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  1. misty_blue16137

    Lavender Telescope Fry

    Sorry,no new pics cause they all went to new homes quite a while ago. No plans on doing it again.
  2. misty_blue16137

    Rip My Star

    I am so very sorry. She was always one of my favorites. So beautiful. Star
  3. misty_blue16137

    Rip Dorothy

    Aww Sue,I am so sorry. Dorothy
  4. misty_blue16137

    Good Bye Edwin

    Chrissy,I am so very sorry. He was a gorgeous fella. Edwin
  5. misty_blue16137

    Welcome New Helpers

    Great choices,one and all!
  6. misty_blue16137

    Angel Is Now In Heaven..

    Ang,I am so sorry. Angel
  7. misty_blue16137

    Moving To Oregon

    Good luck on the move! May your trip be safe and uneventful
  8. misty_blue16137

    Bought This Calico In Ken's Last Auction

    Gorgeous colors and love that face!
  9. misty_blue16137

    Goldfish Dating Agency...

    Definately going to be a busy lady. Just take it slow and easy and don't over do. Good luck with the Dating Agency,lol.
  10. misty_blue16137

    Could Not Sleep

    You've been getting some really nice shots of Moom lately. They are all beautiful and look great!
  11. misty_blue16137

    Tank Of The Month Winner

    What a beautiful tank!
  12. misty_blue16137

    Fish Of The Month Winner

    He is beautiful!
  13. misty_blue16137

    New Chinatown Find!

    Sure is a looker. Definately going to be a gorgeous adult.
  14. misty_blue16137

    Motm Winner ryukin girl

    A well deserved win!