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I'm interested in of course my goldfish I also raise orchids and other plant's, I like fantasy and am a strong believer in the lochness monster.My favorite type of goldfish is pearlscales I think their awesome and their adorable. I like pokemon my favorite pokemon ever since I was little was goldeen the goldfish pokemon because I love goldfish so much even my icon is a goldeen.I have a plathora of animals I have 5 fish.1 turtle,10cats,2hamsters,10birds,1dog. My family and I rescue animals just recently we rescued a cormorent(diving duck) and took it to get taken care of. My favorite music is rap, hip hop,rock I like to listion to the black eyed peas,fergie,aerosmith,metalica,50 cent,ludachris,amy winehouse,I like to watch,spongebob,family guy, south park,king of the hill,married with children,ed ed and eddy,grim adventures of billy and mandy my favorite movies the godzilla series my favorite monster from it is mothra,lady in the water,all the harry potters,most of the movies with ben stiller or jim carrey in them.