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  1. I will cross everything for your poor little guy! What a distressing situation for both you and the poor little fish!
  2. RIP Ed! I feel for your loss as I losst a beauty of a goldie myself at the weekend. At least Ed isn't in distress any more *hugs*
  3. Thank you for all your comments folks! I don't know exactly how old she was as she was a good size when I got her. I had her for a few years. As said, I take consolation in her not being ill for yonks
  4. It is with much much sadness that I am writing this obit to my beautiful black oranda, Churchill. She was a beautiful fish with the most charismatic face and I was besotted by her totally. Sadly she took a very very sudden turn on Saturday and I came down in the morning to see her on her back in the anubias and I thought the worst had happened. Instead she was still alive but not making any attempt to swim at all. I moved her out of the plants very gently and she wafted round the tank in the current so I popped her in a breeding net to keep her from harm. She showed no signs of anything externally wrong and had been eating and swimming about most happily prior to Saturday and I was heartbroken to come down on Sunday morning to find she had passed in the night I'd like to share a few pics with you in memory of my beautiful girlie She had a huge wen and shops that she grew into nicely My favourite photo of her Goodbye lovely girlie. gone but not forgotten!
  5. I can't tell you how happy I am that he.she's on the mend! He was one of my very first goldfish and I've seen him grow from a tiny 1 inch fish that was jet black into a most gorgeous golden beauty with stunning finnage and a very cheeky demeanour
  6. I just wanted to give you all a little update and pass on my thanks to all who offered advice! I was let down on the original medication Trinket advised me to get and I managed to try some Waterlife Myxazin which I am delighted to report seems to be doing the trick! We are now in day 4 of the 5 day treatment and Roger still sits on the bottom a bit but his spiralling swimming has suddenly stopped. His gorgeous tail is rather frayed but other than that he's looking great and eating well with (finally) normal short poops now emerging. We've come to the conclusion that he can't see out of his right eye (it's been slightly cloudier than the left for a few years and the iris is a strange shape) which made us understand why he was spiralling to the left when I fed the tank, but it doesn't seem to be an issue to him. I am so happy that he is getting back to his old self and once the meds are done then i'll concentrate on getting his tail back to form again. It's split and worn in places but that's not shocking considering he's been flailing all over the plance and sitting on it most of the day. He doesn't even lay down on his side like he was doing overnight and since Wednesday he has been swimming around the tank first thing in the morning rather than looking like he's died! Thank you again for all your help (Trinket especially) and I am delighted he is on the mend!
  7. Just ordered some! Thank you once again hun. Hope it's not too late
  8. I will stop using interpet straight away. I've never liked any of their meds and never had to use them but it was all I had at the time. I will have a search for the sera stuff so thanks for the recommendation. You guys are often able to get meds we can't in the UK!
  9. Roger has been doing tumble turns during the day too now Poop watch has produced long very thin empty poops too - this pic has the poop if you can see it and the strange lump on Roger's side I have a video that I am trying to upload to photobucket so you can see this tumble turning. I am going to try and get video of the lights out behaviour too tomorrow. It's very distressing to me (and Roger I should think) and I am contemplating swim bladder treatment.
  10. I can't get a pic of the bump as s/he keeps avoiding my camera at the wrong moment. Sadly s/he has been spiralling more frequently so I am treating for swim bladder to see if that helps. S/he is still eating really well but the turning is disturbing and there's a bending to one side too when on the bottom or spiralling. it doesn't look good, but s/he is still hanging on in ther so I am hoping and praying I can treat this successfully
  11. They are all beautiful fish and I am so attached to them Well poop watch yesterday resulted in 100% normal looking poop from Roger. Broke off in short bits as were all the others. I gave them a few shelled peas with a grain of salts in each and they all responded to it. In the evening they had some mysis, krill and enriched brine shrimp and went to bed happy. Roger spent the day mostly normal but one or two occasions he did an upside down flip while trying to turn round. I did look in on Roger this morning at 6am. The tank room was in daylight and Roger was flat on its side looking, for all intents and purposes, deceased. He/she was breathing slowly and when the OH walked past the tank he 'came to' and spiralled all over the place. This was with no tank lights on so it's not triggered by them coming on by the looks of things. I will have to try and take a video of it as it is quite alarming to watch. He/she looks almost as though swimming about blind. I noticed this morning what appears to be a lump on his/her left side. Small and the colour of his/her skin (orange) that looks like it is where a scale should be. I'll try and get pics tonight.
  12. I really appreciate your comments and suggestions, thanks! I only have curtains on the room windows in winter when it is cold. At the moment the window has none and the kitchen door is open so light can come through from there too. It's not direct sunlight as I say - north facing room but the light is a gradual build up in the morning before the tank lights come on. I am off to work at 6am during the week so he/she will be looking like they are fast asleep on their side when I look in on the tank.
  13. Well I've just spent an hour adding a second external filter, another large airstone and removed both big bits of wood. Takes some getting used to seeing an empty tank like this, but I am all for the best for the fish. I've also done another 50% water change with some slightly cooler water. With adding the extra filter and airstone, the flow is a bit stronger so I have turned down the internal filter flow a bit to compensate. I'll have to experiment and see what they can all get one with. Boo doesn't have constipation as there's a very natural looking poop emerging, but I will try and keep an eye on Roger's motions to see if I can get a pic. I am tempted to set up my oher 180L tank for two of the fish so it would be two fish in each 180L tank, but I only have space in the hallway upstairs and I would then have 10 tanks running. Not sure I could cope with 4 tanks needing weekly 50% water changes as I am only able to do it the old fashined way with a bucket and syphon! I will watch Roger like a hawk. I will be devastated if I lose him
  14. From above Roger appears 100% symmetrical. No one side is deeper than the other. I'm going off to add a second external filter Eheim Ecco Pro 300 which is another 750L/H, not that I have had any issues whatsoever with levels in the tank. I'm also going to take the bogwood out even though it hasn't affected the Ph enough to soften that water too much. I am more concerned about injury than how the tank look at the moment. I may add another airstone as well...you can't have such a thing as too much aeration can you (within reason)?
  15. I have a large airstone and a venturi fitting on the internal filter and the spray bar is above the surface so the water from the external filter falls into the tank giving tons of surface movement and good aeration. Roger doesn't look to be wonky on one side but I'll go have a proper look from above now. It's quite a slender fish compared to the orandas so I guess I'll see it as noticeable if it is egg bound. BRB
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