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  1. That's great! Looks similar to my 12 nanocube love your Goldie tank too!
  2. I am fascinated by them! Their colours are really coming out well under the tank lights They've opened out well and I hope they multiply as they grow. I wouldn't mind a few more in different colours too. It's amazing how sticky they are! They hold on really well to anything that touches them.
  3. I will see what I can do. They tend to waggle their tushies when I look in on them with the camera so it may just work
  4. I will cross everything for your poor little guy! What a distressing situation for both you and the poor little fish!
  5. Thank you! they are lovely zoas and opened out really well This nem was white and turquoise when I first got it but it must have been bleached as it is now a gloriously rich greeny blue! I'd like to add more zoas to the tank and some mushies so the sexies are even happier they've spread out all over the tank which I am told is a good sign that they are happy.
  6. Some beautiful fan worms I didn't know I had More pics soon
  7. I've transferred all the stock over from the edge today which was fun. I didn't want to transfer any of the rock from the edge as it has an infestation of aiptasia on it but had to move over two bits. Only one aiptasia on it so will burn that off with the soldering iron next weekend. The mini maxi nem (a lovely blue one) didn't want to shift off the rock in any way so it had to go in aip and all. The 7 sexy shrimp were fun to try and catch in such an awkward space but I got there in the end and they went in along with 2 stomatella snails, 1 money cowrie, 2 sand conches and 3 turbo snails. Sadly none of the other type of anemone shrimp had survived as all they did was fight each other I will leave them all to settle and hopefully get some nice photos for you all during the week. All the nems have opened out barring one that's sulking upside down under the rock at the back at present
  8. Thank you for all the comments peeps! Tbh, I would go for the larger tank as the first marine tank as the paramaters are much much easier to keep stable. Any mistakes are easier to correct and the errrors take longer to reach potential fatal levels. In a small tank the params can become fatal way too rapidly when you're beginning to learn about salt water and how to keep it. I haven't seeded this tank with anything from the Edge tank yet. The live rock was cured and ready to go so I bought some new sand and put it all in the tank and have been waiting for it to cycle. It's been a week so far and there's still a minute trace of nitrite still so I will leave it another week before even contemplating a move across. If the live rock is from a tank breakdown, nice and mature and out of the water for a very short time, then the cycle can be more or less non existant. The longer the rock is out of the water, the more chance there will be some die off from the good bacteria and organisms in the rock and the more chance of a cycle taking place. With uncured rock then the curing process can indeed take a very long time to take place. My other nanocube was so much easier to keep clean than the Edge tanks are. It will be a breeze compared to them I'll keep you all updated with my progression
  9. I used to run this lovely little 24gal nanocube when I first journeyed over to the salty side I loved the tank but soon got the urge to upgrade, even though I'd said I never would. I soon regretted selling the tank and always wanted to get another one day. My Edge tank has had several guises and I have had it full of mini maxi nems and sexy shrimp of late and it's been doing so well. The trouble is the access (or lack of it) has been giving me trouble as I have osteoarthritis in my left hand and wrist so can't get into it properly to clean it. I decided I'd look for a Wave Box Vision 45 which is a lovely little tank, but while searching I came across a brand new and no longer in production DD 12gal nanocube just begging me to buy it So, here starts a new diary! Tank and all the gubbins I am chucking this lot the two little leds - I doubt I'll use them as I can't time them individually and will fit some led strips inside the lighting housing 20000K of pc lighting handy access flap and the display sand (thrown away) That was last week. There's still traces of nitrites so I am going to leave it another week to settle further. I will be transferring the shrimp, snails and mini maxi nems to the tank when it's properly cycled. This tank will be so much easier to look after and I am looking forward to it maturing nicely I hope you'll enjoy my journey with this tank too
  10. I am picking some more corals up after the weekend with any luck so more pics to come I am delighted that the tank has picked up well after the near nuking by the dreaded xenia. It's a delight to look at now and I find myself missing half of the films I watch on the tv as my eyes wander to the tank next to me
  11. RIP Ed! I feel for your loss as I losst a beauty of a goldie myself at the weekend. At least Ed isn't in distress any more *hugs*
  12. I find it easy enough to care for the corals. The main things to think of ate flow, light, supplementation and parameters. If you practice good tank husbandry (as with our beloved Goldie's) then you're half way there! Best things I can say tip wise are Slowly slowly happy tanky and for your first marine tank...go large! It's much easier to keep a large tank stable and any mistakes or learning curves take longer to cause any harm to the stock, thus allowing time to put things right. The hardest tanks of my 4 marine tanks to keep stable are the two smallest ones
  13. Thank you for all your comments folks! I don't know exactly how old she was as she was a good size when I got her. I had her for a few years. As said, I take consolation in her not being ill for yonks
  14. It is with much much sadness that I am writing this obit to my beautiful black oranda, Churchill. She was a beautiful fish with the most charismatic face and I was besotted by her totally. Sadly she took a very very sudden turn on Saturday and I came down in the morning to see her on her back in the anubias and I thought the worst had happened. Instead she was still alive but not making any attempt to swim at all. I moved her out of the plants very gently and she wafted round the tank in the current so I popped her in a breeding net to keep her from harm. She showed no signs of anything externally wrong and had been eating and swimming about most happily prior to Saturday and I was heartbroken to come down on Sunday morning to find she had passed in the night I'd like to share a few pics with you in memory of my beautiful girlie She had a huge wen and shops that she grew into nicely My favourite photo of her Goodbye lovely girlie. gone but not forgotten!
  15. I've had another bout of buying for this tank First off we have a new little boyfriend for Georgina my tank bred percula clownfish in the guise of a tiny tank bred perc called Suma (short for satsuma) he's really tiny compared to Georgina but has brought her out from the back of the tank to play in the polyps of the hammer coral and she seems quite chuffed! My ever inflating scholymia frogspawn rainbow montipora which is totally stunning and the pic can't capture the beautiful violet blue tissue of the base flesh of the coral Montipora confusa Thank you for looking
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