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  1. Yep looks like pearl scale he's very cute.If he's growing a wen then he might be a crowned pearl scale.
  2. pearlscale808

    Ponds At The Biltmore House

    Wow the ponds are huge.....towards the end of summer I'm going to be putting in my own pond of coarse it won't be nearly as big as the ponds up there!!!
  3. pearlscale808

    Creatures From The Green Lagoon

    Wow u have really pretty fish..they look great!!
  4. pearlscale808

    Starfish Identification

    Found out it was a gray sand starfish, They're very common and can be found in large numbers this time of year. They feeds by filtering sand and mud for small crustaceans which I have alot of in my aquarium so... I think I'll keep him.
  5. pearlscale808

    Starfish Identification

    yes I have tried many different times to search for what it is , but can't find anything that even slightly resmebles it. Well I'll see if there is anyone in the area who might know I'll probably contact the local aquarium. Thanx for the advice!
  6. pearlscale808

    Starfish Identification

    well today my mom and I were at a beach with our two dogs well.....while there we found and brought home two dead starfish..... well when we got home we found out one wasn't dead and well now it is in my salt water aquarium with my clownfish. I need to know what type of starfish it is...yes I am keenly aware of the dangers of bringing in a foreign fish from the ocean into my aquarium, but I couldn't just let it die. The starfish is gray with orange and white little bristle like spines lining it's armes for more clarification I live in bradenton florida in the tampa bay area.
  7. pearlscale808

    How To Do Water Changes In Salt Water Aquariums?

    Thank you so much!
  8. How do you do water changes in salt water aqauriums? Can someone please help me!?
  9. pearlscale808


    Thank you. I will try some of your suggestions.
  10. pearlscale808


    I have recently set up a salt water reef tank and after testing the water and finding that my readings were perfect purchased an occelaris clown fish (named him nemo) and want to get an anemone for him, but want to kniw what other fish are compatable with anemones?
  11. pearlscale808

    Pictures Of My Two Favorite Ranchu

    wow they're cool!
  12. pearlscale808

    Buster, My Orange Oranda

    wow he's huge!
  13. pearlscale808

    New Fish Baby!

    HE's awesome!
  14. pearlscale808


    You got some nice lookin shubbies there!
  15. pearlscale808


    They're beautiful what I wouldn't gove to have phoenix egg fish I love their long fins.