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  1. I know I haven't posted anything in quite some time, and the first thing I post is a horror story. You know it's got to be good. LOL. I went out last night with some friends to this nightclub where another friend of mine works. I thought it was going to be a nice club because there is an enforced dress code (no jeans or t-shirts allowed). Nope. This club had potential to be so beautiful inside. And most of it was. There were two bars in separate rooms. One was really nice with a dance floor, the other was very....(and please excuse me)...ghetto. Unfortunately, my friend who works there worked at that bar last night. The only reason I say it's ghetto is because the room was very run down and not taken care of at all. But that's not the worst part. Up above the bar was this fish tank, about 45 gallons. The aquarium light was the ONLY light in the room, so it was very dark in there. And it would have been fine...if the fish tank wasn't so gross! Thankfully there were no fish in it. There was no filter. There was only 3/4 of the water left where it had evaporated. There was a thick layer of biofilm on top of the water, and some of it had broken off and was hanging down in the water. You could see new bioflim forming where the other had broken off. Totally gross! Here's the story behind that tank, as told by my friend who works there: About 10 years ago that club was a different club, run by different people. My friend worked there for a bit back then, too. Well, they went out of business and basically abandoned the place, fish and all. Then when the current owners came in to reopen the place they saw that the fish were still alive! Most of them, anyway. I'm sure there wasn't much water left, seeing as they were left alone for years. Maybe someone actually came in and took care of the tank. I highly doubt it, but you never know. The way he was talking, though, the tank was completely run-down. One of my girlfriends with me felt so bad. She said, "Aww, bless their poor little fishy souls!" Anyway, the new owners cleaned it out and for about 6 months the fish lived in the new environment. Until they all started dying. I guess they were so used to living in stagnant water that clean water was too much for them. Well, they haven't bothered cleaning the tank out or putting new fish in. The only use that tank is is for lighting. I would have offered to clean out the tank, but who knows what kind of diseases I would contract, you know? Haha! But really, isn't that pathetic??? I mean, they could AT LEAST drain it and leave it empty! Why leave that disgusting eyesore? That's just nasty!
  2. Bad news. Buttercup took a turn for the worst. He dropsied almost over night. And his cysts weren't getting any better. I did a complete waterchange and added epsom salt, but it didn't do any good. I knew I wouldnt get money in time to buy an meds for him, so I chose to put him down. He would have been too far gone by the time payday came around to save him. So before he could suffer any more I used the last of my clove oil. It was a fairly quick death. RIP, Buttercup. Swim free!
  3. Aww, thanks for the offer! I'll hold off and just watch right now. In fact, I have some Maracyn 2 but I don't know if it is for what Buttercup has. I'll have to read the package. His large cyst is going to pop any time now, and I see a sore beginning to form. When I get home from work I'll check on him. Thanks for your help, Stakos! It's really appreciated. I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this.
  4. No, I don't think I will get meds just yet. They seem to be going away on their own. The bigger ones are taking a while to come to a head, but he seems unaffected. I hope they don't come back. What a pain that would be! So, it's just a recurring thing he'll have to live with for the rest of his life? Ugh. I have no live plants in the tank, so where did it come from? My other fish are fine.
  5. Thanks! I don't know how easily I can get medication, but I'll make sure the watert is clean and there is salt in it. No, Buttercup doesn't realize he's sick. He's enjoying his "vacation" in a tank by himself. Once the cysts go away, will they come back? How did he get them in the first place?
  6. I really hope it's not bacterial. They come to a head and pop, then smooth over like they were never there. I havent seen the ones that have popped come back so hopefully they'll all pop and never come back.
  7. I put 1 tbsp in yesterday and added another tbsp today.
  8. Yes, but they're really blurry. I used my phone to take them. I you look hard enough you can see the white pimples. http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll303/s0c0f0b/utf-8BSU1HMDAyNzctMjAxMTAzMTctMTgyNy5qcGc.jpg http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll303/s0c0f0b/utf-8BSU1HMDAyODItMjAxMTAzMTctMTgyOC5qcGc.jpg
  9. No, he's an oranda. Yes, I do have a heater. Will it help pop the pimples?
  10. I've been absent for a while. Everything has been fine until a couple of days ago I noticed Buttercup has several (and I mean 5 or 6) pimple-like bumps on both sides of his body. He's still eating and is active, but these pustules are just nasty! He's been quarantined in a 5 gallon (it was my only option) with borrowed filter media and wc's every other day. I've added aquarium salt. Hospital Tank: Amm-0 NitrItes-0 NitrItes-0 pH-7.5 Main Tank: Amm-0 NitrAtes-5 NitrItes-0 pH-7.5 All other fish are healthy and have no signs of pimples. Buttercup, however, is a little weaker than the others. He has floating issues. I read in another thread that this may be a virus and it attacks fish with weaker immune systems, and the others may be unaffected. There's no bleeding, just puss when they pop. It's kinda gross.
  11. Sue! I am so sorry to read about this. They were beauties, definately, and even though they didn't "thrive" I'm sure they were very happy with you. RIP dear fishies.
  12. That's terrible! Ia am very sorry you lost those beauties.
  13. They'll grow back. But they won't have the same shine to them, they'll be very dull and flat.
  14. HAHAHAHA! Karma paid a visit to my brother's tank. He has a REALLY BAD ALGAE BLOOM! Worse than mine was.
  15. LOL. You do seem to know what you're talking about, Solar.
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