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  1. It's crazy kitty time...at least she waited until 0730 instead of 0630 when she was very polite about wanting breakfast please!

    1. Helen


      hehe... i got the same reception today too!.. a little later in the morning though :P

  2. Trying to Abide By The List

    Wow! Are you sure they're goldfish and not water bunnies or something?!
  3. Rare betta ?!

    If I'm remembering correctly (it's been a while) betta's do not like salt! Please set up a proper thread dedicated to this
  4. Fear of lamp ?

    Do you have anything for the ranchu to get away from the light from in your tank just so he doesn't feel so much in the spotlight? A big sideways flowerpot or some broad leaved plants does the job very well
  5. Rain Garden gender

    By contrast for years I seemed to have a knack for only picking the girls!
  6. I think close to a year for me, though I did lose a fish in that time - no idea what happened there.
  7. Trying to Abide By The List

    I had a nosey at your list and sense a desire for a planted tank...you can have one with goldies! I have a 40 gallon tank which has many java ferns and anubias, and has survived and even flourished with many goldfish - I've never come across one that could damage them, and the plants thrive on the nitrogen compounds the goldies produce. I used to regularly get nitrate readings of zero after my plants got well established (I have a LOT of them!) and that was really reassuring when I was going away for any length of time Glass pebbles scattered about are also a good way to make a bare bottom more interesting, one of my fish used to push them into little rows...
  8. My poor Prazi

    Rusty ended up with a bent in mouth at one side, though she didn't have it when I got her. On such a small fish it just meant I had to keep the food small - tinier pellets and she could eat them just fine Fingers crossed it's the same for you and Prazi
  9. Where to buy potassium permanganate

    Ebay for me
  10. Say Hello to Ms Rosie!

    That's why she's allegedly...I don't see it either...I don't really care though She's a genuine sweetheart and fits right in with us
  11. Say Hello to Ms Rosie!

    We got a new family member at the start of the year, a little red tabby British Shorthair-Ragdoll cross (allegedly!) we have called Rosie She's a real sweetheart unless there's paper involved when she's something of a terror...
  12. Changes with the oscar tank.

    Wow Hidr! Karma's HUGE!!! And you got another oscar? Tank looks fab as yours always do
  13. What type of filters do you have? When I kept goldies my filtration was in the form of a single canister so actual surface flow in particular was not great - I didn't use spraybars and actually had an empty small internal to agitate the surface. In a bigger tank it's not going to cause a jet stream that fish can't avoid unless it's a really powerful one. Even if you decide not to use the powerhead now keep a hold of it, if you change your three filters to one bigger one like a canister you may find a little extra flow helpful.
  14. There can be some risks with this - if you've had the 55G (for example) running for 9 months, and the 30G for 3 months as closed systems and the fish in each tank are from different places or were bought at different times, then even with them appearing healthy they can still be carrying something that could affect the fish in the other tank. It's not really any different to introducing a new fish - in quarentine we deal with the more common problems like fluke and ich even when there are no symptoms in the hope that we'll nuke them even if they're there and not making the fish sick, and then we have an observation period to spot things we don't treat for, like anchor worm and fish lice which require different medication or manual removal, but there are many pathogens which can still lie dormant. The longer you've had all the fish and given them the all-clear the more likely you won't encounter health issues from doing so but there may be behavioural issues - some goldfish like to have a pecking order, one of the non-original-resident fish may want to be 'Top Fish' and become a bully to do so, one may get a taste for eyeballs, but these can happen at any time even in an established tank. Just keep an eye out like you normally would really, and as Shelly said, check the water system is the same particularly if you use buffers or similar
  15. Rip Jasper my white dumbo rat

    I'm so sorry hun Not what you need right now Hope Dolly improves soon and I'm sorry about Jasper