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  1. My mom is going out to a shop to get some. She could probaly get both which would be better
  2. This is cometgirl using little peanut's account: We've just had a good look at her this morning. She seems a bit more active, has no frayed fins, no red spots or raised or missing scales. The top of her head is usually translucent white, but today seems pinkish near her eye. She did seem a little boated a few days ago when she was also sluggish and bottom sitting. That is when I tried fasting her thinking it was a digestive problem. The bloating seems to have gone down now. I have a hospital tank set up. I'll put her in there with aquarium salt, and order some metromeds.
  3. Fish on The Right : Love at first bite Fish on The Left : Not again
  4. [quote name='CountryLovah' date='Jan 13 2009, 11:48 PM' post='834849 By the way, did your mom make sure to tell you how much I LOVED that christmas card?! It was soooooooo adorable.. Seriously one of my favorite cards EVER! : ) I heard P.S. we liked the one from you to
  5. He is really just losing his brownish-black colored mustache, and I thought it would be funny to say he shaved because that is highly unlikely.
  6. It seems that Jerald my lionhead has learned how to shave. I am not sure how he got the supplies , but here is the proof. Before After dun dun dunnnnn But he is not very good at shaving yet. You can tell he missed a spot.
  7. wow that is some very nice drawing
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