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  1. I heard you do so by hovering it just above the sand. Maybe of you disturb or swish it around some with the back end of a net or a long spoon to float and debris? My sand stays pretty clean on it's own. Unlike gravel, not much gets trapped under unless it gets turned over a lot..
  2. I am. And.. idk, I assume it all broke down over a month lol, should I add more-- I'm sorry, I've never cycled fishless before.. Everything seemed fine to me up until now, all my readings are 0. @~@ Did I wait too long?
  3. Things were going so well, but something appears to have gone wrong? NitrAtes just.. crashed?? PH--Amonia--Nitrite--Nitrate 7.6 0.5 0 5-10 Sept. 16 7.6 0.25 0.5 5 Sept. 24 7.6 0.0 1.0 10 Oct. 4 7.6 0.0 0 0 Oct. 15 I'm not sure.. what to do? Does this mean I have to start over? Should I check in a week just in case?
  4. Woaah ok, NitrItes have shown their face, now, and Amonia's down to practically nothing! On the flip-side, my tank's seeing a pretty severe algae bloom, and not the kind that I want! The water's obnoxiously green. Should I wait until it's fully cycled to take care of it? Will the bloom help or hinder any?
  5. I'll keep an eye on it, then~ Thanks! Also sorry about the wrong thread-- could have sworn I was in water quality, oops!
  6. Or should I let it run longer? I have a NitrAte reading of 5-10 and Amonia is at .50, but no NitrItes in my 46gal. Should wait and watch for the Amonia to be converted, or..? I've been running it fishless for quite a while and the media looks pretty healthy. I'm using a penguin filter, but since I had to toss the old biowheels due to neglect I'm using empty filter padding in their place + two carbon filters.
  7. I planned on using soil and gravel in the bowls, and just keeping sand in the rest of the aquarium. I'd heard the sand smothers the roots a bit, but I guess that isn't true? I only ever see gravel used in planted dirt aquariums. I wouldn't completely cover the top, no, haha! I know it seems so in the sketch, sorry. I did intend on growing it separately in a smaller aquarium to resupply. Thank you! I have a little bistlenose Pleco friend that would appreciate the driftwood.
  8. My 46 gallon euro tank is almost fully cycled and I've been working to get it back into shape for months, now, after it was neglected for almost a year. I had to break it down, and fully clean and disinfect everything, start fresh.. While it's been cycling, I've been mulling over how to decorate it, and I've finally decided on some things, but I want some input from you guys first, before I go throwing money into it. I really want to use live plants, but I have a strong preference for sand in my aquariums. I use CaribSea substrate, which I've found to be very clean and coarse. My fish love it, too, so I'd rather not go back to using gravel as a main substrate-- the alternative I've come to is planting the live plants in bowls or pots within the aquarium. I want to use black sand and white glass bowls. Milk glass. Specifically, these: http://img2.etsystat...N.222690842.jpg and others similar. Three or four at most. They're about 5-6" wide. Would these be safe to use? How can I find out? I want a mix of plants they will and won't eat, so they'll have something to nibble and graze on. I also plan to have duckweed floating at the top. It'll be a big buffet, probably (hopefully) too much for them to completely devour. Should I use more edible plants than non? Lastly, and most simply, I'll paint the back of the aquarium black for more contrast. I'll have airstones and maybe a large piece of mopani driftwood in the back. I'll have a few colorful silk plants nested around the bases of the bowls to break up their outline. Here's a rough sketch for visualization:
  9. (I had to retype this...) I know to pack and seal. I believe they're made of porcelain or fine china. They more than likely have a glossy finish, but could that be covered with acrylic to seal it in? Like, the whole ornament? I'm not sure how that would look, though. I suppose it'd have to be tested on another object. Hardened acrylic is aquarium-safe for sure, though, right?
  10. Hi, guys! It's been a long, long time since I showed my face here, but I return with a little question.. Say I wanted to use a porcelain sculpture or similar knick knack as a decoration in my aquarium like oh.. an old Lefton rabbit like these two, for example: They have holes in the bottom, but they could be sealed. I'm worried about pores or materials they're made of or coated with. Would they or other objects like them be safe to use if I maybe coated them with clear acrylic or something? Or should I just forget about it completely and stick to store-bought aquarium stuff?
  11. Right now.. he's more orange-yellow than I ever expected to see him! The only black left is on his lip and fins. (his belly has always been white) The tips of his fins are also turning very white. I hope the rest of him does!
  12. Hehe, isn't it? I find it funny that Toeby's(black moor) been black for almost a year now and I've only had Hazel about 2 months. x)
  13. I guess I'll go try that. Thanks for the suggestions~! If I get tired of it I'll just hound my parents for something better.. I guess.. x_x;;
  14. Wow you're young.. and they look beautiful. And though it's simple, I really like the setup~ (my regards for Nemo, btw. Poor dear.) Good luck getting the 30 gallon soon! Have you checked for second-hand anywhere? I know of a corner tank just laying in someone's yard I want to buy from them.. @_@ Some people have things laying around they don't want or use anymore and they could hand it over for cheap!
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