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  1. very nice fish!!!especially like that oranda!
  2. wow very nice skin! it is so different
  3. i think if it is out in the sun the whole day it is fine...then add it when it gets dark...but i am not entirely sure....
  4. wow i wish i could go to a show...there arent any in vegas... bummer..those fish look really beautiful!
  5. i love the redish orange very nice change!
  6. idk but pretty sure the moderators can help...imo i dont think that is normal.did he act like this before when you first got him?are the parameters okay? it is cute if it is normal though...
  7. thank you guys again!yeah i want to add more but idk if i should...
  8. that is a really nice choice!it will be okay in your care..
  9. i didnt add any b/c someone threw a chemical in and all my fish died and we dont want that to happen again....thanks guys for the comments i love his color change! especially the orange although i also did like the greyish color..
  10. Wow your fish look very nice and ur tank is very beautiful...
  11. well here is my fish b4 the color change like a yearish ago.... and now how he looks now with pics of my other fish!... My fishless pond.....
  12. Franky

    Some People!

    my dad now just wants to put lilies in the pond without fish and said there is no use to tell the police if we dont know who it is..i had some of those fish for three years..and all of them are gone like that plus it wasnt nice picking them from the pond,it was such an impleasent sight to see if you guys can imagine...thanks for your support but i dont think we will be putting in any fish for a while because my dad also doesnt want it to happen again and let my little brothers see it..
  13. Franky

    Some People!

    Well this morning i go to feed my fish in my pond some food and guess what i see???All my fish dead and rose up in the water ...all of them! I investigate what was the problem and i see some all purpose cleaner bottle in the water and i figured out that someone last night threw it in the pond because you can see my pond from the sidewalk ...the water had this rainbow oily look and there is no doubt someone just threw it in thinking it will be funny..I am so mad now my dad said no more fish will go in it b/c of this, he doesnt want to see it happen again...People can be so stupid at least twenty something fish died...
  14. wow i have never seen an all black oranda...Congradulations it reminds me of a black moore! he/she is with a gr8 owner...
  15. this looks really complicated but looks great...goodluck with this project
  16. that is a very nice color1i am so jealous lol! u r very lucky for having such a nice fish...
  17. I love the yellow!!!they dont sell those kinds of plecos at our store....
  18. it looks really nice...i like the lilly pads..
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