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  1. To be honest I bought two just in case one died. However they both are doing great. Probably going to have to get a bigger tank. Which doesn't bother me b/c I want more fish.
  2. Well my second try was successful. I bought 2 more calico's a few days after Bella died. They are still alive and getting big.
  3. All my water test readings were fine. And I hadn't changed the water b/c she was only in it for a few days. I think she was already sick. She was the only goldfish they had at pet co left that day and she was just sitting there. Beginners mistake. But I've changed the water and cleaned the gravel and plants. Gonna let it cycle and try again.
  4. Woke up this morning and Bella as no longer alive. >_< I don't know what went wrong...
  5. I'll have to look for those the next time I'm in town. The nnnnnn here only has the test strips. The nearest pet store is about 40 miles. I think my water is fine now that I think about it. I have been feeding her floating flakes and think that is the problem. She just floats in a corner and will swim down the float back up.
  6. The strips don't really give exact numbers... I just eye balled the colors on the strips with the chart. The pH was about 8.0 on the chart. I think it was general hardness. I guess I'm just being overly cautious b/c when I bought the fish the guy at the store told me the fish tank always fails. I'm trying to prove him wrong I guess.
  7. So, I picked up some test strips last night and tested the water in my tank. The nitrites or nitrates and water hardness are all fine. But my pH is too high and the alkalinity is high. Going to change the water after work. But I have a feeling it won't help much. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks for all the advice. ^_^
  9. I bought my first tank and fish Sunday night. I found a 10 gal tank starter kit. So far the fish is doing well I think. She's always swimming around non stop and hiding in the fake plants. I think she has not been eating the food I have for her. She just sucks it in and spits it out. Here are some pictures of her and the tank. Bella and Tank.
  10. I think the gravel looks cool because it contrast to the color of the fish. ^_^
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