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  1. *sigh* every year i look at the pictures of your pond and wish that i had more room in the backyard. someday. i LOVE your pond.
  2. ohhhh, you've had yours for 4 years already?!? do you have any pictures?? i'd love to see it!!
  3. thanks robin! i'm headed to wmart to pick up a pool temp gauge to float in the tank so i can keep an eye on the temperature. i bought a pump w/ 1600gph rate and i'm building my own version of the skippy filter out of flower pots. we'll see how well it works! to combat the wandering kitties in the neighborhood, the seeds and dirt floating in the air right now and fish getting too frisky, i'm adding a net over the top of the tank. after all this work, i'm really hoping that this turns out like i want it to!
  4. also, my stock tank is black so i'd imagine its probably going to warm up nicely during the day and then stay a bit warmer at night... but i'm just nervous that the temp drop will put my goldies into shock.
  5. rofl. i live in north dakota...the days are in the mid to upper 70's right now but nights still get pretty cold (down in the high 30's and 40's). some days i wish i lived further south, but then i hear about that 90 degree weather for 3 or 5 months and i thank god i live up here. i'm worried that those drops in temp at night will have an adverse effect on my fish. i want to move all but 2 of my fish outside (the bubble eye and the "special" oranda will stay in the house) but i dont want to stress them out too much.
  6. I'm going to be setting up a 100g stock tank in the next week or so to put my goldies in for the summer. Do I need to wait until the water temperature is up in the 70's before I add the fish or can I add them when the temp is lower?
  7. what are those things the fish are feeding from in the videos?
  8. my pH is crazy and very unstable anyways, so adding something to soften the water even more is just asking for trouble. ive been having problems finding casting resin tho...so the driftwoods been put on hold for now.
  9. i have a friend with petrified wood that he's trying to get rid of and i was thinking it would look really nice in my tank... is it safe? i havent done the vinegar test yet either...but will petrified wood alter any of my tank levels? ph, etc? thanks!
  10. i'm so jealous...he's so cute! do you think you could have your lfs talk to mine and have them get some pearlies too? are his eyes all black?
  11. he's adorable!! i him! make sure you soak his flakes before you give them to him...pearlies are super sensitive as far as swim bladder. might be a good idea to read the post about pearlies in the goldfish of the month section... i learned a ton about pearlies from there...ranchugirl did an awesome job.
  12. i hope they come soon! i want to see pictures!! word of warning tho... those little pearlies with their cute round little bodies can be tough to keep. if theyre already exhibiting swim bladder issues, you might want to pass...being prone to swim bladder already with their body structure, it'd be tough to get one healthy after they've already started having problems. i just tried to rescue three little pearlies from w-mart (im a sucker for sick fish... i knew what i was getting into) but with their body structure, it was too hard for them and they all three passed on. good luck tho! maybe you'll have better luck than i did.
  13. you know... your goldfish tank might not be the best for the tropicals...but really, who's to say you couldn't have another tank be just tropicals?
  14. how do you get such gorgeous pictures??? your bubble eye looks fantastic btw! my bubble eye has almost the same coloring!
  15. you might want to check your filter cartridge ...if its clogged in any way it will cause overflow. ive had that happen a few times.
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