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  1. I thought Gigi was a girl, but he turned out to be a boy. He kept the name Gigi though as it suited him
  2. Quasi

    Repashy Green

    According to my dog and cat it smells awesome. You can boil the water on the stove. And then add the powder, stir it well and it sets fast. If the smell bothers you (or your family) go outside with the container with hot water and stir in the powder outside
  3. Quasi

    Hex, The Triple Tailed "Moor"

    Very cool
  4. Quasi

    Plant farm

    Splendid tread
  5. Quasi

    chilean rose tarantulas

    I agree. I think its the fur! No the size and those 8 legs. I agree
  6. Quasi

    Aquatic photo of the month Winner

    Just got a stressed text from my hubby. He was home today as he had an interview. After he dressed up, he did not find the cat. Normally if you call 'Greebo here', the cat comes running. This time Greebo did not. After a frantic search he noticed that Greebo was stuck on the floor between the wall and the tank stand Greebo must have fallen off the tank stand while prowling between the glass and the wall. (like in the picture) Hubby got him out and the cat ran away to hide under our bed and recover from the stress.
  7. Quasi

    Cartoon Goldies

  8. Quasi

    Aquatic photo of the month Winner

    You can see Greebo (colourpoint short hair / flame point Siamese cross) trying to catch the fish. He was found in our street by neighbours when he was 4 months old. I called the police, and several animal shelters. That night we visited a vet to make sure he had not been hit by a car and to see whether he had been chipped. He was in perfect health, a bit thin and had not been chipped nor registered. When after a week no one called to find their pet, we took him home and after a month of playing foster home he became legally ours. He is a very happy cat of 5 kg and a chatterbox. Loves his dog (Amber) and her food (hence the 5 kg ) Favourite ways to pass the day: eat, play, look and try to catch the fish, lying on top of the heaters or in sunspots and try to catch birds that are on the other side of the window.
  9. Quasi

    Say Hello to Ms Rosie!

    So cute.
  10. Quasi

    Carassius Serendipitus

    All the roof windows are in their (correct) place. Almost all the builder stuff is gone And besides one small hole (that we covered with plywood), everything is human and dog safe.
  11. Quasi

    My fishies in their pond

    Awesome pond You're fish are gorgeous and huge
  12. Quasi


    Gorgeous and I absolutely love the second picture. Those colours are so vibrant
  13. Quasi

    Shubunkin Family!

    Keep a ruler against the glass and hope that they hold still. Or put them in a plastic tub and place lined/checkered paper under it. You do need some patience though
  14. Quasi

    Shubunkin Family!

    I just watched it. And my computer at work block any movie that might be fishy.