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  1. Thanks! Started with a 10 gallon change today. I saw improvement until I turned the filter back on. Changed the cartridges yesterday but I think I'll swish them daily while doing changes.
  2. Hi, I haven't been here in AGES as I no longer have goldies but I am "fish sitting" for someone and he has a VERY cloudy tank. It does not at all seem like bacterial bloom. He brought most of these fish indoors from his pond and I am now seeing a few males with very prominent tubercles and with the water looking like it does I'm thinking it's milt. Does milt go away on it's own with filtration? Or does the water need to go through some water changes? I can have my husband help with changes while this guy is out of town. It's a 75 gallon tank and i"m thinking 10 gallons a day. The tank water has not been changed in a while anyway so it would do it good but will that clear up the milt?
  3. Bijou


    Do a google search for "oranda" and you'll find out exactly what they are. Pictures and all !
  4. Yes, they are always hungry it seems!
  5. Oooo. Sounds so familiar! That's how I got my Chihuahua puppy two and a half years ago. He got me the puppy for HIS birthday. He said all he wanted for his birthday was to see me smile.
  6. I love his fish pics!!! Wow. Don't think I'll be ordering that video though. Too tempting. And with my luck lately.....
  7. I think this post basically sums up my entire pearlie experience. AND.......to top it all off, this new one leans to one side or the other. At first I just thought he was trying to LOOK somewhere but not true. AND he seems gaspy to me. He's going back today and I'll be more choosy next time I buy a pearlie! Thanks everyone.
  8. Could you clarify the question please? If you are talking about the two pearlies, they were bought about a month apart and the first one died the first day I got it. Then a month later I got the second one, put it in a completely different tank and it died a week later. I got them from two different stores even. I don't think their deaths were related. I took the SECOND dead one back today and got a THIRD pearlie. It is the brother or sister to the one that died overnight. The woman who is a manager at the store and who seems to know a lot about fish told me that she definitely finds the pearlies they get in to be a lot more sensitive than the others. She basically said that if I don't have luck with this one to hang it up!
  9. Yay! I have tele that looks like that one. She's also a baby but at least "twice" the size of yours! Ha ha. Will you check that video link please? I'm not seeing a fishie when I click it.
  10. I don't feel it's a tank problem. These two pearlies that died were never put into the same tank. One was in my BiOrb and the other was in my 5 gallon quarentine tank. My ammonia is always 0, NitrItes 0, and my Nitrates amazingly have never gone past 10 that I can recall, my pH is 8.2, temp is 78. I have 8 different tanks running right now. I treat with Prime and also do aquarium salt lightly. My tanks are extremely well airated (sp?). Both of the pearlies were tiny babies that I got from a major chain pet store bought 1 month apart. I got each of them the very day they came in. That's not generally what I like to do but I have found that I've missed out on a lot of fishies that I wanted by waiting to see how well they do at the store. AND....I just added more salt to the tiny pearlie and she perked up instantly. We'll see how she does but she was pretty down and out today, sitting at the bottom and not moving much at all. She never has (in the whole 6 days I've had her) seemed to be nearly as perky as my two baby teles. I think she really got some burned gills before I got her. They are SO red.
  11. OK, I've gotten TWO pearlscale babies now. The first one died within 24 hours and the one I got last Tuesday is dying as we speak. This one seems to have very red gills but my water tests just fine. I changed the water 20% just before I put her in the tank last week. She never seemed quite as spunky as my other two babies (teles) so I suspected that something was wrong but HOPED nothing was. Are the pearlies less hardy? Which are the hardiest?
  12. Yep, declorinator solution (double strenth or better) is the way to go. AND let it dry out completely afterward. Also, always always make sure any towel you use has NOT been used by anyone else or for anything else. If I even suspect the towel could have been used I just get another one. It's the safest way to go. So glad your guy is doing better!
  13. Bijou

    Trash Can Pond?

    Well, I am by no means and expert but since you want an answer, I'll give you my opinion. I think a trash can does not have enough surface area to keep the water really well oxygenated. I don't know if extra filtration and airation would help (I imagine it would). But also, fish prefer to swim back and forth, not up and down, so I wouldn't think fish would be particularly happy in that environment (well, unless they were babies). Also, I do NOT think you would be safe leaving it outside during the winter. Unless you have a very good heater, I'm thinking no.
  14. I frequently do 50% water changes and have never had any problems with the fish because of it. I don't know about 75%. I wouldn't suction the gravel every single day though. I only say that because I was treating a tank and was doing that (w/c 50% and suctioning gravel) everyday and blew my cycle. Maybe someone else has a different opinion on it. I would definitely suction the gravel regularly but just not every day. As far as the gravel being dangerous, I would agree. If your fish can suck it up and eat it it could definitely be dangerous. I use river rock and naturally don't have a problem with it. Good luck!
  15. you never know they could be brothers!.. Yeah, I agree they look alot alike.. Can you get anymore pics of Kramer? Sure! I'll take some more today.
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