyone.
  2. I'm very familiar with it, thank you. I started salting the tank last night when I got home. They also live with two weather loaches. I doubt that two 3inch goldfish and two weather loaches can cause enough ammonia to process into nitrates that would show up on a test, especially with that much water replaced twice a week.The fish is now laying on its side, curled up slightly, and there's now a bit of redness around the gill/mouth area. It was only lethargic for a couple days before it immediately started laying on its side. It's rather sudden; I'm sorely disappointed.
  3. I've had this particular goldy for three years, so for insurance, I wanted to post a few questions here while it's quarantined and salted... it's been a while! Anyhow, this particular fish has been living in a large, 70-75 gallon tank with 2 other goldfish, and 2 dojo loaches for 4 months, filtered with a Fluval 404. Recently, one of the goldfish passed away due to a combination of nasty swimbladder and the symptoms that this fish is showing. The water tested out at zero for NH4/NO2/NO3, but I do not know the pH here. I do know we (Austin,TX) have hard water here though. I tend to not mess with the pH of my water, and nothing has been added to the tank that would change this. None of my other fish are exhibiting any problems with the water. I did a water change last week; I do biweekly water changes (removing 30%) because I am way understocked. The goldfish are still rather small --3" tops, including fins. And as mentioned before, no new ornaments, decorations, or fish have been added to the tank. The fish itself is extremely lethargic. It sits on the bottom of the tank lop-sided, but does not have clamped fins. It also has a few specks on its dorsal which seems like ich spots to me. Breathing doesn't seem to be labored and it has red veins on its tail. It still seems to be taking food, so I'm hoping it'll pull through, but it's starting to get a little on the skinny side. I have since moved it to a separate, established 20 gallon tank to have some r&r with a fake plant. The only thing I can think of is chlorine, or parasites? Thanks for any help, we greatly appreciate it!
  4. really! i've read here and there that epsom salts are more detrimental than helpful for dropsy, but i suppose it's worth a try...
  5. as with anything, warm temperatures make molecules move faster... the immune system is "stronger" in warmer temperatures because the metabolism rate is up. I want the progress of dropsy to slow down.. and warm temperatures will probably speed it up. not only would the immune system/metabolism rate go up in warmer temperatures, so would the bacterial infection or whatever else is inside causing the problem.
  6. I've got a fish that came down with dropsy, and I've got some metro-med being shipped.. but I was wondering if there was anyway to slow down the progress of dropsy?? would lowering the temperature help slow it down?
  7. Ahhhh!!! I'm in Austin but I don't have a ride!!! CRAP! If only!!!!!!! = (
  8. I like the popping noises they make at the surface.. it's so cute!
  9. Thanks everyone for all your kind words. I will definitely take a stroll down goldfish lane again, but I think I'd like to take some time for my wounds to heal before I attempt to begin another collection. Right now, my remaining two don't seem to be affected, so I'm hoping I dont lose them. I'll care for them as I always have until their last days like I have for the others, but for now I'll only stick with my two little guys. Thanks again guys, I'll keep in touch... = )
  10. The only time fish ever get ill in my house is because of dropsy. My four babies that once won POTW are dropping like flies and I cannot understand why. The water is in superb condition, but now a second fish is bloating badly. It's breaking my heart to see my fish suffer from something that I can't even pinpoint a cause to, so I'm afraid to say that I am going to quit the goldfish hobby. I'll probably continue to keep tropical fish, who are all fairing better than my goldies, but it's just breaking my heart. Thanks for everyone who has ever helped me out with any of my problems here, and I applaud you guys for everything you do for others here. If it wasn't for Koko's I would have never even begun to see goldfish in the same light, and I'm thankful! Thanks everyone!
  11. Why not feed the egg white?
  12. purple


    Thanks a lot for your response, ali.. I figured it'd be okay. Have you tried feeding it to your fish?
  13. purple


    I know goldfish can't eat animal protein such as chicken, beef or pork.. but what about shrimp? Such as tiger shrimp, like the kind we eat? And if so, has anyone had any experiences with feeding it, raw or cooked?
  14. We all conjure up a lot inner strength when we go to stores like nnnnnn and refrain from buying all the fish in order to save them... but does anyone ever feel like we're forsakening the poor fish because of something is beyond their control? i feel bad when i see poor, sick fish... but i think it's even worse for me because i feel like there's no justifying not buying them because they're not cute enough or because the condition of the tanks... what do you guys say?
  15. I had a pearscale with dropsy once... I couldn't tell if her scales were pineconing or not, but I could see her body swelling. She swelled up so much, she began to develop a lobe at the base of her head on top. Many board members said she might be a crown pearscale, but the lobe wasn't on her head.
  16. Hmmm... white spots or bumps? Do you have any salt in your water right now? Is he the only fish in the tank? How big is the tank?
  17. I agree with Erika, don't be so hard on yourself. It can happen to the best of us. I once skipped quarantining, and my tank also came down with ich. Turn this negative into a positive, and learn from this mistake... I definitely did. Once you've gone through the horrible ich, you'll never want to skip the quarantine ever again. My heart goes out to you and your little darlings...
  18. I found this old BME article when doing research for an English paper, and while it does bother me a little, my main concern is a comment made by the owner of the fish. The article is discussing a pierced goldfish, literally. The goldfish wears labret jewelry, and for those of you who don't know, that's the piercing directly under the lower lip. Some people might call it a "chin piercing". Anyhow, this person pierced their goldfish, and when asked about it, said that goldfish only have a thirty second memory. Where is the common sense? As goldfish owners, we know that our fish have a little more memory than that. They may not have complex minds, but they have some kind of basic memory storage... after all, they do remember which side of the tank they get fed on, etc. Anyhow, this may not be for the squeamish... so please don't view the article unless you can deal with a picture of a fish wearing piercing jewelry. The pierced fish eventually died, not as a result of the piercing, but years later because he didn't acclimate the fish to the temperature of water. I don't completely agree with this, but if you read the article, they make some very good points. Anyhow... here's the article... it's old.
  19. Don't forget that the size of wen also depends on genetics. Hikari Lionhead isn't going to promote wen growth if it's not in your fish's dna to have a wen.
  20. What didn't dissolve may not be salt at all. Sometimes when I dissolve my sea salt for my tanks, there are small particles sitting at the bottom of the container. Unless your fish tank is full of ether, the salt should have dissolved.
  21. I'm also for black backgrounds, but I've found that there are a select few "natural" backgrounds that would look nice. I don't like the ones with plants, but the rocky scenes are cool sometimes. The cheapest, easiest way to do the black background, in my opinion, is with black cloth. That way you don't have to worry about a glare or water drying in between and looking dirty. You can get this at nnnnnn for a dollar or two, and use a glue gun to adhere it to the back. You can use tape, too, but make sure you use enough.
  22. If I remember correctly, adding salt to your water won't destroy your bacteria, but adding too much too quickly will take them out. The changes happen too fast for them to adjust and they fail to maintain homeostasis...
  23. Sorry to barge in on your post, Chels... but, may I also ask Daryl for the recommended dosage for one fish? I feel a bit silly for asking... There are very few people around me who have the 'plastic' for me to order some for myself... Also, is this 'bent spine' condition fatal? How long does a fish have to live if it is left untreated? I just discovered this in my fish and I won't be able to treat her until I get home... Thanks for any help!
  24. Is there a disease that would cause loss of equilibrium and a crooked spine??? Any responses are appreciated..
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