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  1. Yay Way to pay it forward, Emilee! Congrats to Mikey!!
  2. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your pond build
  3. Welcome Your goldfish are adorable. Thank you for sharing. I totally subscribed!
  4. Love those guys! Their coloration is fantastic... plus, they always look super happy.
  5. Congrats on the new addition. 86 is ridiculously adorable. I hope you have a very boring QT And welcome back! I don't think we were ever on the forum at the same time, but I recently watched one of the videos you posted a few years back and couldn't stop laughing Looking forward to reading how the sponge filter worked out for you. Seems like a pretty cool product.
  6. I'm very sorry to update that Coco passed over the night. She tried so hard and I thought she was making progress as she was beginning to release the gunk that was stuck inside her. I finally went to be a little after midnight and when I woke up this morning, she was gone. I'm pretty upset and I miss her already. Thank you Sharon and Helen for helping me try to get her better, and thank you to everyone who posted well wishes for her.
  7. Got home tonight and she's occasionally trying to swim, but for the most part, she's lying on her side Sometime this afternoon she "pooped" a kind of fuzzy long thing that was stuck on the sponge filter. Video below: I'm mid water change for her right now and have the doxycycline and metro ready to add to the tank once the water change is complete. Poor girl. I really hope the meds start making her feel better soon. OK! I'm happy to try that as well. Should I try to do a salt dip tonight or do you think I should start tomorrow? Thank you I'll make sure Coco gets the message too!
  8. That is a rough day indeed! Glad to hear that Booger is feeling better.
  9. Those definitely look like eggs! I wonder who it was?!
  10. What a beautiful tribute for such a wonderful finned friend May Tiger swim in peace.
  11. I got her from a local fish shop, the same place that I picked up 3 of my other fancies (Hugo, Ralph, and Studly). Maybe she's even be from the same breeder? When I get home tonight, I'll do a 100% water change to remove any salt that is still in the tank and will add the metro and doxycycline. Should I follow whatever directions are on each package? Here's a quick video I got of her this morning before I left for work... sorry for the poor lighting. I can get a better one when I get home tonight:
  12. Thank you for your reply, Sharon... and for Helen's input as well. I did as suggested and raised Coco out of the water for 5 seconds and put her back in. I did this 6 times. Each time I picked her up out of the water, she kept her mouth closed and only moved her gills. The second time I put her back in, she opened her mouth a little as I was putting her back in the water and I could see a large air bubble come out of her mouth once she was back in the tank. Other than that, she kept it shut. She also didn't struggle with me at all... she let me pick her up and really didn't move when she was out of the water. She is normally quite feisty so this isn't normal behavior for her. She laid about 10 more eggs sometime over the night, but her vent is still looking like she's trying to get something out. She has also started bottom sitting to rest... I'll see if I can get a video before I take off for work and post it up. As for medications, I have a few on hand should they be needed: Epsom salt, kosher salt, prazi, metro powder, kanaplex, doxycycline powder, nitro green powder, acrifalvine, triple sulfa, antiprotozoan flakes, antibiotic flakes I & II, and Ken's medicated fish food, colloidal silver, and methylene blue. Thank you!
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